cee’s fun foto challenge: squares, triangles and angles

Because we still don’t have internet, TV or phone in our building after Saturday night’s basement fire – I’m struggling with being connected. So this is a very quick one.

My gallery comes from my mother’s beautiful hometown – Simrishamn, a small fishing town in South East of Sweden. All taken during my last day that I stayed in her apartment after her “departure” – A glorious summer day in end of July last year, with sea, sun, sails and ice cream.

But also some squares, tringales, angles and rectangulas.

“Because it’s summer and the memories
are just waiting to happen”

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26 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: squares, triangles and angles

    • Jo, my internet comes and goes … mobile – pay as you go … not the greatest thing on earth.
      I never followed Christine – thanks for the link. Terrible news – one day here … next day gone.
      I wrote something to Stuart.

      • Sorry, Vivi. We forget sometimes that we don’t have the same followers. Christine was there for me almost from the start. What a morning! I came upon the news of your fire and that was a shock, and five minutes later, Stuart’s post. My head was spinning when I came to this post. Hugs, darlin.

      • Yes, it’s a tough world .. at times and thank god that we don’t know what we will wake up to in the morning.
        Have been down checking my storage unit out and nothing has happen to it, more than it’s covered in soot and of course everything smells from smoke. I hope they can sanitize my bags and my new winter boots – but the basement looks terrible, months of work. Everything has to be cleaned and painted. The smell is so sticky.
        I hope you heart has come down now. Relaxing hugs … girlfriend

    • Bebs, I’m in Simrishamn this weekend and today we had a fantastic day – the sea has been deep blue, but I have only seen it on distance. Hopefully tomorrow I will visit the harbor and treat myself to a soft ice. Simrishamn is a truly beautiful small town. At least during the summer. *smile

    • Marilyn, thank you so much – mobile internet is what it’s – on a pay as you go tariff.
      Hopefully the internet will be fixed soon, but I have been in the basement, doesn’t look great at all.
      Loads of job to be done.
      Have a great weekend.

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