About Viveka

… all isn’t about me – but a lot is. Was born in Reslöv, Southern Sweden 11.09-48. My mother gave me some fantastic names: Thea Maria VIVEKA.

Stayed in Southern Sweden until my school finished in 1963 and then I moved to Gothenburg .. where I lived most of my adult life .. except for the 23 years in total  I lived aboard; Denmark, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland (1988 – 2009).

Moved back to Sweden in April-09 and now living in Landkrona, a beautiful town on the west coast of Southern Sweden, so back to my roots.

In July 2010… I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and with that came a journey that was very rough and tough – but also it gave me a new view on life and I met some fantastic people during that journey. My body and my soul will never be the same … for better and for worst.

Never been married …. nobody has proven to me that marriage really works. Have 2 fantastic 8 years-long relationships – to fall back on – with two very different wonderful men and before .. in between and after I had some wonderful and less wonderful romances, wouldn’t like to be without any of them .. for they have made me to the woman I’m today.

Children ????!!! – never had time. Or maybe I never met Mr Right. Also, we have to make choices in life – can’t have everything. A choice I made very early in life and to be honest I think my own childhood had a lot to do with it.

Today I’m without a partner and it’s really okay.

My passion in life has been travel … I should really say food – because I have worked with food since 1972 as a chef – of course, I have a passion for food … but more in a relaxed way. When I left the working life behind in March-09 I had some fantastic 10 years as an Executive Chef in Belfast.

My guilty pleasure is.. many really; travel, food .. shoes, shows, ice cream,  photographing … MUSIC  …. handbags, cities, flowers, movies ….  chocolate and life during 43 adult years and years that I have ahead of me because I have plans to be around for many years yet.

Today am I quite a happy retired woman, with some side effects from my cancer treatment that can play up and make days a bit tougher – but in overall I’m happy and today I never leave home without my little camera.

Through the years I have often been flying both with and without wings – will still do for years to come.

Welcome to my world.


“Some find it sharing every morning
Some in their solitary lives
You’ll find it in the words of others
A simple line can make you laugh or cry”

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  1. Vilket fantastiskt liv Viveka. Och under en kort tid fick vi dela det med dig o T. Min Håkan lyckades övertyga mig om att tvåsamheten kan vara underbar. Så härligt att ha fått kontakt med dig igen.

    • Lotta, ja … tror verkligen att ni två har fått det rätt och att ni har skapat något som verkligen fungerar. Dock när en annan befann sig i “giftasåldern” delade alltför många på sig. Tycker också att det är härligt att vi har fått kontakt igen .. och ni skall veta att ni är hjärtligt välkomna till mig och min vackra stad.
      Maja, påstår att ni inte har förändrats någonting – vilket jag mycket väl kan tänka mig.

    • Good Morning, Malou … thanks for your nice words and for your support for my blog. Still just playing around.Good things in life are seldom free – but so fare is it free to write about it. Have a great week.

  2. I was guided to your blog by creative noshing and had to take a look. I love your blog. I look forward to reading more. I come from Swedish ancestry and still have relatives there. Someday I hope to visit and meet my relatives there.

  3. Maralee, welcome to my world – yes, I have a fantastic support over in “creative noshing” – Of course you should visit Sweden, have visit your blog and you have been all over the world and not in Sweden. You better do something about that soon.
    Thanks for supporting me. Viveka

  4. Hi Viveka… I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award. You put so much time and energy into your posts and comments. Thanks for being such a great blogging buddy! As I scroll down to the end, I realize you’ve just been nominated for a 7×7 award… guess what? You just got one more. I have passed on the 7×7 to you, too. Thanks for being the first to give me the support and encouragement. wendy

    • Wov … thanks a million! You’re keeping me busy – it’s great to be your blogging buddy – you and the other buddies are my inspiration – very honored.

  5. Hello, Viveka sounded so Indian that I decided to find out more about you. Lo and behold you are so so far away from where I thought your roots were. Its gteat to know about you and your fascinating journey in life, and hey thanks for the recipes…they sound as full as your life. Have a great day.

    • Thank you so much .. for you kind words – about my blog and what I’m doing with it. No, I have my roots in Sweden, even if my father is polish. Welcome back !!!!

  6. Loved reading this.. you truly are remarkable & a very strong lady.. I know what it is to walk the road of healing .. and agree.. the body and soul is never the same..

    all my love,


    • Thank you Elena, it was a rough and tough journey – but I’m on the other side and I try to live with my side effects
      – my body and soul will never be the same .. but I’m alive so fare and has planes to be for a while yet. *smile

  7. Hello there, Viveka
    It is always interesting to read a blogger’s about page. That way, I am learning more about other people. Also, it is interesting to blog hop, because I get to see the other parts of the world through the blogger that shares it. So, thank you, for sharing with me and your readers many things about the place you live in. I live across continents, by the way 🙂

  8. Viveka, hi. Thank you so much for dropping in & reading my ‘About’ – you made me curious about YOU! 🙂 But who couldn’t be curious about you with that very sensual gravatar. That is such an excellent picture. When it’s just a thumbnail, you HAVE to enlarge it to see what it really is, because your mind just thinks ‘I recognise that… but it can’t be! …. ” & so you enlarge the pic & realise a beautiful pair of lips & petal. Just as luscious too! 🙂

    Well, you thought my ‘About’ was interesting – have a look at you!! I have only been to the Philippines, and that was when I was 13 & had a Filipino stepmother. I would LOVE to see Ireland, and as for Sweden, I have always wanted to go there SPECIFICALLY to have a sauna, roll around in the snow, go back in the sauna & so on! I go to my local sauna every weekend without fail. Absolutely love it.

    With children, I NEVER desired to have a child, as I was afraid, really afraid I would spoil them somehow (not spoil as in abundance, but ruin). I had a wretched childhood so like you, I’d say my childhood had a lot to do with it. But I was be gifted with my son, and my son literally taught me love, and he is honestly the only person in this world I love. I do respect myself, my personal achievements & endurance, but I’m not sure about going so far as to love me…

    I married at 19, left the man at 26. Have never married again. I would like a partner in old age though, but do you know, if I had a HOUSE (oh, dreaming…) & cats, I honestly would be content!! I have always been quite a loner, and alternatively very gregarious (drunk), and then back into my shell & out with my books & pens.

    It’s lovely to have met you Viveka (I agree your name is vibrant, beautiful). Sincerely,

    • Noeleen … thanks for dropping by and for that you introduced yourself – a truly pleasure for me. There is a story about the picture I use for my gravatar – will make a post about – have taken it myself with help of my bathroom mirror, many year ago. Hope I will see you again soon.
      Lots of Wivi

      • You took the picture? FANTASTIC! You have to make a post on it – definitely.

      • funny, you should say that … it’s a massive post at a lawyer office in Boston, the man I did the photo for. Will do a post about this week.

      • Viveka, It is originally from Sanskrit our ancient language, the gods language as we all call it. And it means tolerance or sense, a very balanced person. Old German people did study Sanskrit a lot. So may might have gone there, German poet, philosopher Gatte was big student of Sanskrit as I know it. But still a lovely name.

      • Thank you so much … I thought it was from Denmark – because they have Vibeke. Vivekananda lovely name .. do you know what it means ????

      • One of the meanings of Vivek is knowledge/wisdom & another is correct judgment between right and wrong Ananda means joy/happiness. Swami Vivekananda was a spiritual & philosophical teacher from India. Here is a fascinating fact I read about him –

        “He first shot to stardom at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. He called for tolerance and the end of religious fanaticism – by a strange coincidence the date was 11 September (or 9/11), 1893.”


      • Thanks for the link … I know that Viveka is a male name too – in Spain … I’m born on the 11 of September .. how strange. I will read into your bbc link – thanks for coming back to me.

    • Stephen .. thank you so much – words like that .. goes straight into the software *smile Pleasure to have you in “world” – hurry back !

  9. You’re a strong and powerful woman. Who says women can’t survive without men?? hahaha I admire your talents and your pure heart! Keep it up viveka and more blessing to you! 🙂

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    • Don’t have a clue what this is about *smile .. you have to explain ! *smile – read some of it and very flattering, but still I don’t understand.

    • Hi there, nice to meet you too – never been to Bulgaria – but been to Greece, at least Athens … I hope you will come back again.

      • sure, I like your blog, I am following now. I like your style and especially your “Children ????!!! – never had time” sentence and your whole idea of “We can’t have it all” 🙂 Also! I love your pictures from the Travel section.

      • Children, have never been my thing – like children very much – but not fancy any of my own. I don’t have any patient so neither and with kids you need plenty of it. Thank you so much, still using google for my posts – because I have thrown all my negatives away .. couldn’t be bothered anymore, never looked at them anymore. There will be my photos coming in my post about Berlin.

      • True … Lived nearly 22 years in English spoken countries – and I have really more friends abroad then I have here in Sweden – that’s why I chosen to write in English. Thank you so much for supporting my world here …. *smile

    • Du kommer på det eftersom du skriver – valet av tema för utseende valde jag FOREVER – som är gjord för bröllop. Tack så mycket för dina vänliga ord, det betyder mycket för mig .. när någon uppskattar ens arbete. Det är bra att fråga om du behöver hjälp.

  11. je t’aime
    te amo
    i love you
    watashi wa anata aishtemasu
    ich liebe dich
    iniibig kita
    wo ai ni
    sorry wivi,
    I can’t come up with that much language
    to let you know how much i love you!
    I thank you for our friendship
    take care always
    and more power!

    • Yes, it’s really a journey we could have been without. Wonderful to connect with somebody that has made it – have lost too many sisters in the 2 years that’s gone.
      4 out of 7, including me. So happy for you. You can read more about my journey under my tag – demons.

      • Definitely glad to connect with you and so, sorry to hear about all your losses! I havent really shared my story other than with close friends and family but I admire you for doing so. I think I think you inspire me share mine as well 🙂
        I will read about your journey!

      • It helps to write about it. I didn’t have my blog when I did my journey – used FB and I wouldn’t surrived if I hadn’t had the support from friends all over the world. I don’t want to write too much about it now – but sometimes I have the need to talk about it – then I write. I promise it will help .. to get it of the chest. Good luck. But do it in small doses – otherwise readers can get depressed.

    • Hi there, Mark … sorry about this – your replay had ended up with the spams – thank you for visiting me and supporting my world here.
      Welcome back

  12. I have just begun to follow your blog… I hope you will want to follow mine at happycolorsandgrannygee.blogspot.com I read on your blog, I felt a bond with
    you… because of my friend, Lena, who died. She lived in Sweden and we wrote
    for twelve years, we never got to meet in person. We were like family, we
    communicated often during each day by computer, wrote to each other and
    mailed packages from time to time, and photos. For some reason… I felt comfort
    reading on your blog… you are so open, honest. I love that. I am glad to discover
    your blog, I really am. Granny Gee/Gloria

    • Gloria, thanks for stopping by … wonderful to meet you.
      Have missed this replay yesterday, sorry about this. I will come across and visit you straight away.
      Sorry, to hear about Lena – it’s not a gentle illness … but it’s fair – because we can all get and more of us does. Has nothing to do with age, sex, welfare or money. But that’s is not much of a consolation
      A pity that you never got a chance to meet. Yes, this with contact over internet is like when I was young and had pen pals. See you soon. Wivi.

  13. “Never been married …. nobody has proven to me that marriage really works” – I had a conversation with myself earlier about marriage… though I wanted to have witty kids in the future, I am somewhat afraid of the “marriage part”.

    • Joycelyn, I’m a bit cynical maybe .. but none of my friends are married today with the same person they married first with. I think there is so many acpects why marriage don’t work todayg or maybe they never worked, only that before people sticked together because the it was a choice they made. Thanks for stopping at my world. Don’t have to be married to kids today and we can live in sin and be happy too. *smile

      • I have to agree that there are so many things that affect marriage today, I have seen a lot which makes me sad.

        Love your world Viveka, and your name is really striking, like it so much. Will visit often. *hugs*

      • Joycelyn, thank you so much for your kind words and for your support. You’re welcome to visit my world whenever you have time! Yes, I have a beautiful name .. thanks to my mum. *smile
        Your name is pretty too … don’t know anyone with that name .. welcome, Joycelyn.

  14. Dear Viveca,
    what a lovely introduction! You have and still are leading an amazing life. I believe that once one has been through a serious crisis the outlook on life changes completely and one knows exactly how much one can really take and deal with….after that so many things one would get all worked up about, seem like “peanuts”.
    Your blog is very interesting and I have just signed up for it 🙂
    Keep your spirits up, ha det bra* and greetings to beautiful Sweden from lovely Vienna! 🙂

    *that’s all I remember from my time working for Volvo 🙂

  15. Well you don’t know how happy I am that you commented on my blog today… I’ve enjoyed every one of the posts I’ve looked at… but your music choices say I have to follow you to get more of it… Sorry to hear about the cancer.. my wife has been through three different cancers (colon, breast and ovarian) plus a very rare disease called Onco cytoma where the removed 90 odd Lymph nodes from her face… they had to carefully move her facial nerve system to get to these node and then replace it all… took 6 months before she could smile or blink… it was terrible telling her a joke.. you heard the laugh but no smile… I thought my jokes were failing… shes been fighting for 19 years and will probably still out live me…
    I enjoyed your about and will now be watching what you get up to… so look carefully over your shoulder, that big guy might just be me…

    • Thanks for your support – I will be just behind you too. Sorry, to read about your wife. She are a true fighter – i don’t know if I would fight that hard – the treatments nearly made me give up. I’m okay and I’m happy for that, but I got after treatment problems that I haven’t accepted to 100% yet.

      Lovely to have you around, big guy! *smile

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  17. Viveka…over at SwittersB, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Your writings, your life, yourself is very inspiring and beautiful. If time or inclinations allow complete the process. If not that is alright. Just know that your efforts inspire others.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words – this morning is time for a new check up … it’s now 3 years in July and so fare so good. Can’t go and worry about it. But when we have been dancing with the demon once – we don’t what to be asked for an other dance.

  18. Hey Viveka,

    It’s Justin of MomentMatters.com. I’m excited to inform you that Moment Matters is re-launching with new features and design!

    Along with it, I’m compiling a free e-book about the Greatest Articles and I’m featuring excellent comments. Your thought in “Made in China” is a standout! I’m asking permission if I could include your words in the book?

    All the best,
    Justin G. Bautista

    • Hi there, Justin … long time no see – great to hear from you.
      Justine, I can’t remember my thoughts about that article – if you can send me the link … so I can recall, but I haven’t written anything I don’t stand for. Just for fun I would love to read it again.

      • Yeah I know, it’s been a while! Although, I still write almost everyday so once the new website is complete, I’ll have a lot to publish. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on them!

        Thank you for your permission too.

      • Haven’t got anything from you for ages .. have to check my following list. Looking forward to see what you have come up with.Good Luck!

      • Viveka,

        The free e-book “Greatest Articles | Moment Matters”, featuring your comment, is out now! You may download it in Nook, Kobo, ePUB or PDF format here.


  19. Reading your “About” makes me want to get up and go live the life, I am glad I got to read your “About” and I thank you for sharing it and let me be, some how, part of the audience here in your blog… .]

    • Thank you so much! I hope that I somehow can show that life is so much, that life is what we make it to ourselves … and that we don’t have stay in the “feelsorryformyself” state forever. It’s a pleasure to have you here … *smile

  20. Aargh! As Lucy would scream on Charlie Brown’s Peanuts! I’m trying to follow your post about your birthday trip to NYC but my Reader won’t let me. I’m just 2 months behind you and uncertain where I’ll be on my 65th. I’ll have to try again later.

  21. Hello! I tried to comment on your post about your trip to NY, and the post is gone now. Is your trip still on?? I think it sounds fantastic!!
    My niece’s birthday is also 9/11. Although she is a little younger than either of us, a baby who will turn 22 this year.
    I’m so happy that you will get this wonderful trip for your birthday!

    • So sorry, I posted it a bit too early – not ready … but it will be posted today. My trip is still on.
      How nice to read that I share that date with somebody – I have really problems to celebrate birthday as it’s now. I celebrate the day before or the day after. I think it’s the build up before the 11 sept. in press and media that spoil it for me. *smile

  22. Without a doubt the most engrossing ‘about’ statement I have found in my short spell using WordPress.

    I will get round to having a proper read through some of your previous posts and looking forward to your updates. I’m following and looking forward to hopefully having a chat some day.

    Take care


    • Steven, thank you so much … engrossing is a big word .. have to look it up – never heard it before .. but I learned something new today too. *smile
      It will be a pleasure having you around .. and I hope you will feel at home in my world here.
      I will visit you too.
      Once again – thanks for your kind comment.

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  24. Shalom, wishing you many more beautiful and inspiring years to come.

    I placed you on the Links to Bloggers For Peace and do hope you shall be able to spread many words about a better way of life, full of peace and comprehension for others.

    • Thank you so much … I have blogged for the peace … a couple of times, maybe I haven’t flagged it properly, but that doesn’t matter.
      We have to start making peace on our own backyard first of all. *smile

  25. Lovely blog. I stopped by noticing your name since it means wisdom in an Indian language. As I read through your blog I realise how true to your name your blog is….

    • Thank you so much. Yes, somebody else told me that the other day … it comes from Germany, but I know that it’s also a male name in some parts of the world. In German it stands for woman.
      Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment. Welcome back!

  26. Hope you have a great day today visiting ‘him’ . Looking forward to your pictures and blog after you been

    • We are going today … because it wasn’t safe enough -Stena Metal had contacted the newspaper – next Thursday now instead. I wonder what will be left inside of HIM!???
      Of course there will be a post.

    • Thank you so much, Carol …. and congratulations to yourself – I will pass it on … but I’m not very good on it, but I it will happen.
      It’s an award that I haven’t received so far .. I think.
      Thanks for supporting me and for thinking of me. *smile
      Welcome back.

  27. Hi Viveka! Just checking you’re ok as you haven’t posted for a day or two. With the troubles in Stockholm I was thinking about you, but you’ve commented above so I’m a little reassured. Take care honeybun. 🙂

    • Jo, I’m fine – Thank you so much for your concern – really mean a lot to me. Only that I have decided to only post if I have time to read and replay on the bloggers I have follow – and so my posting we be cut down to only a couple of days a week. Had 130 emails the other day of new posts – and I didn’t have time to visit and it’s just building up and building up. You know how it’s.
      I’m so touched by that you are concerned about me and my welfare. You truly touched my heart here. I will be posting tomorrow again.

      • I know exactly how it is. My Inbox is still full since the Algarve trip. I try to do some every day but, well, self discipline and me… Glad to know you’re ok. 🙂

  28. You are wonderful:) Yes, we can’t have everything in life or we can try and start doing lots of things but none of them completely. I myself am at the stage at trying to think what is really important to me so that when I am in the situation of making a choice, to make sure I choose something I want to do not something I feel like I have to do. Glad to meet you! 🙂

    • Lavinia .. thank you so much for supporting me and for your kind words.
      We make our choices … and if they are maybe not all the greatest we have to fix it the best we can .. but the main thing is that we make choices. We all mistakes and many times. Sometimes I think the best thing is just to throw us at some of the opportunities that comes our way and see where they take us. Instead of trying to figure out what we want and what we need.
      Life will lead us …

  29. Hi Viveka,
    Would you be willing to participate in something we are doing for Susie Lindau on Friday morning? I am contacting as many of her followers as possible. My thought is that we all post on our own blogs on Friday with the same title, “Susie Strong”. The content would say something simple like, We are thinking of you. I haven’t known Susie for long but this blogging world is such a family. I thought it would be nice for her to see this message from as many of us as possible. Her husband is going to be updating us after her surgery. He can tell her or she can see it once she is up to it. Are you in? Thanks, Maria

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  33. Love your story. Thanks for sharing your world, and life to us. It’s nice to meet you (even though it’s virtual). It seems like we share a lot of things: travel, music, shoes, photography…lol. Take care!

  34. I liked the Stena Voyager article. Voyager is my favourite ship of all time! Sad about the recycling :/ Who would have thought you’d be reunited with Voyager in Landskrona! 🙂 Nice blog and photos!

    • Thank you so much, Shane – the two of the best – finish their days in Landskrona … *smile – thanks,for you kind words about my post. It’s easy to write about things that means a lot to us. Welcome back anytime. *smile

  35. as soon as I came to see your blog randomly, i just fell in love! i love the post you put and your pictures! and also background music 🙂 I enjoyed alot! thank you!!

  36. Hi Viveka,

    Your blog is awesome! I enjoyed reading and being inspired by your About page as much as I had pleasure browsing through your posts.

    Please continue travelling and sharing your beautiful story. Oh and yes, there was no hesitation, whatsoever, in clicking the ‘Follow’ button.


    • Jean, thank you so much – I will visit your world too … and thanks for the nice and kind words about my world here.
      You’re so welcome to visit when ever you feel for it.

      Have a great day.

  37. Viveka, you and I are about the same age, YAY!!!! And I read that you are so enjoying your 40s, I am too!! I love reading about you, you give us important facts and still leave an open invitation to keep knowing you… Can’t wait to read more 🙂 so glad you stopped by my blog, which brought me to yours! Read you soon, Alexandra

    • Alexandra, I wish I was 40 … I will be come 65 on 11/9 – but I would love to be 40 again, just love everything about that period of my life. I saw when I visit you that you had passed 40. The best years for us, ladies.
      Looking forward to … visit you and get visited by you.
      See you around.

  38. Viveka,
    The older i get the more I learn that Life is not about reaching destinations and goals but about the journey, the best bits are the slow roads that are times when you think that maybe you are not “doing” enough, but later you realise that you’ve grown as a person, appreciated others and things like health more and had your eyes opened to wider horizons.
    The motorway of life is fine for short stretches but the real scenery (of character, learning about others and yourself, beautiful experiences and finding happiness) is best seen on the slow roads that although often with rougher terrain, have some amazing rewards.

    • Thank you so much …. for your comment – so true in what you are saying … we all talk about that we should live everyday as it was our last, wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to do that – but the truth totally different. We have to look at life as it comes to us .. accept it with its downs and up – and live with it and do the best of it.
      I had never had any thoughts about that I could be dying from my cancer – I’m still scared, but only for the treatment, that made me want to die at times.
      I like slow roads … my day don’t have to be full of action. Somebody has said – that doing nothing is also to do something.

    • Thank you so much …. I’m sure there is loads of people born on that day, but this is the first time .. I have “met” someone.
      Thank you so much for visiting, your kind words and commenting. Welcome back!

  39. Hi Viveka
    I’ve been following you for awhile and had never checked out your ‘about’ page. I was surprised to find out that you were born in ’48; your writing is so uplifting and your approach to life so youthful. Thank you for posting such wonderful and personal stories and for regularly visiting my blog. Best wishes from Ireland (where I’m currently holidaying) and Canada.

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by and … contacting me – lovely. I have lived both in Canada and on Ireland, fantastic countries both and I would move to Canada tomorrow if I could.
      Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words … 1948 was a great year for ladies. Hope to see you soon again, and delight yourself on Ireland, very easy to do there.

  40. Hello! I’ve nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ …I think you have more than earned it! To accept it, all you need to do is visit this post on my blog http://wp.me/p3EeAS-cd and follow the rules, which are easy enough. If you’re not into awards, that’s fine too! Congrats!

  41. Wow, it sounds like we have a lot in common. I too went through cervical cancer as well as some other ugly things. I also chose to have no children, mostly I’m sure because of my own childhood. The world is very small 🙂 I write about these things in my upcoming book, a memoir, to be out for publication later this fall.

    • Debby, thanks for stopping by and for taking contact. Yes, the world is very small at times … A book, how fantastic – I admire you … I love writing, but writing a book is something on a total different level. I hope that we can keep the contact going now.

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    • Frank, what a fantastic way to say thank you.
      Sorry to be a pain, I know that you have sent me the name of the icecream, but I can’t find your replay. So may I have it again, this time with I write it down straight away. Only 16 days left to NYC.

  43. Should have read this long ago! In April I “discovered” you and jumped into one thing after another on your blog. So unorganized! Now I wish you “bon voyage”, “happy landings”, and Welcome! May it be a wonderful trip, and may your health continue to improve.

  44. Viveka,I have just read a few of you’re blogs and they are wonderful.You are full of adventure and you don’t let hardships get you down and that tells me that you are a remarkable lady. I am so glad that you found my blog .

  45. also…I love your slideshow of photos. is that a particular widget? I would love to add one of those to my blog. oh and hubby’s family comes from Sweden, a couple of generations ago but there are still relatives there that we’ve met. Astrid and her daughter Maria who come from Goteberg I believe.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments – for the slideshow you use the “gallery” widget.
      I lived in Gothenburg my whole life expect the 23 years I lived abroad.Great city – there was so many Swedes that left the country in the late 1890 and beginning of 1900ö
      Nice meeting you.

      • that’s about when hubby’s grandfather left and some relatives were already here. thanks for the widget info, can’t wait to get mine together 🙂

  46. Greetings to you from Brisbane, Australia.
    Sounds like life has been just as you wanted. I came across your blog just now through the WP photo a week. I’m following you now. 🙂

    • Hi there, Kim .. thanks for join my world.
      Yes, I had a brillian life – but the cancer journey I could had been without – but so far so good.
      I wish you a pleasant weekend. Going to visit your world now. *smile

      • Yes, the cancer was certainly not needed. But you’re a survivor, and that’s fantastic! I love your photos, and your writing. I have always wanted to visit Sweden, but it is a long way from Australia — maybe I will visit it through your blog until such time as I get there physically. 🙂
        Enjoy your weekend as well.

  47. Hi Viveka – so nice to “meet” you here – I enjoyed reading your lifestory (well, as much as it can possibly be condensed into one page….I suspect there is a lot more that couldn’t make it in). I, too, have travelled a lot, and enjoy the interplay of cultures. I suspect I have absorbed quite a bit from the various places I visited and lived but the German in me will always be there…:-) Glad you were able to come home again.

    • Somebody has said that travelling is the best school – and it’s so true. Germany is a wonderful country, was engaged to a German man for 8 years and he showed me the best of his country.
      Nice meeting you.

    • Mycket trevligt att träffa Dig, Mariane .. ser att du bor i Köpenhamn, bodde där 1968 … och nu bor jag bara 50 min där ifrån. I Landskrona. Förhoppningsvis skall jag besöka Ishöj nästa vecka – ARKEN. Har aldrig varit där tidigare.

  48. How nice to meet a person who lives life with a positive attitude. You do have the virtues of true Viveka thus living up to the name given to you.

    Namaste and best wishes for a lovely Christmas 🙂

  49. What a fascinating life you lead, Viveka. I share many things in common with you, including your attitude about marriage and children, though I have been married twice and have three children (who I do love!). I’m always torn between the wild and free life and the homebody life. Amazing that you’re a chef. Happy New Year!

    • A Happy New Year to You too. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Yes, I’m a very fortunate – my job has taken me to places I have not even been able to dream about.
      And I had to make a choice … wasn’t able to work like I did .. and raise children and maybe I never met Mr Right or I maybe let him slip away. *smile
      Nice meeting you and hope to see you again.

  50. A direct, poignant summary, Viveka. You write beautifully, and you captured my attention with the picture…it’s by Carl Larsson, isn’t it? Our daughter went to Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS, Little Sweden of America.
    You have an excellent blog.

    • Hi there, Marylin … thanks for dropping in and to give me your time.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes, it’s Carl Larsson .. one of our national painters. I have one of his pieces for each season – expect summer … when I have chosen my favorite Danish painter.
      Welcome back, when ever you feel for it.
      I wish you a pleasant weekend. Lots of Viveka

  51. Good Morning , nice to meet You and Your blog 🙂 Great posts, great ideas , pleasure to be here , i wish You the best,in free time see my little place too, Regards from Poland , EM

    • Good Morning to you too! Thanks for visiting and for commenting – I will visit your world a little later today. *smile
      By the way my father was Polish, but he was gone before I was born. *smile
      Regards from Landskrona.

  52. Love you heart warming introduction Viveka. I see we share passion for a lot of things !
    Music, traveling, food? Wow! Its good that I found you and vice versa. Really nice to meet you. Hope to see more often of you.
    Much Love, Zee 🙂

  53. thank you so much for the like of my ‘street life’, Viveka. I love your ‘about me’–especially the phrase you used …”flying both with and without wings.” Simply beautiful.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by … and for taking the time for commenting. Such a lovely comment too – I think we all more without wings than with .. all our daydreams don’t have wings as such and still they take us wherever we want to go. Welcome back!

  54. This looks like a very nice blog. I love food, though of late (during my current sabbatical from the corporate world), I explore street and local food. I hope you are cured of cancer. “Viveka”, as a given name, is a rare name in India, but some girls are named Viveka

    • Thank you so much for the visit and for your lovely comment. I hope that I’m cured – it’s now 4 years since they found the tumor. I have been told before that Viveka is a male name in India and also in some Spanish spoken countries. What I understand doesn’t come from Germany.

  55. Hello Viveka, you have such a beautiful name, and reading about you has been inspiring. We too have the name Viveka ,in Sanskrit it means the ability to discriminate between real and unreal. Regards, Lakshmi

    • Hi Lakshmi, thanks for your visit and your lovely comment.
      Have been in Istanbul on holiday, that’s why my late replay.
      Viveka is a male name in some countries.
      Hopefully I’m more real than unreal.
      Wish you all well. *smile

    • Thanks, I didn’t know that A-C have recommended me .. and I don’t know if I’m pretty good – but she are. *smile
      Thanks for visiting and for commenting – Welcome back anytime. *smile

  56. Dear Viveka,
    You are a strong woman. I am truly inspired by your positive attitude. I would love to be in touch with you so you can rub off your zest for life and optimism on to me ☺👍

    • Thank you so much for … your lovely comment. I don’t know if I’m very strong – cancer only gives us options, die or get on with it. I have my moments when I’m really feed up with the problems and side effects I got from my cancer treatment, but I can’t let that get in the way .. and life will go on without me.
      I would love having you around ….

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    • Hi there, Franklin … so sorry – I have given you the credit for the image in my post and and said thank you, it was never my attention to steal your image and claim it was mine – will remove it striaght away.

    • Hi there, thank you for the visit and for your comment. You have a very interesting blog – must say …. liked what I landed in. Thanks for your time!! Have a great week.

    • Wow, that was a lot of nice things to take in … have to be careful so it doesn’t go to my head. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

  58. Hej, Jo at restlessjo suggested I pop by and glad I did. I was born in Gothenburg and came to the UK as a young child when my parents moved here and I have lived here ever since although returning at least yearly to Sweden to visit family. We often stayed in Landskrona on our drive up to Bullaren, Tanum. Landskrona is a beautiful town and I love the market there, often with live music. I’ll take a look on your blog now and hope you have a chance to visit mine. Kram, Annika

    • Annika, very nice of Jo …. and very nice of you to drop by and take the time to say hello.
      I was born in Skåne, but lived most of my adult life in Gothenburg … fantastic city.
      I will come over to your world a little later today … nice meeting you, Annika and I hope you do some more stopovers in Landskrona, which is a beautiful town … specially today … our first summer day for this season.

    • Thank you so much …. I’m so bad on passing on awards. But what I understand isn’t a must with this one. Thank you so much, for thinking about me. Very kind of you.

  59. No bragging but honestly – this must be one of the most beautifully written About-page I’ve read around here. Casual and yet deep, and sparking lots of energy and joy around the lines… I wish you joy and happiness along your way ❤

    • ThAaAaAaank you, for your lovely comment … you’re so welcome to my world. It’s a bit all over the place .. but that’s me. Looking forward to your visits.

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  61. I can imagine surviving thru cervical cancer! Your blog name is splendid! You bring such joy. I admire that you are retired. I am 50 and went back to college to get my masters in HR as I have not found work in years. I hate living in limbo which is where I live right now. Bless your heart for sharing yourself with all of us. Your friend, Jackie

    • Jackie, thank you so much for your supporting comment .. means a lot to me.
      50 … you’re still a spring chicken, even if I know that age isn’t only numbers in the real life .. and world. I think there is so many in your situation – that are not able to find work … I’m so glad I have that part behind me. Because I would really suffer in a situation like yours and I understand exactly what you mean with being in limbo.
      Yes, I’m very lucky to be a survivor … and I try to make the best of the day that comes to me .. even if I’m not maybe doing that much … I enjoy it.
      Nice meeting you, Jackie …. Viveka

  62. Beautiful. I now know music is a part of who you are. I love this too. What an amazing outlook you have on life. You are inspiration. Are you still in Belfast? We visited there a few years ago with a distant cousin who did our genealogy. Fun…beautiful city. I will say it again. An inspiration. Kisses .

    • A hearty thank you for your … lovely comment. No I left Belfast in 2009 – but I return every year to see some of the amazing people I left behind, that had such an impact on me and my life.
      I prefer Belfast to Dublin. Fun and very relaxed … and friendly city. Lived outside Dublin for a year and I really love Ireland .. both the Rep and the North. I have always said that Ireland is the place that want to return to before you left. Thanks again for .. your support.

    • Thank you!!! At my age there isn’t that many choices … neither stop and sit in front of the TV or trying to live life to live life to the best of ability, which change with the age. *smile

  63. Hey Viveka,
    just read your and Claudias Post from your day together in Vienna! Nice to meet you. From now on I will follow your Blog from Cologne/Germany!
    Best wishes, Susa (only a few days 60 years old but still „young at heart“)

    • Susa, lovely to meet you and welcome to my world at WordPress. Cologne, one of my favourite cities in Germany. Beautiful city. I’m a few months away to the 70!

  64. I like your About. Many of my sentiments. Also, why is pleasure so guilty? Though it often feels like it is. Shame on us, for enjoying it.

    • John, I wouldn’t say … that all my pleasures carry guilt, but some do… my shoes, handbags and ice cream – eating. *smile But don’t worry … I don’t care. Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comment.

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  66. Discovered your blog from the lens-artist photo challenge # 82 and was immediately interested in the reason for your quote about cancer messing with the wrong diva. You and I share a similar story – I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010. Yes, cancer does change us!

    • Welcome to my world. So glad cancer picked the wrong DIVA with you too. I did my journey in 2010 too, so we have a very similar story. Thank you so much for your visit and for taking the time to comment. Means a lot to me. *smile

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  68. Not sure why I haven’t visited this page before, but here I am today with some of my questions about you answered. 🙂 You’ve had quite a life, haven’t you? As for marriage, it’s not for everyone, but we just celebrated our 36th anniversary (and my parents have many more years), so it can work and be a joy. ❤


    • Janet, I know marriage works … but not one of my friends are still married to their first … or their second. *laughing – Great news that it works for you two. That shows there is still hope for the generation to come. 36 years – that is a great run. *smile
      I had a great life in many ways, have so much to be thankful for. But life starts to slow me down now … but it hasn’t stopped me yet. Thank you so much for visiting me, Janet.

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