sunday evening glory

meadock viewLast  weekend, a week ago, I spent with mum in Simrishamn and we had the most beautiful weekend – but still a little chilly in the wind, but the spring is here now and it advance more and more for every day.

On Saturday when I went shopping for mum, I left the camera at home … because I just didn’t feel for making a detour. But on Sunday evening around 6pm I put the camera in my pocket and decided to walk down to the ocean and see what I could catch on the way. It was a very bright evening and not a cloud on the sky.

Frist I walked through the garden lot area – and every garden lot was so well groomed – so it seems like every owner had been spending the weekend being very busy.

We can see the ocean from my mum’s living room, so if I walked down it would have only taken about 5 min. max – but I walked of route and over the meadows.

No cows in the fields yet and even if there is cows are we aloud to walk through, because its nature reserved areas. The fields had carpets of wood anemones – nearly already overbloomed – when they bloom is it spring for me. When I went to school, did I bike a long detour after school more or less every day –  every spring to check on the wood anemones … and when bloomed I was truly filled with joy. That is one of my strongest memories from my childhood beside my relationship with the moon. I’m so captivated by this little white flower.

I saw the first blossoms for this year, only a few – the rest was still buds – don’t have a clue what blossoms it’s – just a massive tree in the middle of the meadow. I guess it’s an apple tree.

Even if it was such beautiful evening I didn’t meet many people, had a chat with a lady and her little mad dog, but he wasn’t still … long enough for a good shot.

My walk took about 1,5 hour and the sun was still up when I was returned to mum’s.

Poor mum had problems again with her eyes, so on Monday was it time for another hospital visit. Never ending story .. for her, only 14 days since we were there last time.

38 thoughts on “sunday evening glory

  1. I hope you Mum’s eyes are better, I’m sorry to hear of her troubles again with them.

    Your country, seen through your eyes, is so beautiful. It just makes me want to be there on that walk. Smelling the fresh ocean air. Seeing the gardens and houses, and that tree!!! I took some tree pictures today as well. Love them.

    • Good, that you got the camera out. Will we get to see them???
      Yes, it truly was a gloriest evening, my camera liked nearly everything. *smile
      My mum has had constant infection in her eyes since before Christmas and the treatment makes her blind, poor soul. Not fun at all – and she are really suffering from not be able to see properly, the doctors don’t really know how to handle her situation. Only medicine that helps too.

      • I only had a good shot of one or two trees. I haven’t figured out how I want to use them yet. 😉

        Your poor mum. I know “wishes” don’t do any good, but I wish for her to feel better and the doctors to get that healed for her. The wish it’s self may not work, but I am feeling bad for her and my thoughts are for her wellness.

  2. This is such a beautiful post Viveka. Glad that you got to spend some quality time with your mother, and as always, the pictures are so glorious… I love seeing the world through your eyes. Sorry to hear that your mother has eye problems. Is it macular degeneration? I see lots of patients who need the injections every two weeks. Horrible, but it delays the progression of the disease. Sending you love. Happy mother’s day for yesterday xx

    • Thank you so much … for your kind concern about my mum first of all. She are having an infection that doesn’t goes away. She 91 years old – and the only treatment that seem to help make her blind for hours.
      She has only sight on one eye as it’s.
      Terrible for her .. gone on for 6 months now.
      She are feeling a bit better now. Will visit her over the coming weekend again.
      Thank you so much for … your support to me and my camera.

  3. Once again, very lovely pictures, dear Viveka. This is how I remember Sweden (Gothenburg last time) – the colorful houses, also remind me a bit of Pippi Longstocking ;-D my alltime favorite 😀 ! Happy Monday! xo 🙂

    • Thanks a million, Dia …. yes, more Swedish than this is hard to get *smile
      Have a pleasant week … our started with blue sky and sunshine, a fantastic start.

  4. What a lovely walk you had, Viveka. Spring has really arrived in your part of the world, and the blossoms are lovely. Thanks for the tour of your dear mom’s neighbourhood. I’m sorry her eyes are so troublesome. I hope the doctors can help her. Hugs from me. 🙂

    • Mum truly lives at a beautiful spot … close to the ocean and plenty wind of course because of that, but that evening is just perfect for a long stroll over the meadocks down to ocean.
      Yes, mum had big trubles with her eyes for half a year now and it only comes back … time after time this infection. They doctors don’t really know how to treat it, because the only treatment they can give her makes her blind for hours. I suffer with her. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts about her.

  5. What a wonderful walk. I love the wood anemones. I never got a chance to plant those in my garden but they are beautiful. And to be able to walk on a sea of them is truly a blessing! Take care of Mom and yourself Viveka!

    • Thanks Bebs, for your kind words … Yes, I just adore that little white flower … and then it blooms I know the winter is truly over.

  6. Beautiful photos Viveka, I especially love the white carpet of wood anemones.

    I do hope your the last treatment for your Mum’s eye finally does the trick.

    best wishes, Carl

    • Thank you, Carl … yes, wood anemones is so beautiful .. it’s a bit like your blue bells .. when the forests have blue carpets, so stunningly beautiful.

      I hope so too – going over to visit next weekend and we are going to back to the doctor on 20th. Feel so sorry for her. TV is the only fun she has .. and she can’t even watch that.
      Thanks for your kind support.

    • It goes back to the beginning of 1800 … that people in bigger towns should have a chance to grow their own vegetables, fruit and flowers … it’s a posh garden shed. You are allowed sleep over, but not permanent and you are allowed to have cooking facilities. Extremely popular – because the ground is so important the sheds can only be very small. Very cute. In Landskrona we have the oldest and the most pretties in the country.

  7. My goodness……. Such a beautiful neighborhood. Your mother is blessed with a great daughter…who also has a stellar eye for photographs. Wonderful writing and pictorial, Viveka.

    • Thank you so much … for your kind words *smile – with my mums bad sight is are not able to see what my camera and I catch, but she knows I never leave home without the little camera.

    • Thanks, Danny … mum is a lot better now and I hope that she will stay so. Nearly 6 months of eye infections. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

      • Viveka no thanks please cause I am unable to visit all the followers daily I look through the reader and whatever post are there i click on that whenever I get a chance i visit on or tow blogs completely and thoroughly so dont say thanks you visit my blog everyday and me sometimes so I am extremely sorry for that

        I have some 1800 blog followers so it is impossible to visit every one so let me pay my debt to you dear sister yes you are an elder sister to me from now on

        Thank you so much for you tremendous support and encouragement

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