45 min’s left; libby’s spinach and feta frittata

Had to eat a bit earlier this evening – because I want to go so dark as I can during “Earth Hour”.

Went to the supermarket this afternoon – it wasn’t much they where short off, but they where on fresh spinach, only 70g bag left and I needed 225 gr, but my freezer had a big bag of high quality frozen asparagus (if frozen asparagus now able to be of high quality – I think so, even if not so good as fresh – good enough)

And with no iron skillet – and with Libby’s good advice – I made it totally in the oven, an oven omelet. Also had some frozen double cream, not good for much more than in sauces and for omelets, I freeze it ice cub molds.

So did her recipe work – to the teeth .. because I like nutmeg with spinach, so that was the only thing I added on my end. It had to be in the oven for about a good 30 min, because when I took it out after 25 min – and turned it over – it wasn’t really all done in the bottom. So I had to put it back in – turned it with the button up and it went in again for about 5-7min.

So this is something I will do again – I halved the recipe,  only me here .. and it came out spot on and great portion, you get filled up – have half it left for breakfast tomorrow.

I heartily recommend; Libby’s Spinach and Feta Frittata

Now is only 45 min left – to our Earth Hour. I will take out my netbook and play games in candle light for an hour, I have a massive romantic streak. *smile 

“If it weren’t for electricity we’d all be watching television by candlelight”
George Gobal

Photo provided by; thenoodlebox.net

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