travelling green

… last time I visit mum – on my way now again just now – working on this post aboard the train. I decide to collect color green – not easy this time of year, if it’s not all going to be about grass and leaves.

So all the photos are taken during my travelling, waiting on platforms and between connections – plus we had to go to hospital in Simrishamn to do check up on her eyes, also travelling – but short distance.

green travel page 2green travel pagegreen travel page 2green travel 5

Don’t have much to say about my travelling – so I have looked up some details about color green instead.My travelling to mum and back rarely is very safe and not much happens …. The way I want it to be.
Neither do I take the purple trains or the yellow bus … some decision I have to make 4 times per month.

This “Hjärtstartare” – means “Heartstarter” –  that is on photo below is something you see on every platform on Swedish stations – it a tool that anyone can use if somebody gets a heart attack. It’s so easy to use and very clear instructions. Also they have them on airports. It’s automatic alarmed and also do they have camera surveillance on it – so nobody steal it or damage it.

green travel page 1green travel page 4green travel page 3

Green is the color of nature, fertility and life. It symbolizes self-respect and wellbeing. Green is favored by well-balanced people. Green is a safe and grass green is the most restful color. It also means learning, growth and harmony.
A good tip is if you don’t what color to use …. Use green!!! The old Egyptians wore green eyeliner and I, personal use Guerlain green mascara.

green hospital page 1green hospital page

Green often symbolizes money. Also in Sweden all hospital surgical staff uses green protection clothing. Friday is a green day.

I wear green in the summer – that means that I want to overcome a sense of thwarted ambition. It says growth – balance and harmony. It is a color of healthy relationships.

My apartment has a forest green hallway/entrance.

The driver that took us home from the hospital he wore a fantastic green jacket and tie – asked if I could take a photo of him – he all adjusted his tie and I was going to take the photo ….. the camera went black. No batteries left and of course the spare ones at home. So NO handsome green driver … in this post.

hospital pictures

“It’s not easy bein’ green.”
Kermit, the frog

Nuno Mindelis - br

Nuno Mindelis (The Beast from Brazil), born 1957. This cloud – “The Grass Is Greener”  is to be found on his album “BLUES ON THE OUTSIDE” from 1999. He is is an Angolan-born Brazilian bluesguitarist and singer-songwriter.

43 thoughts on “travelling green

  1. I wonder how you found all that green…but I guess you find what you’re looking for! I saw the Kandinsky – he’s a favourite of mine., even if I don’t connect him with green especially.

  2. Green and (dark) purple are my favorite colors. Love the blues song you chose. I’m a fan of blues. Remember the song “Sweet Home Chicago” is blues too. 🙂

    • “Sweet Home Chicago” – I have already used … for one of my posts – just love that song too. I really like this guys voice. Personal I have started to listen to blues about a year ago. Not a big fan, but some of it so enjoyable.

    • Mum is doing okay, thanks .. only a checkup she does one per month. And the driver will pop up again – he has driven my mum many times. Better be better prepared next time with full batteries.

      Thanks for your support..

  3. A very original idea to focus on a particular color as you write this post. I love the color green too. There was a time that most of my clothes were in shades of green that my brothers and sisters were calling me “Miss Green”. 😉

    • We have a fairytale about … Lady Green, Lady Purple , Lady Brown and Mr Blue … you would fit in that.
      I wear green, but only in the summer, don’t know why it’s only in the summer.

    • you don’t have to travel to make post about colors .. you can just take your camera with you to the supermarket and find things in one special color. Has nothing with travelling to do only need a camera in your hand. I do because travelling is going to go a bit quicker. Thanks for your kind words. I can’t belive that you thought I used photo from internet – because in my posts I have written about how I taken them. You’re a mad cow. *laughing.

  4. Love your ‘colour missions’…..and what a variety of shades you managed to find! The Hjartstartare sounds amazing! Should be mandatory in all public places.

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