weekly photo challenge – in the background

traffic tower, CPH airport

This photo did I take 2010 – while waiting for my flight to Berlin at Copenhagen Airport – Kastrup, the most efficient airport in the world.  The subject was a wonderful art glass wall that divided two waiting areas at the end of  concourses B . So in the background do you see the touchdown runway and the traffic tower. Fantastic that I got the use for this photo … that I have looked as a failure, because of the background coming through.

Of course I have done a post about my favorite airport : waiting girls …. strollers … and final calls

To enter or to check out what others been up to, use this link; Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

“All human life can be found in an airport.”
David Walliams

74 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – in the background

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    • Madhu, I had quite a few to choose from this week – but this is the most colorful. I have loads of “disappointing” photos were something is in the background – reflections of something that shouldn’t be there. I love this because of the strong colors.

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  3. Fantastic colours! Perfect for the challenge – AND colourful – AND fine art! brilliant, and like Madhu said: A good lesson to never delete ‘disappointing’ images 🙂

    • I know … I’m always so quick to delete photos that I’m not pleased with. Kastrup has some stunning art.
      Ha en härlig weekend nu .. snart är det juli !!!!!

      • Yes, I know … the newspaper phoned .. because Stena Metal had contacted him and said that it wasn’t safe to go aboard this week, so we are doing it next Thursday. 30.5. Wounder what state it will be in aboard.
        Also Ostindiefararen Götheborg arrived today … have go down and take some photos of it. It cost 100SEK to go aboard – I will not do that.

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  6. It’s beautiful…. and isn’t it always such a nice surprise when you begin to realize that a picture you thought you goofed up on turns out to be so cool and creative. 😀

    • Yes, I looked through files after files .. for a background photo … nothing clicked. Then I remember my file with photo from my Berlin visit.
      I was a bit upset that the photo didn’t come out as I had wished then, but now .. perfect.
      Thank you so much for your support.

    • Thank you, Janet … yes, I learned that lately that to keep all photos. After I won a photo challenge with a photo that I was on my way to delete.
      Copenhagen Airport has stunning art.

    • Jean, I totally agree …. I can think B&W photos are okay, but I want colors in my world. The more colors the better. Thanks for stopping by.

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  12. I’ve been to Copenhagen airport a few times but I don’t remember seeing this piece of glass. Possibly because I was too busy trying to get from point A to point B (lesson learned: always take time to notice the little details around you!). Thanks for sharing this photo with us xx

    • They have art all over the place … a lot of glass .. but my favorite is the waiting girls – standing – looking down on the SAS check-in area.
      Then they have the glass birds flying – and the glass sculpture with the jockey and his horse. Look next time. I make sure I have loads of time at my airport – love to have time to kill. *smile

      • I will definitely take a good look next time! I’m flying to Copenhagen mid next year to visit my relatives in Malmo. Seems like such a long time away 😦 I’ve delayed the visit as I need to save more money for the trip. Sigh. I wish I could win lotto!! xx

      • I hope there will be a chance for us to met up next time you come to Sweden, I only 20 min away from Malmö with train. I wish I could win lotto too – then I would travel and travel and travel.Time I have enough of .. but money – know the feeling .

      • I would love that. I will keep you posted on plans. We might even visit Landskrona with a bit of luck! I’m aiming for June or July 2014. Sounds so far away but I hope it’ll come around quickly xx

      • Of course you are so welcome to Landskrona … especially in the summer – it’s a lush place to visit. Time fly away with us .. very soon 2014 will be here.

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