forgotten purples

purple dress

Last week was I out for dinner and I was wearing my one of my favorite dresses – my purple … I only have purple piece in my closet, and it’s a head turner just because of its color and I always wear it my red suede high heels plus my favorite Ebay silk scarf.
As I was getting ready I remembered that I had started a purple photo-mission before Christmas, totally forgotten about it.

It wasn’t much purple around so when I my last weekend with mum I looked for more purple, not much around then neither. So now I have put the two photo sessions together.

Got the idea for the purple when I was out shopping for mum and I saw some purple cabbage in a pot outside a shop. The shops all had their Christmas shop displays and there some purple in them.

purple page 2 purple page 3

In one of main streets shop a wonderful purple chair inside a shop – so I step in and said sorry, and took some shots – told them that I really liked the chair. They looked a bit fun on me, but I didn’t care.

Purple bikes is there quite a few around – and as I entered the train station in Landskrona last Friday – a purple child seat caught my eye and also one shop had a purple little plastic bag as saddle protection, the bag is from a pharmacy, Apoteket.

In Lund I decided to take the train instead of the yellow bus – and our trains are purple, even if they look a bit more bluish. A young man in a white and purple jacket on the opposite platform saved my day … and a couple minute a woman came and set down with wonderful purple scarfs around her head.

When I shopping for mum I found loads of purple orchids, a sign about Coop wishing me New Year and a roll of plastic table cloth with purple in the pattern. At mums my bed was made up with flowered bed linen with some purple flower in.

purple page 4purple page  6
So when I was returning home on Tuesday afternoon I met Britta, a lady all dressed in purple, she sitting waiting for her taxi at the station in Simrishamn. A truly lovely lady and when I explained to her that I was on a “purple mission” and asked if I could take a photo of her – she was so pleased when I told her that she be the grand finale of my mission. She lives in Stockholm, but has a summer house outside Simrishamn, we had a good chat until her taxi and my purple train arrived. In the last minute I notice they had some purple timetable in the back of the reception, a shot in a rush.

purple page 1

I just manage to fulfill my mission as it was time to board the train – and my feature photo is from the doors as the closed behind me.

My purple days had come to an end.

The could over this post was yesterday Prince’s “Purple Rain” of course, but the setting has been changed during the last 24 hrs so I’m not able to post the link. So no Prince, but I found a good cover by Oliver Riosa, that I personal like – he has a softer voice than Prince, but still a very good cover. Hope you will enjoy it too.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple
in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”
Alice Walker

feature photo

48 thoughts on “forgotten purples

  1. I never thought much about purple. You make it look lovely. You know I love the bike! You may very well be gone already for your day 3. Well wishes and good thoughts going your way.

    • Personal I like purple but it’s a very noticeable color – more than red.
      We have quite a lot of purple bikes – and we have also purple cars.
      My 3 days are over and so far so good – feel a bit rough after the last 2 days, but it’s also the weather. Yesterday I was freezing the whole day. Not a dry chill just now – doesn’t matter what I put on it goes into my bones.
      Going to take a rest today – visiting hospitals does affect me a little mentally too, no worries – I’m fine, but tired.

      • This is the start of a three day weekend here. I hope you get rested and ‘warm’. Those chills are horrible. The flu is running rampant over here. It is causing a lot of grief. Much sickness. I’ve been very lucky. Get well Viveka. If I was there I would make you a cup of tea!

      • Colleen, you never have to make me a cup of tea .. really hate the stuff – but thanks for the thought.
        We have a stunning sunny day here today – and I’m indoors with color in my hair .. but tomorrow me and my camera are going for a walk. *smile
        Flue around here too – have been lucky the last few years – the swine flue we over 60 got free injection .. after that I haven’t taken a jab – hopeful I will miss it this year too… my doctor say that it’s the cod liver and selenium I take that .. make me stand up against it better. Hopefully it’s true.

      • Not been walking today .. been so lazy, but got the hair colored. Always something. Tomorrow another day .. hopefully with sunshine.

      • Hair color and body scrub .. all very messy, but all done and I feel good now about myself. Great spent day. Post will come …. *smile

  2. The cloud is gone? No sound? Yeah I miss it too. Your purples are gorgeous and really stunners. I have a couple of friends who love purple and they are both so gregarious and so fashionable, it must go with the personality.

    • Yes, the cloud was changed yesterday, so I can’t post it anymore – it’s back now .. as a cover and I like the guys voice even more than Prince’s – go back and tell me what you think. I love purple but it’s a very bold color so I have to be in the right mood to wear it, because all eyes will end up on me. *smile
      Britta she was stunning in all her purples.

  3. I love this, Viveka. Purple is my favorite color. Somehow it’s soothes and delights at the same time. Your story that came with it sounded lovingly purple too. Oh, and I never heard anyone but Prince do Purple Rain. This was nice.

    • Thanks, Lori … yes, Oliver does a good job of the song – there is many covers out there, but when somebody told me that I didn’t have any music today, I check it out and the track was no longer for sharing, listen through a couple of covers and there I found this version and he does a good job.
      Purple is a stunning color. So we have that in common too. *smile

    • Thank you so much … somebody told me when a woman dresses up in purple it means it’s her last chance … glad your mom didn’t listen to that saying and I didn’t neither.

      You have a great weekend .. my day is nearly soon over. 8.45pm where I’m.

  4. I always enjoy your color days…you find and enjoy what is commonplace and often overlooked. Our world is certainly colorful. I always think of purple as a color of royalty…you must have looked lovely in your outfit.

    • Thanks, Karen … both the royal courts and the churches … like their purples. I lost weight since I bought the dress – so it doesn’t fit that well anymore, but everybody look when somebody wears purple, red or orange.

    • Yes, Britta was such a lovely lady …. and it was a true pleausre to have a chatt with her while we waited for your transprots. She bighten up the whole waiting room .. and as we talked a guy said – I’m dressed in all green .. you can take a photo of me too. *smile

      So many that like purple .. nice suprise. Thanks for your support.

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