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Because we still don’t have internet, TV or phone in our building after Saturday night’s basement fire – I’m struggling with being connected. So this is a very quick one. My gallery comes from my mother’s beautiful hometown – Simrishamn, a … Continue reading

my 6 months of ups and downs (1)

lonely rose

It has been it have  a very strange 6 months that has passed for me – first with my mom’s departure … and all the tumult around, some things I had to learn the hard way.

Mom wanted to leave – she didn’t want to flight anymore … and her quality of life had decreased so much after the eye-infection that she got and the medicine that she had to take made her completely blind – so she couldn’t watch TV or make her own porridge in the morning- She just had enough and I don’t blame her – she was a fighter that just had enough. I think of her every day and she keeps my heart warm.

But it wasn’t not only mom I had to say goodbye too – also the beautiful and peaceful Simrishamn, where mom lived. This stunning little fishing town by the Baltic Sea that I visit a couple of times every month. I have been back to visit friends, but no really the same thing yet with mom not being there. Not yet!!!!

This year I found out that two of my old colleagues are living in Simrishamn and we met up a couple of times this summer, Ewa and Edmund – spent some fantastic times and days with them, they showed me around the areas outside Simrishamn that I didn’t know excite.  Ewa I hadn’t seen for over 20 years and Edmund nearly 6 years. So they have given me new reasons to go back to Simrishamn.

Then I got my “sorry ass” problem in the beginning of June – but didn’t really seek any medical help until the middle of August and that has been a journey too – that I think it is solved now, but I still have days of real discomfort but no “ass on fire” anymore and I hope it will stay that way. The highlight was of course the colonoscopy in the end of August.

We had the most beautiful summer this year – the spring was very sunny, but so chilly and a bit late, but when it had arrived there was nothing that could stop it – and the sun has been on our back in most parts of Sweden for over 5 months.

Very little rain, but when it rained it was fast and heavy. There has been many highlights too during the past months and there has been photos taken, but because of my butt problems I haven’t been able to sit long enough to make any longer post, edit photos or even find motivation for blogging. So here I’m with a huge amount of photo folders that I now going to work my way through.

Not much cooking to do posts from – haven’t really put my soul into neither recipes nor photos – there have been a few and some will be posted. There has been many “eating out” lunches this summer, mostly fish and seafood  – big and small – and some fast food too. And of course the breakfasts in NYC.

I have read that a post shouldn’t contain more than a maxium of 500 words and I’m on 561 just now – so it has be a 2 posts more. But I talk a lot too. *smile

When I did decided on doing this series of post from and about my past 6 months, it came to me when I listen to some of my favorite classical pieces and when I saw that I will be able to share them with you, my grey un-damaged cells started to work. 631 words … and I see you later and soon.

“Thank you for life,
and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living”
Travis Barker

sailor lady birds.