weekly photo challenge – threes

This week I had far too many borrowed moments to choose from that I can split into 3, spoiled by choices.

I have decided to choose the beautiful blackberry bush that I have been passing so many times on my way from the station and my mom’s apartment in Simrishamn. Every September have I stopped and stuffed myself with the deliciousness of those berries, both on my way from and to the station.

My mom left me behind in June last year – and so I’m not walking the path anymore. Still I’m visiting friends in Simrishamn from time to time, but they live in a total different direction to where my mom lived.

So this post is also to the memory of my mum – a very special lady not only for me … for everyone that met her and had the privilege to know her.

Mom, you’re keeping my heart constantly warm. 

simrishamn blackberries

“The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice”
Proverb quotes

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40 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – threes

    • Thanks, for the sweet comment … I was going to visit the paht in September, to pick some berries – but it never happened. This year maybe. Blackberries love to grow along railway tracks.

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    • Janet, thank you so much for your kind words – mom was nearly 91 and she didn’t want to be around anymore, her quality of life wasn’t the best for the last 7 months.
      She are where she wants to be.

    • Bulldog, thank you so much for your lovely and sweet comment – I love landing in your world too full of humor and amazing photos. Sorry, for not being around for a while – it’s the “ass” that is the main problem. *smile

      • Hey I wondered what had happened, and then when you popped up in a comment I went to check… WP had changed you to no notification, how it does this I don’t know as why would I follow if I didn’t want an email… anyway sorted that one out…
        See the Dr. tomorrow, have passed a couple of Kidney stones and now seem to have a bad infection, so she can give me an antibiotic and all should be well again… sorry to hear of your troubles a sore ass is not very pleasant…

      • I was missing your visits, but I thought that maybe you two was on holiday or something.
        I’m so far behind with posts – so I will not be able to catch up – and my mobile internet is more temperamental than a woman.
        It happens that connections doesn’t happen … and I delete following and add it again. Normally it works.
        Returning to Landskrona tomorrow – by train .. so looking forward to travel by train, it takes about 4 hours to Lund and there I have to change. Hopefully I will be able to start visiting this week again.

      • Kidney stones … that is painful story and also when they operate they cut all the way around. Hope it doesn’t come to that. I hope that the pills have worked for you and infection is gone.
        I hate antibiotics – eat them nearly constantly for my bladder infections that are just queuing up for me, all because of my radio therapy – this winter has been bad.

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    • Sylvia, thanks for the hug … needed it. Been out and about in Stockholm the whole day, nice to get a hug when returning to the hotel. Yes, my mum is with me all the time … in my heart. I love this song too … beautiful lyrics – so suitable for my mum. *smile

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