first sign of sping

snowdrops close up

but I not sure we seen the last sign of winter yet.

This is me back in the race and I’m in LoOooOoOOOOOOve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That could in itself be the first sign on spring – but it’s not only that.

Before I left my mum, now 10 days ago – I went to do her shopping and when returned from the supermarket I saw that the spring had arrived outside her entrance, the snowdrops were blooming. We had a bitterly cold and very windy weekend just put my neck out very quickly on Sunday and it has too rough for comfort, so back in so quick as possible.

So out with the little camera in a rush to catch that glanz of hope – enjoy my little slideshow.

My cloud is being singed by a very handsome man by name, Sean Mott and comes from Gettysburg, US – what a voice he has. I get goose bumps all over when I listen to him. During office hours does he works as a lawyer and attorney. He could take me to court any day on any charge. I have a such a soft spot for lawyers – just now I’m just so soaked up in the TV-series, Suits.

sean mott - iavvo com“Younger Than Springtime” – comes from 1949 years musical “South Pacific” written by Rodgers and Hammerstein, this song is one year younger than me. Amazing and I just love listen to it … maybe its Sean’s voice.
Played it the whole morning – I’m in love!!!!!! In love with a voice and you must admit he is rather handsome too. Maybe it’s because its spring in the air after all.

“Spring is when you feel like whistling
even with a shoe full of slush.”
Doug Larson

Photo of  Sean provided by and thanks to:

48 thoughts on “first sign of sping

    • Nice to be back, thanks … had an excellent break. Didn’t was a truly good break – didn’t miss the blog that much – missed all of you. Did you banana muffins –wonderful, will do a post about the adventure, when I baked the other cake you tickled me with. Next week. Have a great weekend.

  1. Happy that you are back and so happy. Love the first signs of spring. Here we are still in the depths of winter with another 8 inches of heavy wet snow overnight.

    • Karen, seen that on a couple of posts that … you have full winter over there on quite a few places – please keep it over there. We have a cold bitter wind – but sunny. I even freeze inside, but the snowdrops means that springtime will come this year too.

  2. I saw some crocus flowers popping up through the cold ground yesterday on a walk. It’s coming! Spring is really on its way. : )

    • Crocus … that is early – is all your snow gone now ???
      I think I have to wait another 4 weeks before they pop up over here.
      Today we have a wonderful sunny day – but the wind is so bitterly cold, feels like -5 outside and I could hardly make it back from the supermarket. Full storm. Yes, one thing is for sure and that’s that spring will come to us this year too..’
      Wish a pleasant weekend.

      • No, not too early for crocus around here, and yes, we still have snow on the ground. It melts away a little every day but it is still really cold at night so it is hanging on. I am sure we will get more before March is over.

      • I think we have some winter left too – hope it comes soon if it has to come – April should be early springtime, but it has happen before that. Love the feeling that spring is now around the corner.

  3. Saw the snowbells and crocus last week as the temperature here rose to even 15C but to wake up to a dusting of snow this morning took away the spring feeling. 😉

    • 15C … that is springtime for me. Our snow is gone, but we have an ice cold stormy wind that been around us for days. Even freeze inside this weekend. We haven’t reached over +8C yet.

      • We’re now down to 0C but with the icy wind, it felt like -10C today. The whole week will be freezing with nighttime temperature hitting -6C to -8C again. I hope that next week, winter is finally over.

      • We had that icy wind for 4 days now … and I hope if there is more winter to come, let it come now.
        I think there is more winter up there !!! But I hope that you are right.

    • Yes, it’s … but we have an Antarctic storm strong wind now since 4 days back. I freeze into my bones indoors. Terrible. So the poor flowers are fighting just now and tomorrow we will have -11C again, hope the wind will be gone then.

  4. Love this song, and the singer is, as you say, very handsome. It’s bitterly cold in England at the moment, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing some snowdrops around during the next week. 🙂

    • You haven’t been alone in that ice cold weather – for 4 days … we had that chill too -this morning I woke up to snow again.
      I knew it. And they have promised -11C for Gothenburg today. I’m surprised that the snowdrops are not up over there yet – they normally pop up in the beginning of Feb. Very unusual and ours are a bit early.

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