one piece of cake every day – skopje (3rd piece)

Christmas Day!!!!!

At Macedonia, Square Christmas hit me big time, suddenly my existence was filled with a couple of hundred Santa of all sizes and ages.  Loud Christmas music was pumping out over the square.

And Google told me that Macedonia celebrates Christmas on 7th Jan????!!!!.

It was easy to understand that Coca Cola was behind it … !!!!

“Coca-Cola should always be within an arm’s reach of desire.”
Robert W. Woodruff

I asked one of the ladies what was going on … it was a Santa family race. Something they have every year. She asked where I came from and when I told her Sweden, she told me that her sister lives in Helsingborg, just around the corner from where I live. It’s truly a small world at times.

Loads of activities were going on … some of the markets stands were open. A couple was making and selling Mekici (doughnuts) served with warm chocolate sauce or powder sugar. Do I have to tell you that they are “disappearingly” good, very similar to the German Schmalzgebäck.

My apartment was central it was only a couple of minutes walk down to Vardar River and all the famous bridges and buildings. So that was my plan for the day.

 The Stone Bridge (Dušanbridge) is built of solid stone blocks and is supported by firm columns that are connected with 12 semicircular arcs. The guardhouse has recently been reconstructed. The current Stone Bridge was built on Roman foundations under the patronage of Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror between 1451 and 1469 Most of the Stone Bridge originates from the Ottoman period and throughout the centuries, the Stone Bridge was often damaged and then repaired. In 1944, explosives were placed on the bridge by Nazis. Upon a request from city notables, the Germans give up at the last minute and the bridge was saved from destruction.

The Eye Bridge -The real name of the bridge is “Bridge of Civilizations in Macedonia” It’s nicknamed the Eye Bridge because the centre is designed like an eye with a fountain. There are 28 statues on the bridge in addition to the fountain.

The Art Bridge is a pedestrian bridge across the river The bridge features many statues of noted Macedonian artists and musicians. It was built as part of the larger Skopje 2014 project, with an estimated construction cost of €2.5 million. The bridge includes 29 sculptures, with 14 on each side and one in the centre

All three bridges are very impressive … and photogenic.

In the river there is 2 fake Gallons laying, one is made up as a hotel and restaurant while the second hasn’t had any TLC, they give a profile to the riverbank and Skopje city centre has the most beautiful lamppost

The river promenade, Kej 13th November, is a beautiful strength for walking. bikes and jogging – and it’s edged with restaurants and cafe that is connected to the City Trade Centre. Of course also an Irish pub, St. Patrick and a very nice one too.

I think every city in the world has at least one Irish pub. 

I went in for a coffee … the pub is like it was in Dublin every detail was there, talking to the staff they told me that the owner had lived in Dublin and had brought loads of interior pieces from Ireland. But they didn’t have Irish Stew on the menu … my heart sank; an Irish pub and no Irish Stew, but I was told that they have in the high season???!!! Irish stew in the summer????

While I was sitting there enjoying my coffee, all the Santa came running along the river. Couldn’t call it running, because it was families with small kids most of them.

On my way home I decided to walk through the centre and use the car parking entrance, by the Porta Macedonia is a memorial arch located on Pella Square. Construction started in 2011 and was completed in January 2012. The arch is dedicated to 20 years of Macedonian independence and its outer surface is covered in 193 m2 of reliefs carved in marble. I forgot to get evening’s shots of it. Something to do next time. Same with the bridges.

There is a military vehicle station by the arch 24/7 and on the other side is there always taxis. That apartment’s location is 10/10. But the lift had a life on its own and I stayed on the 6th floor. The lift was old, but it worked fine … but it was the neighbours on the 5th floor that didn’t shut the door properly. I walked the 6 floors twice and Maggie did it once.

Before I started my climb to the 6 floors, I went into The Bistro for my daily treat – the cake!!!!!

Life tells you to take the elevator,
but love tells you to take the stairs.
David Levithanelnour

9 thoughts on “one piece of cake every day – skopje (3rd piece)

  1. I enjoyed crossing all those bridges with you, Vivi. What a lovely riverside walk! Who knew Skopje was such a good looking city? And all those useful umbrellas dangling… smiling!

    • Yes, Skopje is a fantastic little capital … even if they don’t celebrate Christmas, just like Georgia have they fantastic decorations. Returning this year again. *smile Back for more. *smile

      • Hiya darlin! Sorry I haven’t had chance to say thanks for the postcard. I’m in Leeds for the weekend because James has finally managed to buy a house. The weekend was spent stripping and sanding the living room floor. Home to the Algarve tomorrow 🤗💟

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful photos, Viveka! You seem to have had a great time in Skopje – and it looks a beautiful city too. I had no idea. Looking forward to more!

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