3 months to 27days

Got this idea from one of “my blogging sisters” here … that do some kind of pre-trip diary – she are going to Africa and it’s really fun to read about her pre-planning of her trip – so I will do something similar here and put it under progress – how I don’t know yet plus I want to add a map from MAPme (website problems just now – have my doubts about the map thing now – haven’t heard anything from them yet) – where I can write comments as I go along. So this are not completely finished yet.

27 days in July will I be away in US & Canada – and I’m travelling alone. No girlfriends of mine felt the argue to come with me, so I’m going on my own. Have travelled alone so many times and for me it’s more than okay.

Have been thinking about this trip for many years, but there has always come some other trip in the way. Then when I gone through my cancer treatment and they told me that I be under 5 years close surveillance – I made up my mind – now is the right time to do the trip while I’m kept an close eye on.

A year ago I started really to play with the thought and a couple of months later I made up my mind … November I start looking and booking. Now it’s only 3 months left.

01.07 – take  off from Copenhagen airport to Chicago via Toronto.
08.07 – leaving Chicago for Seattle
11.07 – train from Seattle to Vancouver
15.07 – arriving Victoria, Vancouver Island
25.07 – back to Seattle – a night by the airport
26.07 – leaving US via Toronto
27.07 – morning landing in Copenhagen.

This will probably be my last really long journey, the way I feel today – special with the problems my body has after the treatments; numb feet’s, more or less constant urine infection, lymphedema in my right foot and ankle plus a leaking bladder – it’s going to be very interesting to see how I will manage doing a long trip like this with my “aftermaths” – but I’m sure it will be fine, anyhow it’s not going to stop me this time.

So how fare has I come;

• Flights – all booked with Amex & Continental award points, total cost $57.20 (Jan-12)
• Hotel, Chicago; 7 nights booked (Nov-11)–Regency Hyatt, $125.10/€94.00/£78.50 – direct booked
• Hotel Seattle, 3 nights booked (Nov-11) –Warwick Hotel l, $152.10/€114.00/£94.25 –booking.com
• Train ticket, Amtrak Cascades–  booked– First Class/single, $51.30/£32.90/€40.45 (increase $7.00)
• Hotel Vancouver, 4 nights – booked (Jan-12) – Executive Vintage Park Hotel, CAD$ & US$136.00/€102.00/£85.00 – direct booked
• Ferry ticket,Victoria Clipper – booked 22.07 CAD$99.00/£63.00/€75.60/$100.40
• Sea-Tac hotel –1 night booked (March-12) –Radisson Seattle Airport Hotel, 910SEK/£85.50/€102.00/$136.00 – hotels.com
“VISA” for US, done online and accepted – cost me $14.00

The purpose with my trip is that I want to go back and see my friends that I left behind in 1990 in Canada – and I want to visit my favorite cities in the world, Chicago, Vancouver and Seattle. Instead of doing maybe 2-3 trips I decided to do them all in one go. It’s the time spent on planes that I don’t really agree with anymore. 14 hours is a long time.

Will be flying Canada Air, but with a stopover of 4 hrs in Toronto, but that’s okay – need to stretch my legs, specially my right *smile

My return flight back from Seattle will also be with Air Canada – but only 2 hours in Toronto. Would have liked to do some nights in Toronto on my way back, have friends there – but the award program didn’t allow more stopovers. So next time ????!!!

Last time I was in Chicago I missed “Taste of Chicago” by 1 day – this year I will will miss it too. CAN’T BELIEVE IT – it’s normally always in the first week in July. Now they moved to 11-15th. Their fireworks has been cancelled for a couple of years and looking at the event list this year – it’s not that exciting anymore, from 10 days festival – now only 4 plus none of the best restaurants are on the list. Still I would like to spend one day. Chicago is one of the best restaurant cities in the world in my taste buds, London second. So I will still keep myself busy.

For years I have wanted to be in US over 4th of July (maybe they will move this too in Chicago) and this year it will happen – quite excited about it all. It’s the same with – 11th of September (my birthday) …  want to be in NYC for the remembering – even if I’m not able to be down at Ground Zero. So on my 65th birthday next year and I will be there. Won 2 first class tickets with BA to NYC on Facebook – how lucky was I????!!!

So I have been checking out restaurants to pay a visit in Chicago, Seattle and Vancouver. My old waterholes are mostly gone – in Chicago they are all there, but the other 2 cities not to be found. Not fully true – “Metropolitan Grill”  in Seattle is still going strong and still one of the 10 best restaurants in town, amazing … after 22 years, but I’m not going back there – so many new exciting places to try out.
If I’m going back to any restaurants in Chicago – will it be “Blackbird” – where I had one of my best meals in US, beaten by “Aquavit” in NYC.

The planning and research for a trip like this – is 50% of all the fun with travelling.

Started off booking a couple of hotels on each destination and keeping an eye on others, then cancel as others got cheaper –my favorite websites for hotel are – Quikbook for US hotels and booking.com. Then I compare with the hotels own websites, like with Hyatt the room where a lot cheaper on their website. Booked very early too – now my room will cost me around $250.

What will my trip cost me in total?
Flights; $57.20/€43.00/£36.00
Baggage fee’s; $210/€157.50/£131.50
Hotels; $2.000/€1500.00/£1252.00
Restaurants; $2.000 – as above
Taxi & Airport transport; $300/€225.000/£188.00
Train & Ferry; $144/€108.00/£90.00

In Victoria I will stay 10 nights with friends.

Hope that the trip will be worth every penny and I will make sure it will – haven’t done a trip that has been worth what I been paying.

So I’m nearly there …. in the preperation.

“If you look like your passport photo, are you too ill to travel”

Photo’s provided by;
pacificapartners.com/ topnews.in/flightgobal.com/cheaptickets.com/

27 thoughts on “3 months to 27days

  1. Oh darn, no trip to FLorida this time. 😦 I’d love to meet you.

    Still, I’m so excited for you. I get mad at myself for my fear of flying, because I’m missing out on so much of this fun you get to have when you travel. Vancouver is a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

    BTW, my home town is Chicago and I still consider it home. My family is all there and I visit (drive) there once or twice a year. The Taste of Chicago is fun, but boy is it ever crowded. I went a couple of times when I lived there, but I wouldn’t go back only because I don’t care to be packed in like a sardine. I’m getting too old for that stuff anyway.

    I admire your courage and strength to travel with your health issues. You go girl. You are my hero. 🙂

    • Thank you, long time since I was a hero *smile – I think a was to quite of few of our staff, but it’s now 3 years ago. I’m not afraid of flying – the safest way to travel still. My mum was 82 and so scared of flying and she overheard somebody talking about how scared they where, but you have to give it a go – so she did and visit me in Belfast and she had to change plane. Met her in London for her next plane – she was a big smile coming through arrivals. She loved it to be up there above the clouds.

      I’m a bit upset about that I miss “Taste of Chicago” – but I think it has lost a bit of it’s flair. The first time I was over – all the big name restaurants had their stands – this year not one. Mostly only snacks .. witch is the pity. Still I would love to spend a day.

      I’m sure I will be okay with my “aftermaths” – stay in the middle of the city, so not fare if I get tired. Don’t want stop living and do my things, because of my cancer – but I’m no hero about it. Never force myself. Thank you so much for your kind words. Will keep you posted during me trip.

    • Not Florida this time .. but I still have Las Vegas and Cirque du Soleil – every show I want to see and CSI Miami – and that blue water is calling on me.

  2. Sound like a great trip. It is always a good time to travel. Just try and pace yourself on the flights. Flying is difficult at best, but with your positive attitude I’m sure you will fare well. My best and I look forward to hearing all the details. Lisa

  3. Love travelling, but haven’t flown this fare since I was in Toronto and that must be about 7 years ago, always kept my travelling in Europe lately. Really motivated to go for a longer trip now. Of course I will keep you posted – my little netbook with come with me.

  4. You did a really good job with your itinerary! You aren’t renting a car. Is that why you chose hotels that are right in the cities? I was just in Seattle and Vancouver for the first time this past summer and loved it. I rented a home on Puget Sound in Seattle through Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) that was so nice! Look here–http://travelspirit333.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/washingtonbritish-columbia-trip-day-1/.

    • I don’t drive .. drove up to I was 22 – then I had a quite server accident that went very well, but my mum got a bad turn, even if the accident wasn’t my fault I decided I will never drive again – because I will not cause anyone pain because of driving. Plus I saw a film “Narrow Margin” with Gene Hackman and Anne Archer, many years ago (1990) and most of the film was taken on the train between Seattle and since then I wanted to do that train journey along the coastline. Have gone by car between Vancouver and Seattle when I lived in Victoria – and I can’t remember that the scenery was that breathtaking as the film was. Why I stay in the city centre??? Because I want to be in the middle – even if I was driving I wouldn’t stay anywhere else. There will be a post soon about travelling solo as a woman.

      • We drove from Seattle to Vancouver and up towards Whistler. I think it’s called the “sea to sky” hwy. It was beautiful! I’ll have to see the movie!

      • The film is better then okay in my eyes – seen it a couple of times. The train journey 70% of the film … most interesting.
        Strange that I can’t remember the scenery from our drive from Vancouver to Seattle.

    • *smile – don’t think I’m living large anymore … have been for nearly 40 years, but I love my travelling and so fare I survived the cancer and being looked after, so if I should do the trip is now. My healthy issues will be there so long I live, they will maybe ease a bit, but I will never be free – and I will not let it stop me doing things I want, even if it slows me down. Will say that my “aftermath’s” has shrink my life as a woman with 35%.

    • Thank you so much … I’m sure I will! Have thought about it for years, lived and worked in Canada – haven’t been back since 1990. So lot of catching up. Will keep everyone posted.

  5. I do wish you were going to be staying longer in Toronto, I am about an hour’s drive from the airport. You would have been welcome to come and stay with us. It would have been lovely to meet.

    • I know .. have friend there too – that I would love to meet up with – 3 nights had been perfect, but I couldn’t get anymore stop over with my award points – hopefully I will able to travel again.

  6. I am so happy for you, Viveka, that you can do this trip. Looks like you have everything well organized. I am sure you’re going to enjoy it immensely. You’ll have lots to tell about it in your blogs.
    It’s strange that I found this page from 31st March when it was about three months countdown for your trip.

    It’s remarkable because today, 7th June, it’s about three months till I’ll board the plane in Sydney to fly to Berlin. I’ll be 78 in September. Luckily my husband is coming with me to Berlin. I am interested to find out what you’re going to blog about Berlin. I assume you’ve been there?

    I won’t be back in Australia till the 18th of November. But I hope I’ll be able to do some blogging while I’m over in Berlin.

    • .. how exciting – and good for you both … travelling so fare in that enriched age – fantastic. Still hope for me then.
      Yes, had 5 fantastic days in Berlin last June – and I have planned a blog about it. Promise you that you will it before it’s time for your departure. A wonderful city … so friendly and helpful, clean and .. great service everywhere. Only let down was “Checkpoint Charlie” – that they had made a circus out off – very respect-less in my eyes.
      Will start working on the post about Berlin next week. You will have loads to write about – are not staying all that time in Berlin ????

      • I’m glad you had a good time in Berlin last year, Viveka, and I’m looking forward to reading your blog about it. It’s a long trip for us to Berlin. Door to door it takes nearly thirty hours! We have booked a flat in the center of Berlin. We’re going to rent it for two months. This way we get it at a very low price. Much cheaper than hotels! And we’re going to have plenty of time to look around a lot. For the rest of the time we’ll be staying at one of my brothers’ place about 100 km north of Berlin. My brother also wants to drive us to some other places in Germany. One of Peter’s sisters lives in Berlin and is looking forward to seeing us a lot. There are quite a few other people who want to see us as well: A lot of family and friends. Yes, I am sure there’s going to be loads to write about.
        Last year I had an operation on the tongue. What they cut out turned out to be cancerous. But luckily they could get it all out. I have to go now for regular
        check-ups. So far I am o.k. The specialist says if I am o.k. for five years then I have nothing to worry about.

      • Great idea with a flat … I normally do that too – done both in Barcelona and Vienna.
        Same with my cancer – they claim that if we make for the 5 upcoming years – we will be okay, but I don’t believe them. Nearly 2 years for they removed my tumor. Tough illness. So happy that you will do this journey and you will be taken care off – but people who knows everything about Berlin. Envy! Going back but first all the tulips in Amsterdam.

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