weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes

Roughly about a months ago … I decided to look for beauty in a roughness, our rail yard here in Landskrona, Sweden … and the old abounded railway station, that has been standing all closed up for years now.

I was surprised what I beautiful world I suddenly was walking around in – and here is some of the photos I took. Not really an environment I look for my objects, but at the time I was a bit tired of taking endless photos of the beautiful spring.
I have also made a post about my experience – roughness with beauty.

Why not join the challenge or at least check out other entries: Weekly Photo Challenge; World Though Your Eyes 

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

124 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes

    • You should go there and take photos … you have to get that camera going. The more you use it the better you will be as a team.
      There is beauty everywhere … if we only take our time to look.

  1. Nicely done! I really like these shots. You have inspired me to take my camera down to our old mill district and see what happens.

  2. Very nice, they are appealing like memories. I mean those photos are exactly like memories 🙂
    Though U didn’t say if my post is visible or not,if you mind to read my scribble ‘Resilience’, don’t forget to give your feedback 🙂 thanks Viveka

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    • Thanks, girlfriend .. have used some of the photos before.
      Our old station house is so beautiful .. and I would love to be able to turn it into a hostel … or something.

      • Oh that would be fabulous. I love when old is made in to new but not totally redone. So many people here are trying to do just that with “old” downtowns here. I love revitalizing things. 🙂

    • Thank you so much .. heard it for the first time today .. and I love it too – Beauty in the World … but I don’t know who the singer is.

    • Yes, everything has some beauty … only for us to see it – and with a camera in our hand we see so much more than those without. Thank you for your support.

    • Yes, the cold is gone now … but we had cold rainy days and .. with a bit of luck I can get it back.
      Thank you so much for your support. Staying with friends until the funeral on Friday – so that’s why I haven’t been active in my world here on WP.

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  8. Takes a special eye to spot beauty in mundane, abandoned, broken things! A fantastic gallery Viveka! Love the broken glass and the wagon details, but they are all beautiful. Take care and stay well 🙂

    • I love that broken glass shot too – a bit tricky to get it right, but after 12 shots I got one that I was pleased with. Love to take photos from an ant’s view.
      Out of the cold now – wonderful, but we have rain and more rain. And it’s cold .. so I have to be careful so it is not back next week. Thank you for your support.

  9. Hi Viveka, you’re right, not usually the subjects you think of photographing, but you absolutely showed that rough can be beautiful too. Well done. I especially like the picture of the sign against the weathered brick. Great photo!


    • Debbie, thank you so much – I just love that old beautiful station – such a pity that nothing is going to be done with it and it’s in the town center too.

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  11. There is much beauty in the world, and much is right in front of us, but only in sight of those who take take to see …. just like you did and always do.

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  15. We have old railways near my home and I always think the flowers growing there look beautiful. Someone made a garden there to beautify the area. Loved these photos

    • Jo, thank you so much …. back home in Landskrona now – the funeral was so beautiful yesterday and the weather was fantastic. Now I will have some days at home before I start to deal with what mom left behind in material things. I wish you a great weekend and thank you so much for thinking of me. Just what I needed.

  16. How perfect! There is beauty in roughness and ugliness, even. Some of my favorite pictures are are truly ugly people – old people, raggerty people, dirty kids. There is something about their eyes, or toothless smiles that is truly beautiful. Now why is that? Because there is beauty in the world! 🙂

    • Yes, I love faces with character too – and as you said there is beauty … especially in faces that tells us about life experience.
      I have problem to find beauty in medical deformed faces … and that is why I support the the charity as I do.
      But it’s easier to see and find the beauty with a camera in the hand.

      • Well I have a medically deformed face, and I don’t think I’m ugly! My father did, though. He couldn’t see that I was more than just my mouth. His criticism made my mouth go down more than go up. I’m sure I was a bit melancholy, but I am not really a melancholy personality. 🙂

      • I’m sure you know I meant – I meant severe deformed faces – so glad that you don’t think you’re ugly, because you’re not … I don’t mean that deformed faces are ugly, only that it hurt me so much when I look at them and I know that is so wrong of me, but my whole heart crying. We have a fireman in Gothenburg that lost the structure of his face during a gas explosion – he works now with burn victims, the most wonderful man and he met his wife after the “loss of his face”. I know he is doing great and are a very happy person today, but I react the same way. That is why “my charity” is so important to me.

      • We saw a really handsome young man on the news the other day. He was adorable before surgery, but like Michael Jackson, he wanted a different nose. Today after 50 some surgeries he has a plastic tube sticking out of his face. He lost his nose in the process. So sad! 🙂 It made me thank my lucky stars, and great surgeons that I didn’t try to do more work on my nose. Every surgeon has backed away from my nose like a snake was going to strike them dead if they even attempted to improve on it.

      • This with plastic surgery has totally gone out of hands – some people look like monsters after .. all the surgery the done. It’s up to people themselves, but some make themselve scary. Why are not doctors saying enough is enough??? I have looked at your photo and and I can see nothing wrong with your nose … and your doctors had some common senses left.
        When I read about teen girls that want to make their breast bigger. I only know one famous person that has done fantastic improvements to her look and did it just right – Sharon Osborn. She became stunningly beautiful and her doctor has just done it perfect, she didn’t lose her old self.

      • Viveka you are full of Interesting information! I would never have guessed. I don’t really read up on stars. I would learn all sorts of things. I always think of Michael Jackson, and how cute he was as a boy. He obviously didn’t think the same thing. Surgery can do amazing things, and I am the grateful recipient of their help. But plastic surgery IS surgery, and surgery can not be taken lightly! 🙂

      • You’re so right …. surgery is surgery and it’s an alteration to our bodies – Sharon did it many years white she was in jury for American idol. She got it just right on all counts without losing her personality and her old her.
        Michael he even made his skin lighter – what sad story – I read somewhere that he wanted to look like Elizabeth Taylor.
        I found some fantastic photos of me now going through my mom’s stuff … what a beautfiul woman I was in my 30-40, wonder what happen to her. *smile

      • I’m sure you are beautiful now, too. My mom was not attractive by any stretch of the imagination, but when she was in her late 70s, had lost all her teeth, lost 4 inches of stature, and in general looked old, I thought she LOOKED so adorable. There was something about her toothless smile that lit up the room when I walked in to it. So maybe we do get more beautiful in our “ugliness.” I don’t know how that works, but I actually think it does. Who is more adored than a soft, cuddly, fat, old grandma? Marsha 🙂

      • I suppose I can be beautiful today if I try a bit .. but not like on those photos – nearly got a shock when I saw them, never seen myself that beautiful – great feeling.
        I agree that beauty comes from the inside – there is so many beautiful people around, but when they open their mouth the beauty fades straight away.
        An old face has some stories to tell

      • Unless it has Alzheimer’s. so why is it I don’t want mine to look like that??? They have character! Do I vainly want to be a woman without character???? Perish the thought! Then why this dichotomy? 😝

  17. great set of photos… perfect location for a weekend party with friends, just need a few things incl. good sound system… cheers from Ireland

    • Hi there, Ireland …. you got me lost -party at a railyard ????? I know that you Irish can be mad at times. *smile Lived on Ireland for 11 years in total.

      • It’s not about the railyard, there must be some proper warehouse… in my 20’s we used to organize spontaneous house music parties over the weekends in different spots… just for the craic. Those days I used to live in Poland with frequent visits to my fav city, where the music never stops… I mean Berlin 😉 Which part of Ireland by the way ?

      • Okay, now I understand … the old station building – it has been empty for years, but now they are taking care of it .. and make into some galleria, stunning building. Berlin, one of my favorite cites too .. going back for my birthday in Sept.
        A fantastic city.

      • so, have a good time over there… old styled place and building perfectly fits into gallery, which connects the past with future possibilities…

      • Yes, I hope they will do a good care of the fantastic station building – and that it will get it’s visitors. Need some work. So sad that it had been empty and fallen a part as it had.

      • I used to live in a few locations incl. Dublin as well… and travelling up the north is always great craic 🙂 Have you done any mountain walking, while living in Northern Ireland ?

      • No, mountain walking isn’t my thing – but otherwise I do a lot of walking … so much as my poor feet can handle. Yesterday was a walking day in the beautiful sunshine. They have some stunning scenery ….. in Northern Ireland, but whole Ireland is just about breathtaking sceneries.

    • Thank you so much, Lucid … for the lovely comment. Never heard about Mundane Monday and looking at it with help of Google didn’t make me any wiser! This one of my favorite galleries. I wish you a lovely weekend.

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