about laundry

“Behind every successful woman…
is a basket of dirty laundry”
Sally Forth

Love laundry – hate ironing.

In Sweden when living in apartments– to 90% is there a public laundry rooms in the basement – a very Swedish thing – you get a key with your apartment number on and there is a board that you put your lock for the time you want to do laundry. Very smart system, now a lot of house has electronic locks and booking boards. My house hasn’t gone that modern and I hope it wont – because you can’t use the laundry rooms if somebody hasn’t turned up for their booking. We have 4 hours x 2 times per months – the rooms can be used 7 days per week and 3×4 hours per day, between 0800-2000.

The laundry rooms are well equipped with heavy duty washing machines ( at least 2 per room) + one for carpets , dry cabinets, centrifuge, tumble dryer, mangle, iron board and some house can also have drying rooms. Fantastic set up and all electricity and water is including in the rent.
New modern house every apartment is equipped with washing machine and tumble dryer, but then you have to pay for all usage of electricity – water always includes in the rent. A lot of tenants have installed their own washing machine and tumble dryer in the flats on their own expense. Not me … !!! Happy with the set up as it’s.

The con with this set up is – that we are suppose to clean the all rooms and machines we have been using – 15% of us do that. Terrible and if there is any fall outs between neighbours is it about the laundry rooms.

So what do I need for my laundry – first of all  shopping bags to split up everything into  the different colors and degrees

Arial or Via and Comfort   – for the wash

Klorin (bleach) and Vanish for stains and whites

Dryer ball and Bounce dryer sheets for my towels in the tumble dryer

and my plastic spray bottle for bed linen – going through the mangle

My clothes and under wears I never put in tumble dryer– hang everything up in the apartment – have a little alcove beside my bathroom – for laundry – to hang everything  … tumble dryers tear so on clothing. Always have my laundry times 1600-2000 and after I’m finished –  I phone for a Chinese “takeaway” – then I had a perfect afternoon

We, women can be such simple creatures.

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60% gets it … 80% suffers in silence; incontinence

Have it, suffer heavily – but not silent.

60% of all women that have gone through radio therapy for Gynecologic Cancers – will come out with incontinence – and fecal incontinence. Men that had prostate cancer also get problems. And 80% of us suffers in silence – don’t talk to our doctor, family members or friends – don’t search for help and there is loads of help out there. Most help yourself.

Personal I think it’s important that people around me knows about my problem, because it tear me down – makes me feel very upset at times and they have to know why.

My tumor was where so close to my bladder that they where afraid that my bladder had been effected because my cancer where aggressive and had spread – a sister tumor was found in one of the glands. So of course when getting the radio therapy was it difficult for them – to avoid that some radiation ended up on the bladder – got 34 days of treatment and 5 different fields each day. So my doctor’s expected me to get some problems, but I wasn’t told and it hadn’t made a difference. It happen to me and – here I’m with a very weak, sore and sensitive bladder and I gets urine infections twice per month. This one of the side effect I got from my treatment – the one that bothers me most.

In Sweden you’re provided with free towel – Tena (Swedish) – we get support from hospital – where we can get operations and other help with the problems.

They look into your problem level and then they start up a help program, most help yourself with support.

1. Women are never shown how to go to the toilet right by our mums – we shall always sit like we do – when we have to use the nature  … our breast against the thighs. Because then the urethra opens up of itself and we don’t have to do anything. No pushing.

2. We shouldn’t go to the toilet more every 3 hours – we should never go to the toilet when we don’t have to. Because we are pushing and that weakens the muscles. So with leakage we have to plan a bit round the toilet visits.

3. We should always walk like we have a glass of water on our head and a pea between our buttocks.

4. When sitting we should never lean forward and when we stand up from a chair we should do it straight.

5. Also when the uterus is removed – the bladder often lean backwards because there more space and that means that – the natural breakage/lock between bladder and urethra will open up – so we leak.

6. We should do Pelvic floor muscle exercise (PFME) involves the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder support and closure pressure of the urethra. Pelvic floor exercises are most successful for stress incontinence and mixed incontinence, but may be of value to those with urge incontinence. 30-40 per day. We can do these in many different positions: sitting, standing, lying down – and no one will know what we’re doing!

At first, just hold and squeeze our muscles for a second or two. Then gradually build it up to 10 seconds. Repeat as often we can, building up to 10 repetitions.

There is also – Contrelle Activegard – have samples at home, but haven’t tried yet. Also a Swedish product.

Contrelle ® Activgard is made from soft molded plastic foam. It either seen or felt. When saturated with ordinary water, it will not absorb the secretion of mucous. Toileting performed normally without continence cushion/arc needs to be extracted.
Contrelle ® Activgard use 16 hours a day. Continence cushion/arc  are available in three sizes. You should carefully test out which size fits best. – Free in Sweden (text: ww.contrelle.se/contrelle)

Plus I got help of a blue balance cushion of soft plastic filled with air. Perfect for balancing exercises and coordination training, stand, sit or lie on it! Provides a unique training of balance and ensuring the interaction of the muscles. Smooth surface on one side and other side rough, make it possible to massage the feet too. The pad also provides good back support – my stomach muscles has gone stronger and that’s the muscle that keep pelvic floor straighter. DYNAIR is the name – comes from Germany. Coast about £30.

Incontinence get worst when we are stressed – and with my mum not that well … it’s makes my problems worst.

After my operation – my bladder and brain didn’t talk to each other for about 8 weeks – so I had to keep an eye on the watch – 3 hours and it was time. It worked fine – the leakage didn’t start until 8 months after my treatment was done.

My problem has made my life as a woman shirk – and mentally it tears on me – that when I go out – walking, going to the gym or dancing Zumba .. I’m not able to everything I to the extend I want to do it, but I’m not shy about it. Also if I leave the house I have make sure I have towels and change of  knickers with me.

 Maybe – this post is not everybody’s interest and taste – but maybe I reach out to somebody with the same problem like me – that suffers in silence. What ever it’s not our fault, but we have to live with it.

“President Kennedy: Congratulations. How do you feel?
Forrest Gump: I gotta pee.”

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about gardning

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.”
Alfred Austin

Have always admired those that have the patient to make their gardens into something spectacular or simple – would love a garden myself, but not made for it … patient – I’m very short of. Have a full time job keeping my green indoor’s plants alive. Have manage to get a couple of orchids to bloom again – such a proud “gardener”.
All the hours that you spend on lawns, flowerbeds and hedges … amazing. All I can say is – keep on doing what you’re doing so I can enjoy them when walking by.

Photo provided by;  luxuryevents.blogspot.com /dunshees.com

stay so long as you can

#8 – on my gems list – Afternoon Tea -The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

Afternoon tea at The Lobby – is one of the few traditions in the city from its colonial period. Once the hottest ticket in town for rich, famous, governors, generals and visiting royalty, the Peninsula Hotel remains the height of luxury in Hong Kong and Asia, been served in over 80 years.

Afternoon tea is offered at the Peninsula everyday from 2p.m. – 7p.m and the classical string quartet on the balcony is including in the price. They don’t accept any reservations.

Went to Hotel Ritz in London for a “tea break” and never been so disappointed in my life – it was a circus and the staff didn’t want to be there. After having enjoyed this treat a couple of times during my stay at this hotel – I think it will be difficult to find something that is better, when it’s all about high tea.

The tea set itself was .. like straight out “Alice in Wonderland” .. and what I understand they still use the same today. Not a tea person so I got my nice silver pot of coffee together with a silver jug of warm milk – busting cases, mini English scones with Devonshire clotted cream and finger sandwiches all served on silver stand. Fussed by bow tie waiters that makes you feel very VIP. Stay so long as you can to soak up the elegance and experience.

The experience will be yours for yours for HK$ 268 for 1 person, HK$398 for 2 and be prepared to queue for it, so come so early as possible. Because it’s worth it.

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how
strong she is until you put her in hot water.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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about movies

“A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad”
Samuel Goldwyn


 Wide screen also make the legs shorter! Love movies – even if it’s ages since I went to a cinema. So bad. Went the other day and saw “The Rum Diary” with Johnny Deep – brilliant and it made me laugh. Not very keen on comedy, because they are never funny – they comes out so silly. How come that animated films can be so funny ????? My favorite is the “ The Chicken Run”.

Like the drama and a good thriller. Mad about “007” and don’t miss a movie with Matt Damon or Colin Firth .
Love a good cry – last time was – “The Kings Speech”. A sucker for the “ The Oscars” – and my favourite movie all time ????? Couldn’t say, seen fare too many good ones. Maybe I should do a “top 10” ???

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what happen in athens – stays in athens; alexander & caesar!

There is always a story behind my food.
During the Athen-time did I have dinner at least twice per week at newly opened Hilton Hotel – in their restaurant “Alexander”, I think today it’s called “Milos” – it was in the basement of the hotel with a beautiful stair case down from the bar. Before every dinner I stopped in bar and had a White Russian – haven’t drank it again after leaving Athens– what happen in Athens, stays in Athens.

There I met Alexander … a beautiful salad that was made in front me at the table. This was before I met “Caesar”. Don’t remember when or where I was introduced to “Caesar” – he didn’t make the same impact on me as “Alexander” did.

Where so fascinated when they prepared the salad, starting of with the garlic and egg yolks, then the anchovy’s and the oil. First the waiter took the garlic glove and dressed the inside of the wooden bowl with it. Then the egg yolk and anchovy’s. Must have eaten that salad nearly 100 times.

 So what is the original Caesar Salad. – don’t ask me. Have eaten so many different versions through the years, still “Alexander” must have been close to perfect. Only one time after Athens – the salad have been prepared in front of me and that was at The Yacht Club in Victoria, BC.

It’s without any doubts the world most famous salad and most sold salad too.
We had it on and off the menu – mostly on – because so soon we took it off – the guests start asking for it. We served with chicken, grilled cured ham, salmon or king prawns through the years. Still the plain is the most popular.

So hear comes my/our version – even if we used a ready made dressing – we made a fantastic salad. Think they are still serving it – StenaPlus (business class).

Caesar Salad, 4 person
2 garlic cloves
4 anchovy fillets
5ml (1tsp) salt
5ml (1tsp) freshly ground black pepper
15ml (1tbsp) freshly squeezed lemon juice
5ml (1tsp) Worcestershire sauce
2.5 ml (1/5 tsp) Dijon mustard
1 large egg yolk
100ml extra virgin olive oil
1 head of romaine lettuces
2 head of baby gem lettuces
300ml grated parmesan cheese – 100ml to be mixed with the lettuces.
200ml shaved parmesan as garnish.
4 slices of old white toast bread. – frozen Italian mixed herbs and olive oil

Dressing: –
Place the garlic, anchovy fillets and salt in a wooden bowl. Use 2 dinner forks to mash everything to a paste. Use one fork for whisk in the pepper, lemon juice. Worcestershire sauce, mustard and egg yolk – whisk everything together – add parmesan.

Bread croutons; – we use just old white and brown toast bread – cut the edges of – then turned them in olive oil mixed with frozen Italian herb. Then into the oven (180C) until turned golden – stir around once in a while. We stored them in airtight container. 2 days life span.

The salad – we use two kinds of lettuces to get a some texture to the salad and the baby gem lettuce will lift the salad and it looks much bigger then it’s.
Make sure the lettuces are properly washed – preferable the night before – shaken free of all excess water – stored in air tight container, that will makes the leaves so much crispier.

We mixed a small amount of grated parmesan in with the lettuces – arrange the lettuces on indv. deep large plates or bowls. Scatter the croutons on top and – Drizzle the dressing over and finish off with shaved parmesan on top and freshly ground black pepper.

 To get the best shavings of Parmesan cheese – we used a Swedish domestic kitchen tool – called “osthyvel” – we eat a lot of hard cheese in Sweden and we need to slice them, that’s when we use the “osthyvel”. I use it for thinly shavings of cucumber & carrots for other salads (shave them length-ways)  – to be find abroad – at IKEA (of course).

 Here you have a fantastic – Caesar Salad … καλή σας όρεξη !

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… share with everybody and anyone!

It’s my music I’m talking about and it all started, Christmas 2004 – while still working in UK. All the Christmas cards that I had to write – same words on  every one of them. Had about 60 to write in those days – to suppliers, guests and collulages. Been thinking about it for a couple a months what to do it more personal, then one day I got it – share my music with them.

Feed out of  music – breath music – live music – and love music !!!!

So that was it and I start to put a CD together with music that would fall everybody in taste – a bit for all ages and tastes. Then a tittle and a layout. Had a Epson printer at that time that printed direct on to the CD – had it for 6 years and it worked hard for me. Bought a Canon last summer – with the same feature. Prefer Epson!!!

The first issue – Long Distance – went down like a treat with loads of the receivers that  really appreciated what I been doing and the following year people started to ask about the CD already in August. Some never said anything – but I didn’t really care – they got a new CD anyhow. Share my music with everybody – anyone, neither they want it or not.

2008 was my last and biggest production – then I had an extra DVD/CD-writer – 180 CD’s was produced of “Digitally”. It was also my last Christmas in UK – moved back home in April-09. 

Still do smaller productions … after my cancer treatments – everybody that had been involved in my operation and treatments got a CD. Every Christmas I do for friends and as “thank you” for small or big favors through the year.

2012 release will be called  “Pearl Dust”

Anyone .. interested out there – let me know !!!! Maybe Santa comes early.

about underwear’s

“I don’t believe in the after life,
although I am bringing a change of underwear.”
Woody Allen

Yes, what about them ??? More correctly undergarments.
It’s a bit of love and hate for me personal – do we need them ???
Have a couple of girlfriends that never wear knickers in the summer and we, the Swedish women – throw the bra out for quite many years – back on again now.
Seams to be the Japanese that came up with the first ones 7000 years ago – sure that today’s versions are much more comfortable.
Learned from TV that the French woman always match her underwear’s with the color of her dress  – loved that thought, so when I dress up I always match. The everyday wear is a total different matter. White for light coloured cloths and black for dark coloured. Nothing fancy – just a bit lace here and there, it’s more down to the comfortable aspect then.

Sure the French women match 24/7 !!! Was with a male colleague when he was buying underwear’s to his wife – we where in Paris. The shop was like a candy store. So beautiful pieces and all was displayed by colors – there wasn’t any color or shade missing.

Sexy underwear’s ???
Is that something that men make up as they go along – or is it all related to porno films??!! God, some of those pieces look so terrible uncomfortable –  and why bother wearing them – they show everything anyhow.

What a buiness it has became – with brands like “La Perla”, “Wacoal”, “Agent Provocateur”, Vannina Vesperini, Chantel Thomass, M&S and H&M


This is beautiful …  guess it’s French lingerie

Photos provided bey; gamefowlsport.tumblr.com /girlsguidetoparis.com /desktopia.net

…. cold larder, salmon and a winner; salmon and prawn cake

It must have been about nearly 25 years ago now – I saw this recipe in a Swedish fashion magazine and I fell in love. In those days I worked as a sous chef in the cold larder section. Was in charge of cold starters, buffets and dessert – yes everything cold – but never had an input on the menu. Always written by the Senior Head Chef.

Seeing this starter – I know I had to do a coup against him – to manage to get it on the menu. Went into the office with the magazine and tried to talk him into trying it, but not very successful. The picture in the magazine was stunning where the cake was displayed on black plate.

So I decided to buy all the ingredients and the baking tin that I need the following morning when we had arrived in Kiel, Germany – off I went to Karstadt and bought everything that we didn’t have aboard.

Back in to the galley and did the cake – and in the evening I served to my boss and he understood that I had created a winner, because we ,Swedes, loves our salmon and our “löjrom” – löjrom specially. Even if expensive it always sold.

The cake became so popular – that it only took a couple of weeks and he ordered me black plates. All the garnish I used was a lemon wedge and crisp dill spring. What I understand do they still put this cake on the menu here in Sweden. Many restaurants had and have this cake on their menus – we where the first ever and I take the credit for that.

Couldn’t serve it UK, because we couldn’t get the sweet dark bread or the “löjrom”. That was my first step to be knowledge and after that I always had the input on the starters and desserts when it was time to change the menus. Still a big step to get involved in the hot side. Please, read my post regarding “löjrom” – 29/1 “from the pure, brackish waters we find the red gold”

A tip about have to get crisp dill – cut the stalks of a bit – and put it a glass with very small (0.5″) amount of really hot water – and in a hour time you will have dill like Christmas tree – then you put it in the fridge … no more water unnecessary.

Have to apologize for using gelatin leafs and not powder – have never worked with powder. The leafs you soak in cold water until it goes all soft and then squeeze it hard  – so all excess water come out – melt it in small pan on very low heat until it goes runny liquid – take of the stove and add a 15ml (1 tbsp) of cold liquid to it. I normal take white wine for this dish – so it don’t get stiff again. This has to be done just as it added to the mixture.

So to this stunning cake.

Salmon cake with “löjrom”, 6-10 portions
200g dark sweet rye bread.
80 g butter,
5 leaves of gelatine (1 sheet gelatine = 5ml (1tsp) powdered gelatine
100gr peeled prawns
60ml (4tbsp) chopped dill
500 g medium cured cheese, (Quark /Kesella)
200ml sour cream
1 pinch white pepper
150 grams löjrom or any similar caviar/roe

1. Melt butter in saucepan. Run rye bread to crumbs in food processor fitted with the knife. Add the melted butter and mix. Press bread mixture into the button of a springform tin with removable rim.
2. Put the gelatine leaves in cold water. Chop the salmon into small pieces and chop the dill finely – by hand, because it so easy to get to mushy in a processor.
3. Roughly cut the prawns – make sure there is no excess liquid before chopping in them – if not using fresh.
4. Put cured cheese, sour cream, lemon juice and white pepper into a mixing bowl and add prawns, dill and salmon. No extra salt needed. Mix well.
5. Melt the gelatine leaves in a saucepan with a tablespoon of water. Mix gelatin liquid (not too hot) in with lax and prawn mixuter and spread mixture on top of the bread in the tin. Cover and chill for at least 6 hours.
6. Over night drain the lörjom or caviar – in a coffee filter, covered – in the fridge so it’s really dry.

Before serving – just spread the caviar/löjrom over the cake and remove the rim of the tin – and you have a winner.

Photo provided by; hb.fi / tradekool.com / domstein.se / stenaline.se / evagun. se / foodpassion.se / 21food.com / kitchen-online-store.com / sandbergsreceptblogg.blogspot com

about kids

“I love children, especially when they cry,
for then someone takes them away”
Nancy Mitford

Don’t have any children myself – but I have always had friend’s children around me, in all shapes and sizes – I like them and they like me. They see me as that nice person that comes around with loads of DVD’s to watch, that take them to the movies and McDonalds.
Never been very found of babies – even if I worked with babies for nearly a year. They don’t response – not to me anyhow. No give me kids between 3-7 and after that they can come back after their 18th birthday.
Why I don’t have children ???? Never had a desire to became a mum – I think that my own childhood have a big part in that and I have been so busy in my job, too much has been going on in my life.
To have a child is a massive responsibility and I never felt I been ready to take that on.
Children isn’t something we decorate our life with.

“The older you get, the harder your parents try to keep you little.”
– Emily, age 16

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versatile blogger ???!!! someone think so!

First a big thank you to … Maralee, Tuxedo Sophisticated Cat, for nominate me. So exciting and will try my best to link up my nominees.

To be nominated to an award is something completely new to me and especially when it’s about blogging. Have only at for about 4 weeks and I really enjoy it. Have always written a lot – as a kid I was very lonely and I wrote letters all the time to people I didn’t really new. Wrote about my dreams, my hope, my sadness and my joys – but they were never posted. Just written and thrown in the bin, but I felt much better after that I had put my feeling on paper.

In receiving this award, I have been asked to: same goes for you!
 In a post on your blog, nominate 7 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.
 In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
 Thank the blogger who nominated me and link back to them in this post(see above)
 Share 7 random things about myself.
 In the same post, include this set of rules.
 Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

So what is random about me???
1. I’m impatient
2. I lived abroad in total 23 years
3. I have a very Swedish heart
4. I’m generous with myself and what I own
5. I have visit over 250 places – 44 countries
6. I don’t like to cook for myself
7. I,m careless with money

My nominees are; no picking order here. 

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Good luck to us all!

“I’ll take any award. I don’t care what it says on it.”
Mary-Louise Parker

about the night

“Night, a more perfect day”
Arthur Symons

Götaälvsbron, Gothenburg

My grandmother, that I grow up with – always use to say – when the night come the lazy one wakes up. How right wasn’t she. First of all – I’m lazy and second I always seams to be more busy after midnight.
Really like the night, so long as I don’t have to sleep *smile
Like the stillness, the quietness and no interfering from anything – there with my own thoughts.
Like to take walks during the night, more aware today then I was maybe 10 years ago. When I was young and wild – been out nightclubbing .. I always walked home, living in Gothenburg then.
Walked this bridge thousands times, maybe not in the winter.
I think much better during the night time ??????!!!
Sleeping isn’t an easy matter for me of many reasons, but more about that an other time.

Photo provided by; Rudi Pauwels – flickriver.com

22 July 2005 … mistaken identity … winter graden and taittinger

#7 – on my gems list The Landmark, London 

also day that brought the death of Jean Charles de Menezes – shot to death by mistaken identity by the police – in London Underground. Was waiting for my bag at the conveyor at Luton Airport outside London, when my boss phoned me .. told me to be careful because there had been a shooting in the Underground – he didn’t have any details, about who or why.

2 hours later a girlfriend an I signed in at The Landmark Hotel in London. A gift from my American travel insurance, IAPA (International Airline Passengers Association) – don’t know why – the voucher just came on the post. Very nice of them.

The best hotel experience I ever had – it even beats the Peninsula. Everything was just so exquisite – from the check in to the check out.

The Landmark Hotel
222 Marylebone Rd
London NW1 6JQ, UK
Phone; +44 (20) 7631 8000
5-stars; 249 rooms – 51 suites
Prices: £300 – £2.400 4/ $475 – $3.795 / €360 – €2.800

It was a bit carry on – on my part when booking – because it was an Executive room I had been given .. we had our own (call her) hostess – we changed our mind a couple of times and nothing was a problem – she where so helpful and tried all she could to help us get dates adding up with flights – my friend came from Sweden and I was living in Belfast. Outstanding service. Sent her a bouquet of flowers as “thank you”.
Never heard about the hotel before and when visitng their website they had this interactive map – where London taxi’s and buses where driving on a drawn map. Very cool – don’t anymore.
The room at that time would have cost us £280 without breakfast … there we was with 3 nights with breakfast include.

The room – had it’s own door bell – no knocking there. The rooms was so lush … and the colours so soft. We got a room with view over the Winter Garden – their atrium and restaurant. The curtains – never felt anything like in my life and the style of them !!!!! – wish I had taken a photo.

We didn’t only have a bath room , we had a separate shower room and the toilet – all had separate entrances, so no interfering there. Our check-in clerk went with us up on the room and explained everything .. about TV, DVD player, internet, safe – mini bar (free).

Breakfast – served either in the room or in The Winter Garden – cooked to perfection and freshly squeezed juice, what ever flavour we wanted in crystal glasses. No breakfast buffet – served on warm big plates and if we wanted more – they came with an other plate.

Because everything was free – except the tipping and tipping there was – we decided to go for their Sunday Brunch. £55.00 per head and so much champagne as we could handle – and my favourite: Taittinger. We where singing like canary birds as we left the restaurant 2,5 hours later.

Food for Gods. To make a buffet so SCRUMPTIOUS plus it was massive, 5 tables in total – and to keep those entire hot dish looking fresh and warm a miracle. Everything from veal kidney, bacon, pan cakes, Belgium waffles … Caesar salad – Asian noodle dishes .. the most beautiful desserts.

We went to bed around 3 a’ clock pickled as gherkins and woke up just before midnight – room service and 2 hamburger with fries and coleslaw. Heavenly good.

Our last breakfast we decided to take in the room – so I filled in the card .. add on my special requests with 50/50 juice, sliced cheese, warm milk with the coffee,  lemon muffins and fresh fruit salad with blackberries – just to test them. A ring on the door on the minute and in come this massive table and there they where – on top of  my fruit salad was my blackberries plus everything else. Top Class!!!!

My friend and I we talked about saving a bit every months … so go back after 2 years, but it never happen. We often talk about the hotel. We where told by the taxi driver that took us to the airport that – the rooms cost £1 million pounds each when the hotel was built. I suppose it was divided the total cost for the hotel with the amount of rooms. Still – a lot of money for a hotel room.

That weekend was the ultimate hotel experience. I doubt if it can’t get any better then that.

Photos provide by; hudsonproperty.com /olypen.com / landmarklondon.co.uk

about 04.26 – 23.02.2012

“Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”
Princess Diana

The proud father describing  how big the baby is for the press  – Prince Daniel.

Sweden has got a new little Crown Princess – no name given so fare !!! Lovely, so glad it is a girl. So happy for you both, Victoria and Daniel.

Mother: Crown Princess Victoria – Father: Prince Daniel, married since June 19, 2010.  A fairy-tale wedding in a very relaxed atmosphere – nothing of royal stiffness. Daniel are an ordinary guy of the people – not even from a wealthy family.

Victoria, is our most beloved princess – and she had to wait 8 years for her prince and now they are a little family – this I like.  Really like our Royal family – or most parts of it.

So today will I buy “Prinsess bakelser” to mum and me – my favorite cake – and it has loads of calories. Abroad – get them on IKEA!

Congratulations Sweden !!!

Photos provided by: sverigesradio.se / svenskdam.se / blogg.svt.se / barbrosminibitar com / pixgallery.com

Πλατεία Φιλικής Εταιρείας – traffic and hot; warm greek salad

3.09.1976 – I landed at Athens’s airport – for a 3 months adventure in one of Europe’s most exciting cities  …. Coming out that plane was like walking into a hot wall.. Even if the airport is just by the ocean – it was so hot – never felt anything like it – even the wind was hot.

My “boyfriend” from Monte-Carlo had moved back to Greece after the fall of the Junta in 1974 – and we kept contact through years – so he invited me to stay in his apartment in Athens while he was going away in business for 3 months to Bordeaux.
His apartment was in the fashionable “Kolonaki Sq” (at least in those days) – only 5 min walk to the Syntagma. We had a couple of days together and off he went to France leaving me to the wolfs *smile

During my whole stay – my breakfast every day was – coffee with milk, fresh  squeezed 50/ 50 orange and grapefruit juice (tip from one of the waiters) plus a club sandwich and a platter with fresh fruit – at a café just of the Syntagma Square along Vassilissis Sofias Avenue – never knew the name of the café. Just went there every morning.  Never had a Club Sandwich (probably the best sandwich in the world)  before and never gave it a thought until – I came to America a year late.  Same with my lunch, nearly every day – I had a Greek Salad for lunch – where ever I was I ordered a Greek salad. Horiatiki Salad, I think  is what the natives call it. It’s very hard to beat a good Greek Salad. Have never returned to Athens …. but it’s on my “bucket list”.

A couple of years ago I came across a recipe from a Swedish TV chef, Fredrik Eriksson – we have them too – he made the salad warm. Just had to try it and it’s really – REALLY good. A lettuce free salad – so now I share it with you.


Warm Greek Salad, 4 portions
1 cucumber
200 gr Feta cheese
4 ripe tomatoes
1 red onion
1 bunch fresh basil
olive oil
100 ml Calamata olives
fresh ground black pepper & salt

1. Halve the cucumber lengthways and scrape out the pips. Cut the cucumber and the feta cheese in thick sticks.
2. Cut the tomatoes into rough pieces and roughly chop the basil
3. Put some olive oil into a sauté pan – and fry the cucumber on very low heat, 4-5 min
4. Add tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese – fry for 2-3 min more.
5. Turn down the chopped basil and olives – and serve.  Seasoning with salt and fresh ground black pepper on top.

Απολαύστε !!!!

Photos provided by:  Pepe Nilsson /  greeceathensaegeaninfo.com / photocarsonline.com / panoramio.com