more winter has arrived


And I love it.
It started already on Monday evening – and yesterday when it was time for me to do mum’s grocery shopping it was hard going, because they hadn’t plagued anywhere and the wind was pretty strong too, so it meant a hat on and the all-weather boots on.

Took a couple of photos during the 5 min walk to the supermarket and … and on the way back. Thank god, for that mum shopping trolley had big wheel otherwise it would have a problem to get the groceries home. But it was a struggle to get to the station in the afternoon with my heavy wheeled bag that didn’t have big wheels – had to drag it through the snow on the pavement. Normally it takes 10 min to get to the station. Yesterday it took 30. There was no problem with neither train or busses. Was home as the timetable had promised me.

Just notice that this is going to be my 500th post. 500 posts that is a lot – maybe I should try to get my life back *smile

winter page 1 winter page 2 winter page 3 winter page 4winter page 6

“We are all like snowflakes – all different in our own beautiful way”

winter storm

“Winter Weather” is the title of my cloud today – performed by The Fa-la-lattes (Marcus and Daniel, once roommates at Collage) from Chicago, duo formed in 2004. A very cute song and a bit romantic too – now when Valentine’s Day is just a night away. Peggy Lee and Benny Goodman’s Orchestra did a recording of this song in 1941.

56 thoughts on “more winter has arrived

    • Gloria, thank you so much – we had more rain then snow this winter – I have a beautiful post – called Frosty Start .. have a look, it’s when Swedish winter is at it’s best.

    • Yes, I picked that up in Chicago looking at professional photos – that photos can be taken on angles. Make things more interesting. Thank you so much … and today we have sunshine, so my camera and I will go for a walk. I’m sure there will be another 500 posts. *smile

  1. Congratulations my beautiful lady dear Viveka, this is my happiness too because I have met with you and with your beautiful blogging world. I am listening to this lovely song (I love the winter)… Seems that there is so much snow there… Be careful dear, I am not used to walk in the snow… But your photographs are amazing, I loved the colours you captured such a nice texture or composition. Thank you dear Viveka, have a nice and warm day, love, nia

    • Nia, thanks for all you kind words … the land so softly in my software (heart). Yes, there is loads of snow in Sweden just now, but not so much where I live – nearly nothing and we had a stunning spring day today and the birds was singing like mad.
      I love winter too – when it’s suppose to be winter … don’t want any silly snow in May.
      Heartly thank you again.

    • 600 … is about 3 months away, roughly.
      I think he was cold sitting on the plague the whole day. He must have been bored too.
      Thank you so much, for your support.

    • The winter has been funny this year .. more rain than snow .. and overcast – sepia days as I call them.
      Mum has loads of snow and here where I live nearly nothing, only a couple of hours between us.
      And no icicles anywhere here in Landskrona, it was truly cold yesterday.

      I hope that UK don’t stop now because some snowflakes. *laughing.

      Maybe some winter shots tomorrow then????

      • Glad you got your mum sorted out…we’ve had the usual ‘English’ response to the snow, buses and taxis cancelled, so I’ve been on mercy missions to collect the family from their stranded locations.. Thankfully I’m finally home in the warmth sat with the dog …she so de-stresses me from the woes of the day

      • Right place to be .. on a snowy day .. home with the dog.
        I know winter in UK is a nightmare – schools close .. everything stops and I lived there for 20 years and they didn’t learn anything under those years – and every year it snowed.
        M25 was like a parking lot.
        Airports closed for days – but it’s very difficult to change the way of thinking on an empire. *laughing.

  2. Ah, my favourite Swedish weather, haha. Nice post and you guys just have the greatest icicles I ever saw 🙂 Also, 500 huh? That’s a pretty big number! Congrats!

    • 500 is big number … I think I need a man in my life … *smile
      Yes, those iciles can become very big and long plus very dangerous – they can kill you if you are in the way for them, when they drop.

      Yes, winter in the Nordic countries are special .. I suppose in Canada too. They have serious winters.

      • I remember taking lots of pictures with the big icicles, hehe. But you’re right, they can be dangerous as well.

    • 2 feet …. that is a lot – we had that a couple of years ago. Here in Landskrona we have nearly no snow at all.
      500 posts that is a lot – in less than 13 months … I better get a man in my life. *smile

    • Thanks, Terry .. it was cold – here in Landskrona we hardly have any snow and we had a true sping day today. You better stay indoors .. over the weekend. *smile

  3. Great shots – colours and all. I like those trolleys! So, now you have got the snow you wanted…! The sun peeped through a very short moment today – otherwise grey. But the birds are singing, just like you wrote they did in Landskrona. Surely it’s the light too…soon they will sing even more. I’d like some more sunshine – now!

  4. Here it’s the same thing – snow since last night, tons of it. It doesn’t stop and it is starting to look lovely again.
    Congratulations on your 500th post! Your life back? Are you sure? What would you do with all the extra time 😉 You have Sundays off 😉 !
    Sleep tight and HAPPY VALENTINE’s to you xo 🙂

    • Glad that you got a soft and white morning today. Love the snow .. I really do!
      What I will do with my extra time??? – maybe waste it on a man *laughing Or maybe not, so I leave it as it’s.

  5. We are getting our new batch today! Should have another 8-10 inches by Saturday. I don’t mind either. But once the middle of March hits…then I mind. : ) Stay warm!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Snow here is not as thick as yours but today, I had enough of the winter because of the wind which made the -1 degree Celsius felt far colder. I could hardly feel my jaw after the walk outside from my office to the train station. Brrrrrrr….

  7. Great photos Viveka. It is so cooling to look at images like that.
    I love the story of the wheels. When our eldest was a baby we lived in Denmark for a short time and we needed a new pram,(baby trolley) and we were surprised how they all had big wheels, of course it was to get through the snow. Funny, not a problem here.

    • Thanks Leanne, for your kind words, means a lot to me and my photos Yes,…. big wheels is a MUST here in the winter – nobody has thought about suitcases or travel bags yet – it’s a drag to get them through the snow. The grocery trolleys have big wheels and normally I use mine when I travel to mum in the winter – but with no snow in Landkskrona I forget every time. Do you miss Denmark anything ???

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