unleashed at christmas

Time again to unleash this little Christmas commercial by Bergdorf Goodman from 2010, that also has a deeper message.

I have posted this video for the first time 7 years now for Christmas – but this is worth to be watched again. This has become one of my few Christmas traditions.

“Dear Santa, ( ) I’ve been good all year. ( ) Ok most of the time.
( ) Once in a while. (X) Fuck it. I’ll buy my own nightgown.”

Feature photo provided by and thanks to; nouslandia.com.ar

72 thoughts on “unleashed at christmas

  1. This was so beautiful so beautiful so beautiful… I can imagine how difficult and how enjoyable to make this video with these lovely dogs…

    I love the spirit of this time of the year… Thank you dear Viveka, with my best wishes for the New Year, love, nia

    • Nia, difficult too – I totally agree with you about spirit around Christmas, but we should try to keep during the rest of the year too.
      Thanks a million for the reblog – very kind of you – I think it’s such a lovely little video.

  2. You are just wonderful, Viveka! This is so great and left me with a big smile this dark and windy evening! Thank you for sharing – I Reblogged it immediately – have a beautiful Sunday!

  3. I loved this! I am all about adopting pets…can’t imagine not having Rockefeller. This video made me tear up at the end. : )

    • Heather, it’s such a sweet video – still a commercial but with a great message. Salty is such a gem. I wouldn’t mind walking home with him … *smile

    • My pleasure … !!! Thank you so much .. it’s a true “feel good” advert, not many of them around. *smile – and the doorman can come along too. *smile

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    • I just think this is so lovely done … because it’s a more to it than a commercial for an exclusive store. And I fancy the door men too, a Very handsome man. *smile

    • Hi there, Girlfriend …. thanks for thinking of me – I’m doing fine. My ass have been playing up – so that is why I haven’t been so active here – otherwise everything is good.
      Have a delightful and fun lunch – enjoy. Talk to you later …. warm hug from me still in bed. *smile

    • Doing fine …. got a bit of snow last night, but just very wet outside. Your Christmas card … was the first this year. Thank you so much. 22th 11.05 is the take off. Can’t wait. TuesdayHug.

      • Yes, it was been wet in this part of world. A petty with the weather. It looks like I’m going to get the same in Krakow, but it’s what it’s. My greeting will arrive on mail.

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