weekly photo challenge – focus

Focus; I have never been good at … I have always been all over the place and have loads of things going on at the same time.

With my little powerful camera in my hand, am I a lot better with focus – and with it’s auto focus I’m get the focus right most of the times.

My entry this week was meant to be focused –  at Copenhagen’s Airport’s train station, One minute the platform was packed with homecoming and home-going people with destination Sweden first of all.

When the train had swallowed everyone except me, not the right train for me, there was this lonely luggage cart left on the platform, so I focused my camera on the cart as the train started to leave the station. And it has became one of my favorite shots.


I needed a feature image for this post and then I got the little camera out and focused it against my old school Swedish-English dictionary – against the Swedish word; Fokus. A rush job, but very focused.


“You can’t depend on your eyes
when your imagination is out of focus.”
Mark Twain

Why not join the challenge of or see what others is focusing on; WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – FOCUS


61 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – focus

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    • Thanks, Terry … it looks like it has higher speed than it had – is was really slow moving – just started up.
      The cart looked so lonely – that’s why i took the photo.

    • Jo, I’m sure you have a photo with strong focus – or you can create today, you have flower shots that are focused – 2 weeks ago I was lost too with the challenge – so I didn’t post anything.

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    • Thank you – for the cheering on. I only had one shot ot the cart and then the train would have been gone. Need loads of luck in the camera too. *smile

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  8. What a great shot. That’s the perfect photo for this topic. It really demonstrates the concept of keeping your eye on the main goal without being distracted by all the ambient noise.

    • Cindy, thanks for your support .. for my entry. I’m truly bad on keeping my eyes on the goals in my life *smile … I if it hadn’t been for the auto focus on the camera I wouldn’t get one great photo. My life should have an auto focus mode too. *smile

  9. Love the Mark Twain quote! I’ve never heard of that.
    Ah, focus… yes. Well, hmmm!!!

    Good photo, Viveka.

    • … thanks, because of the theme I use for my blog – I need a feature image and then I got the idea about the dictionary.
      Because I have seen images with the word “focus” before. You, know me – always try to think outside the box if all the cells are awake.

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    • Thanks, Swedish isn’t the easiest language to learn, because we have so many words that sounds the same, but spelled so differently and has total different meanings.

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