the 5 s; sunday, sun, sea, sails and swallows

on the distance

Yesterday I spend with my friends, Eva and Edmund, but also with Nova and Kraka (their dog and sailboat).
The most gorgeous day in Skillinge, small fishing villages only 10 min drive from Simrishamn. They were given the boat by Eva’s brother – 2,5 years ago, when it was a wreck and Edmund has more or less rebuilt it.

A very pleasant wind created a lot of sails out on the Baltic Sea.

So we had brunch on the quayside – after that I took Oscar for a walk in the tiny harbor … while they worked away on the boat.

I have never been good to capture birds on images – but there so many swallows around, parents and chicks – nesting under the quay and they really liked modelling.

Our day together ended up at Simrishamn’s harbor with a big soft ice.

I can think of another “s” – but there was nothing of that … at least not so long I was around. *laughing

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining,
the breeze is blowing,
the birds are singing,
and the lawn mower is broken.”

23 thoughts on “the 5 s; sunday, sun, sea, sails and swallows

  1. I love your photos Viveka… that one of the dogs face is just brilliant… so colourful and summery… makes me envious with our now cold days, and drab colours…

    • Nova, she are such sweetheart to dog – only when there is food around she is a bit hard to control – she eats everything.
      Cold in SA???? What means that in temperature????
      Our summer is gone in flush and it has been all over the place this year, but pasted weekend it was priceless and a lovely warm strong wind .. made it so pleasant. 5 days … and today the rain came, but back to sunshine again.
      Thanks for your lovely words.

    • Yes, the summer is gone in a flash … only 1,5 month left of ours, but because the spring was so early .. nearly all flowers has already done their job. So sad … another week and roses are gone too.

    • Bebs. I would truly miss the autumn and winter … but I would love every summer day to be like this .. and let it rain during night. *smile
      Had 5 fab days .. thanks, Bebs.

    • Oscar is so easy to work with – but it was a stunning day. Had five of those days .. everyday of my stay. So more images to come.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. Fabulous day! Thats the life for me! One of your best posts ever me thinks!
    Very, very tactile!

    • Thanks … thanks … thanks … thanks… thanks … thanks … thanks .. thanks … thanks … thanks … thanks … thanks… thanks … thanks … thanks .. thanks … thanks *smile

  3. Oh what a wonderful, beautiful day!!!!! Oscar must have been preening after all this happiness making ‘work’! That first photo is priceless: did not know a day could be quite as perfect up your way 😉 !! Frankie’s ‘Summer’ is also new to me and an extra pleasure! Thanks for a perfect summer’s day when we are heading for another winter’s storm!!!!

    • Still no internet – everyone else have, but not me … they said that there is some missing cables that they couldn’t find connection for. They will check out tomorrow.
      Had a fantastic weekend in Simrishamn, more images to come.
      Now back to reality and tomorrow X-ray of my knee and in the afternoon, I will visit the day clinic. Thursday away again to visit friends. Busy with the summer. *smile
      “Summer wind” with Frankie, is one of my favorite since my teens.
      Soon enough is the summer over here too. It is always in a hurry. *smile

      • DO hope all those darn medical appointments don’t make anything unknown and unwanted surface! Am keeping fingers crossed!! And DO enjoy your brief Swedish summer 🙂 !

      • Thanks, Eha … I think its old injury in my knee that is playing up again and if so it will heal by itself. Now it’s only to wait and see.
        Friday the insurance person is coming to look at our damage gods in the basement, going to be very interesting.
        We have another unbelievable day .. not a cloud in sight – but a very strong wind and if it had been for the wind – it would have been too hot for me today.

  4. I enjoyed that wonderful colourful day with you, Vivi 🙂 Thank you so much!
    It’s properly mixed here. Thunderstorms a-brewing!

    I’m half-watching cranberries being harvested (on TV). They flood the fields of crops so they float to the surface! Bizarre but clever 🙂 Just thought I’d share that with you. Fruity hug!

    Are you ok back in your apartment, Vivi? There must still be cleaning up and refitting to do in the basement?

    • Wow, flooding the fields – never heard of. We have loads of cranberries up in the North and Finland too. Love Cranberry juice, something I learned to enjoy when living over in UK. The healthiest juice there is. Back my apartment in Landskrona, got my internet fixed by a little pretty girl this morning. Tomorrow insurance company inspector is going to check out our storage units and see what can be saved or not. My storage unit is okay, but fully covered in soot.

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