cold moon

moonlight 1

… maybe even a blue moon.

Last weekend was mummy-weekend again … and I arrived to Simrishamn with the train just after 5pm on Friday. A bitterly cold day and the wind that Simrishamn always have on offer – doesn’t make the chill easier to accept.

The moon was already up as started my short walk on my usual path  from the station. Thought I will give it ago and try to catch moon somehow. It”s not easy to take photos with gloves on and it wasn’t much easier to handle the camera without – my hands turned blue before I decided enough is enough. Took about 30 photos, but this is only what become wroth posting. Not easy to catch the moon or the moonlight, but I have become slightly better or luckier.

“If the sun does not light your path up,
simply ask the moon.”
Yannick Heywang

blue moonmoonlight page

25 thoughts on “cold moon

    • Thank you, Colleen. It was a very strange moon …. just like a big lamp. It’s wasn’t clear. Somebody once told me that if we take a photo of a single item .. try to have something in the foreground like a tree or something. That I was told in 1979 and it stills live with me – the picture become more interesting.

    • I know … every time we have full moon I have a go at it – I normal use a fens or something to support the camera, but it’s nearly impossible without tripod. This time I was a bit more lucky. *smile It was a very strange full moon ..

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