one piece of cake every day – skopje (2nd piece)

Christmas Eve!!! And I didn’t have any plans whatsoever, it felt so GOOD. Complete FREEDOM … except the haircut at noon I booked over FB.

Breakfast is for me the most important meal of the day and I had no plans whatsoever to make it myself. So what do they have for breakfast in North Macedonia???  

Boulevard Makedonij is full of cafes and restaurants, but cafes only have cakes … and restaurants start serving international breakfasts around 10-11am. It’s a bit too late for me.

But only a few steps from my entrance I found an eatery by the name ” KOFFEIN” – a very popular place, they have anything from toasted sandwiches, wraps, hamburgers and pancakes on the menu – but because I was so early 9.30am they could only serve me toasted sandwiches or pancakes.  The nice young man that was there most mornings … offered me freshly orange/lime/lemon juice, the first morning.  

For the first time in my life did I had French fries for breakfast, but I had it 6 times more, no problem … not even with the mayonnaise that comes with them. 

So “KOFFEIN” became my breakfast hang-out every morning. I eat through the toasted sandwiches menu, totally forgotten about the pancakes that were very popular. Their coffee is from Portugal … EXCELLENT!!

Every morning around 10.30 two very nice gentlemen met up over a cup of coffee at a table next to mine, the same table every morning. Both of them were friends since they study to become architects and both ended up in Germany after the - good friends

Because of my big problems with my feet and walking, I had with help of Google, found I hair salon with fantastic feedback, just 5 min from my apartment. I took contact over FB with the owner and he could help me at noon.

I crossed one main road too much… and ended up lost, but with help of the nice and friendly people in Skopje I found it in time,  SENER Hair Vip Studio.

mc - hairdresser couple
The owners, such a lovely couple …. she talked a little bit English, her husband very good and their teenage son even better.

I had many fantastic international haircuts, but I must admit that he gave me one of the best.


His wife does all the beauty treatment. He had got his hair product range launched with the German drugstore chain, DM in their stores in Macedonia, which is a huge thing.   

Had a fantastic time with the family at their salon, it was like we had been friends for a long time. Will go back this Christmas too.

The afternoon I spent at DM store at the City Trade Center mall, just behind my apartment … it’s a small and open shopping mall. Did some research regarding my incontinence (aftermath after my cancer treatment) and what pads were available for me to buy in Macedonia.

It’s really a huge problem for me when I travel. Because if there wasn’t any suitable I had to bring an extra bag for my TENA pads, but DM have one that is suitable for me.

I did some grocery shopping and before returning to the apartment, I enjoyed my first cake out of six at The Bistro, which became my favourite of them all.

The evening I had a great Christmas dinner at Bistro London, a top-class fillet steak, that cost me €18.

Where I also met two lovely Russian young ladies.

One of them had worked for the Swedish hotel chain, Skandic Hotels in Moscow and she had been visiting Stockholm on the behalf of the hotel. The other was a famous author and influencer, one of her books is about 7 years of travelling.

All establishments asked if I had Vaccine Pass .. but I never had to show it and a bottle of hand sanitiser on at every table. – everywhere!!!! Of course, face masks when entering and moving around inside.

 I got a very nice Christmas Eve in Skopje … just the perfect amount of everything and no  Christmas songs, hallelujah!!! But I must admit I missed this one!!!!!! LOoOoooOove it!

“Fear not, get your shot.”
Abhijit Naskar

11 thoughts on “one piece of cake every day – skopje (2nd piece)

  1. That’s a substantial breakfast, Vivi! I can just imagine you chatting to everyone and getting their stories. Now, what kind of cake is that? I don’t eat steak but it does look good. Roast chestnuts- yes please! Glad you had a lovely day.

    • Jo, don’t know what the cake is … just load of cream inside with a hit of orange. Just lovely!!!!
      I’m not a steak person … but once in a while. To be honest I have never eaten roasted chestnuts. Next time!!! The weather was so lovely too and that helps. *smile

  2. vivi – You have made me smile and clap this Sunday morning – wonderful that the inevitable personal shortcomings many of us live with have not stopped you on your ‘magical discovery tour’ of the world !!! Am smiling at the two also smiling gentlemen next to your breakfast table . . . you must have truly charmed them . . . lovely all !

      • My third??? Haven’t posted it yet .. you have to wait a couple of days. I think I posted it by mistake and withdraw it. That can be the reason. Couldn’t get my head around how to schedule.

    • Eha, I’m very curious about people’s stories … and it had to be a story behind at two gentlemen met up every morning to enjoy a cup of coffee together and read the newspaper together … on Saturday one of them brings his wife, that is German. There is always a story to be told. *smkle

  3. You had a great time – and you always see to it that you have! Loved your food photography as always – a total pro. And meeting people and communicating really is your thing. The whole post made me smile – this is YOU!

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