one piece of cake every day – skopje (1st piece)

I have diced that I will take up blogging again – my motivation hasn’t been the greatest in the last two years. So here we go again!!!!

I hope that the “new editor” and I will agree – is one of the reasons why I decided to stop blogging. Hate that “new” set-up with the blocks.

One cake every day is all about my Christmas in Skopje, North Macedonian. You that knows me … also know that I do my best to avoid Christmas. But I have been to most countries that don’t celebrate Christmas. Istanbul is my all-time favourite, but with COVID going on… I have put Istanbul on hold until October this year.

So Google so willing told me what countries that don’t celebrate Christmas North Macedonian came up and I more or less made my mind up straight away.

Also, I have made friends with the most wonderful women, Maggie and Gordana, through the team playing in Gurushots, The World’s Greatest Photo Game. Gordana lives in North Macedonia .. in Prilep, about 2.5 hours drive from Skopje. So she invited me to join her and her family for the New Year.

Maggie, our team leader flew in 3 days after me, she lives in Lisbon, wanted to join up with me and then spend time with Gordana too.

So it wasn’t only one piece of cake every day, it was also more or less a new friend every day too.

I rent a lovely apartment (through with the best location in Skopje … only a couple of steps from Macedonia Square on the fabulous  Boulevard Makedonija, Antonina Apartment.

Just opposite my street entrance is there a cafe “Bistro” and the first evening I thought it was a bistro and thought they had warm food, but one of the staff members walk a couple of more steps to the square and there is a restaurant. When I left I told him that I will be back for coffee and cake the next day.

That is what it became … a different pâtisserie every day for 6 days. Best of all, none of them contained any calories. *laughing

Let the story begin ..

“One bite and you’ll overrule all objections.”


27 thoughts on “one piece of cake every day – skopje (1st piece)

    • I know you do …. but writing in words and paste solved 80% of my frustration … the music and photos are still problems for me, but it was easier this time.

  1. Excellent that you have overcome the terror of the block editor – it’s fun, you will see – and started to blog again. What a wonderful non-Christmas you had with new friends. I laughed at your choice of music, my grandma loved Šaban!

    Just have a look what happened to your ‘like’ button, please. Or did you remove it on purpose? Happy blogging! Bloggers are the best!

  2. You know you’ve got me hooked with that title! Not that I like cake, of course, but it’s so good to see you back here. Looking forward to seeing Skopje through your eyes. I never really followed the Photography game- you know I’m not a photographer- but it’s wonderful that you made these connections, Vivi, and thanks so much for my postcard.

    • Hi there, Mrs Badly … glad you got my card. Yes, it has been fun with GURUSHOTS and it has given me some new friends … just like the blogging has done. I think my lack of motivation for blogging has most to do with that I haven’t been out and about. I’m a cake monster. *smile

  3. Lovely to see you back here blogging Viveka. I do enjoy reading about your travels, and hope to see more of them soon

    I have had to postpone going back to Portugal three times, due to the Pandemic. I am hoping to go back in May – one week in Lisbon, and the second week in a place called Belmonte in the Serra de Estrela mountains in Central Portugal. Nearest big town or city would be Covilhã. I have made some good friends there, and I have kept in touch with them, despite not being able to get back.

    The second week, I am really looking forward to, because it is in a different part of Portugal. I’m taking the plunge, and staying in an Airbnb villa, which is in the village, about 2.5 kms from Belmonte/Manteigas railway station. Doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it has fantastic views out the back. The area itself looks beautiful, and I’m looking forward to it.

    • Barry, thank you so much!!!! Talking about rebooking and airline vouchers. I’m returning to Porto at the end of April for a week, I hope it will not be too hot weather. I like the read about that villa .. I’m sure you will get a fantastic time. I have booked my apartment in Port with Airbnb too. Sometimes you can find lovely gems with them. I had a look at the area … look fantastic … will you go by train????

      • Yes, I’ll be taking the train to Belmonte/Manteigas from Lisbon (Lisboa Santa Apalonia), and the journey time is around 4 hours. I can’t book the train tickets until 60 days before departure (so that is around the middle of April), but everything else is booked and paid for. My train journey will largely follow the River Tagus (Rio Tejo). Looking at videos, it looks a beautiful journey, though maybe not as spectacular as the train journey that follows the Douro out of Porto. For me, the Douro train journey is one for the future.

        I had considered other places, like Porto, Coimbra, Braga, Covilhã, Manteigas, Castelo Branco to name a few. When looking through Manteigas, I saw this villa, reasonably priced, fell in love with it, and booked it. This was done without knowing how I was going to get there, noir how far it was from the railway station, or if there were any bus services to Covilhã or Castelo Branco. Luckily for me, it is 2.5 kms from the train station, although I’m told that the walk is all uphill! So, I think I got away with that (maybe) 😆

      • You like me … have everything plan well in advance. I have booked in Braga for one night during my visiti. Only a short train journey from Porto. There is only uphills in Portugal .. no downhills, just like in Edinburgh and Porto is terrible, but I take the bus one stop too many and walk back down hill. This time will I be staying at the station, with loads of buses going all over Porto.
        You will have a fantastic journey and days … and Portugal is such a friendly country … I wouldn’t mind moving there.

      • Yes, I will be travelling by train from Lisbon (LIsboa Santa Apalonia) to Belmonte/Manteigas. It’s a journey of around 4 hours each way. When I come back, I will stay one more night in Lisbon before flying back home the next day on a late morning flight.

        I wanted to go somewhere else for the second week, and I looked at other places like Porto, Braga, Coimbra, Manteigas, Covilhã, Castelo Branco to name a few. I seen the villa at Belmonte, seen the price, fell in love with it, and booked it before I even thought about how I was going to get there! The trains station is about 2.5kms away, although I’m told that it will be all uphill. I suppose when I go back to Lisbon that it will be all downhill! 😂

  4. How absolutely delightful to see you back in my letterbox ! When did I last tell you ‘I’ll write tomorrow’ . . . and still have not !!! But then I don’t think one chatty letter to any friend has left my keyboard for months and months and months ! Somehow one’s mind seems to have been unwilling to provide words even tho” everyday life has gone on somehow . . . and you may remember that whilst you find non-Yule places around the world, I simply cancel the ‘holiday’ meaning of the period to catch up on books, music and work 🙂 !!! You are trying . . . I promise I shall too !!! Meanwhile you have had a very interesting time I’ll reread . . . hugs and I’ll see’ya a we say in Australia . . .

    • Eha, you know I love your daily mail. Anything from recipes to vaccine. Cancel Christmas has never been a real problem for me … as a kid I loved, but as an adult … I think it has gone totally out of control. Lonely people becomes more lonely .. people with less money are struggling for the following year .. and all we do is eat and watch TV, in some case there is everyday drinking involved too.
      Eha, as you said …I know where to find you. See you around too. *smile

    • Hi there, Sue … glad you got my card. Skopje is really fantastic little city. It only lives about 2,5 million people in North Macedonia … plus it’s very cheap. I really like it .. a very warm and friendly casual city. Perfect for escaping Chrstmas, have already booked this Christmas.

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