scene from a marriage …. sven & lena, part 29

Parrot - artie comLena buys a parrot to keep her company during the day.

The clerk warns that the parrot was donated by a brothel, where he may have picked up some colorful language.

Lena doesn’t mind and brings the parrot home. When she uncovers the cage, the parrot says, “Brawkk! New Madam. Hello Madam.”

When her three daughters come home from school, the parrot says, “Brawkk! New Girls. Hello Girls.”

Finally, Sven, comes home from work, just in time for dinner.

When he walks past the parrot, the parrot says, “Brawkk! Hi Sven!!!”

“You can make prostitution illegal,
but you can’t make it unpopular.”
Martin Behrman

parrots - sparkpeople com

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