winter extravaganza – carnaval de nice

For the last few years, I have given myself a little extravaganza in February, to make the Swedish winter (or what we can call it)  a little shorter.

I have a loss account where I pay in money every month … and that I spend on and under my week in Nice. I stay at a fantastic 3* hotel, Hotel Saint Gothard, … by the Gare de Ville Nice, the main railway station. Comfortable and spotlessly clean, nice French breakfast .. very good coffee (bean to cup).

This year I used up a COVID flight voucher with SAS, but I try to get the cheapest flight possible. For next year the flight only cost me 75€.

Nice doesn’t come cheap … so I rather spend my money on great food and glasses of good wines.

I delight myself with two Carnaval de Nice events .. the full day parade that is on a Sunday and the fantastic flower parade (Wednesday and Saturdays). Each event with booked seating costs around 20€, very reasonable.

This year it was a little different for me because I need a stroller/walker and to take my own is hard work with a suitcase, cabin bag and the stroller. So I looked around on the internet and I found a shop that sold disabled products and I wrote to them and asked if it was possible for me to rent a walker. No problem, they delivered to the hotel and pick up on departure. It cost me 35€ for the full week. It was delivered 2 hours after I had checked in at the hotel. An awesome service.

Without it, I hadn’t have been able to do anything. Now I could walk around in Nice, go to the events, take the train to Menton … go on buses and trams. I called it my Volvo.

This year I really enjoyed my week … I loved every minute of it .. and I didn’t want to return home. I felt so good the whole stay. Even if Nice is not very respectful when it comes to disabling people. Trains are the worst.   The sidewalks are very high and narrow, it is to lift the walker up and down all the time. I saw people in wheelchairs and how they struggled. Such a pity. Neither are people respectful on busses, trams and trains.  Such a pity.

I went to the Monday posh flea market in the Old Town .. and I went to the normal market which is 6 days a week. Bought some exciting spice mixes.

I wasn’t able to enjoy a Cafe Latte at my usual beach bar, because of all the stairs down to the beach and they don’t have an elevator. But I sat in one of the blue chairs and enjoyed the Côte d’Azur Spring Sun. Only fluffy white clouds in the sky for a whole week.

“The Riviera isn’t only a sunny place for shady people.“
W. Somerset Maugham


16 thoughts on “winter extravaganza – carnaval de nice

    • Happy Easter, Sue … I always have a good time when I travel – most of the times anyway. Little upset about the Porto trip, but in the last minute I realized that it was 18 steps to the elevator for the apartment I was going to rent. I wouldn’t be able to manage that with a suitcase even if I had healht issues. *laughing

      • Well, it’s life, Vivi! Also, I’m less inclined to be on planes and trains while Covid is very much present

      • Sue, I agree with you … but in October I had enough. Have the same chance to get at home as away. The strange thing was that I spend a week close to a friend from Lisboa … both of us tested negative for our home departure. We left Skopje on the same day, but she got really sick in COVID the first day back in Lisboa – but I didn’t get the slightest symptom. I still wear a mask when travelling in public and in shops. We can’t be careful enough.

    • Thank you so much, Loisa …. I have to get back on the horse. Today it went a little easier, but I write everything in words first. Today the images landed where I wanted except the last two. And the music worked straight away too. *smil Happy Easter!!!

  1. So good to see a post from you again, Vivi. Sounds as though you had a wonderful time and a lovely break from winter and darkness. I can’t get all the photos to load (my laptop is being annoying) but I saw quite a few and the food/drink looks wonderful. Happy Easter!


    • Janet, Happy Easter to you too!!!! Thanks … it’s nice to be back, but I still struggle with the “new” editor – so that is the reason why I haven’t been active. I still have a problem with my “sorry ass” and to blog takes time. But if I don’t try … *smile

  2. Wonderful to discover your post in the box and find such an interesting array of photos and story of a successful early spring foray into warmer climes ! Nice sturdy Volvo to take you around also . . . with my bad back leading to own walking difficulties, more than understand ! Have not been to the Riviera for ages . . . we stayed in Cannes a few times and then switched out loyalties to Monte Carlo, but you paint a very attractive picture indeed ! Do have a healthy, happy Easter . . . shall write very soon . . .

    • Hello there, lovely Ladyfriend. It is lovely to have the urge to blog again … but I really struggle with the editor. Have to write in windows and paste in under classic. Thank you so much for all the fantastic emails and links .. have tried quite a few of the recipes you sent me. I came to Nice for the first time in 1972 and Nice had a terrible attitude, just like Paris still has. Had a “male friend” in Monaco – the romance lasted for 4 years, so I have seen most and the best of the French Rivera. Cannes I still don’t like. *laughing – but Nice has changed a lot and has become a very pleasant and clean city. Sorry, to read that you have server back problems. Eha, those that say that age is only a number … ???!!!! I know better. Happy Easter, Eha!!!

      • Oh, Vivi, we may have ‘overlapped’ on the Riviera 🙂 ! ‘My’ time was from mid-60s to end-’80s and I do agree about the ‘attitude’ then !!! Hated that in Paris ! Loved the sun and the food . . . as my husband hated driving on the right we always had a delightful elderly driver born there . . . what he did not know wasn’t worth while and he loved our kids . . . we had amazing ‘adventures’ ! So, so glad you are travelling . . . because I wanted Novavax which has just arrived here I have yet to be vaccinated . . . so still living as a hermit . . . *laugh’ talking with the keyboard helps !!! Happy Easter . . .

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