new path – new friends


During my 2,5 years of blogging I have posted many borrowed moments from the path that I walked from the station to my mum’s place in Simrishamn. I met so much beauty and many beauties through the seasons and became their friend, but since 27th July last year I haven’t walked the path.

My mum left me behind in the beginning of June last year – and after I handed over the apartment to the landlord I haven’t walked to the station.

I have been back to Simrishamn a quite few times, but no path has been walked. The past weekend I was back visiting for 5 day – spending time with friends. The days were full of Swedish summer at its best.

And I walked a new path and I met new friends.

“If the path be beautiful,
let us not ask where it leads.”
Anatole France

32 thoughts on “new path – new friends

    • Yes, I found the track when I searched … under walking on Soundcloud. Great song. It’s a pity because most flowers has already done their job this year … spring was far too early. So there wasn’t that much along my path, but those I met was wonderful. *smile

  1. Thank you for allowing us to walk with your new friends also and feel warm and wonderful in doing so . . .

  2. and your new friends are all so beautiful… has it been a year already since Mom passed? Seems just the other day… oh how time flies…

    • Nature gives always new friends and memories … there was a lot more beauty along the path to mum, and also the blackberries, that I missed out last year.
      Yes, the year has been flying – visit the village and the harbor where outside we dropped her ashes – she are a beautiful spot and my friends say that their fishing luck has increased … since mum took over. *smile

    • Nia, so true – I have been struggling with visit Simrishamn … because of mum isn’t there anymore, but it’s getting better and it’s still so pretty. Thanks, Nia!

  3. We may be far apart, Vivi, but we share so many of the same flowers on our walks. That little purply geranium is in the hedgerows here and quite a few others, too. 🙂
    Sending warm hugs to go with your wild bouquet and thoughts of your Mum 🙂

    • Jo, I think most of the Northern European countries have more or less the same flowers. You are so good; you know the names of them. I only know the Swedish names and only a few of them. We don’t have wild blue bells – the flower I miss most from my days in UK.
      Most of our summer flowers has already done their job, even the roses are on their last leg, because the spring was so early this year. Even the poppies look tired now. So sad, because normally we enjoy them until beginning of August.

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