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Carefree …… can stand for many things … and different things depending on where we are in life … and what life has brought to us. Carefree isn’t all about sandy beaches, sunsets … it can be about a comfort day, a day without discomfort.

So my post is going to be about my today, my Saturday …. that has constant pain since a couple weeks back. So to make me feel carefree those days …. is two small magical pills and some sitting comfort.

I hardly take any medicine – not even a pill for headache, that I very seldom has …. don’t know if that means I have a good healthy head or no head at all.

I know all about being sick – medicine and treatments … with me gone through a cancer treatment that was rough and tough. So I’m not trying to be funny on somebodies expensive – except my own. It truly gave me a different view on pills, pain, hospitals .. and discomfort.

I try to see my situation from the funny side … but I can promise that is not easy – with a bum on fire! *laughing

Why not join the challenge … or look at others views on carefree; WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – CAREFREE

Doctor to patient: “You’re very sick — I like that in a patient.”

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81 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – carefree

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    • Yes, I think laughter and good senses of humor is any sickness and health problems worst enemy – I wish that cancer could be cured completely with bad jokes and laughter .. wouldn’t it be wonderful – instead of that terrible package it comes in. Yes, the joke is just brilliant.

      • I hope you are feeling better. That is never fun. But a good outlook is the best thing you can do for yourself (from an emotional standpoint) and I think you’ve got that under control.

        I love the pictures and the quote is a good one!

      • Thank you so much for your concern – I have really bad days and like today no problem at all, but I haven’t been sitting by the PC very long – yesterday I tried to catch up and visit – and it was so painful after a couple of hours.
        Have to see the fun in the whole situation, even if yesterday I didn’t see much fun in my discomfort. I had myself to blame.
        Thanks for your support … and for visiting me.

      • My grandma had cancer a good many years ago, and i remember her saying something like that. She always said that you are still okay if you are doing something. It is when you can’t do anything that it becomes a problem!

      • Your grandma was a wise lady … so true what she said. After my cancer treatments my body has got some problems, and I try to live my life as it was before the cancer, but it’s tough at times – but I will not stop living the life I want to live, even it maybe makes it a bit more difficult.

      • It makes me happy to hear that you want to continuing living your life as it was. I hope you are successful in that!

    • Colleen – those pills helps, but I don’t want to take too many – they are close to dangerous. *smile – maybe that is why I’m laughing at it all. *smile – my head is very funny at the moment.

      • Ah….the pills do more than help with the pain. I get that. I have taken cold medicine before and been loopy as can be. I am glad your head is funny, and I don’t blame you for being careful.

      • Colleen, I think the night pill … has some sleeping substance in them, because I sleep like a baby … they are very strong. Still a mushy in the head. I have to think as my doctors did when I was so seriously ill – we have to deal with one problem at the time and make that discomfort so pleasant as possible, then we move on to sort the rest out. Really great way of thinking and working.

    • Bebs … I truly hope so too, but I doubt it … I can tell you I’m not laughing all the time – its truly terrible .. but with a little help with my small friends, it becomes acceptable, but my head goes all funny and I’m sure that helps to laugh at the whole situation. Thanks for caring.

  2. I recently had a kind of something that brought me so much pain in undisclosed areas…areas that we shouldn’t even feel…since I, like you, try to avoid pills, this time, the discomfort went away fast while the effect lasted but if I concentrate I can still feel some discomfort… I don’t want to go back to the doctor but I don’t want to keep feeling this… aaarrgghhh… colonoscopy on the 27th, my prayers and good vibes will be with you Viveka… I appreciate so kuch you being so candid and open with such personal info 🙂 big hug, Alexandra

    • Thanks for your support – in my own way of thinking I hope that with me being open about my problems … maybe will help others to talk about theirs – because problems with the most private areas we have problems to talk about – because we feel about discomfort. So many people with the same private.
      Have done colonoscopy before and I don’t have a problem with it .. but I hate to drinking the cleaning detergent that we must drink .. 4 liters .. it taste just like sea water, terrible – I can’t understand why things has to taste so terrible – same with x-ray contrasts.
      If I were you .. I would go back to the doctor if you still have problems, because it can go worst and can end up in ostomy if we are not careful. So please, rethink.

      • I’ve never had a colonoscopy, though did have to have some contrast inyected through my left leg to find a clot in a vein part of which had alreadybtraveled to my lung and had gotten stuck here… interesting experience but no fun at all…Thank you Viveka, I get some lab results on Tuesday… I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

      • Yes, please – let me know … I can image that experience like that is less than fun – I hat anything that has to do with contrast and injections. They thought I had a colt in my right foot a couple of years ago, very common after chemo to get clots. 7 time they tried to get the contrast into my foot. They found nothing. I will hope of all my heart that the results will be okay.

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  5. Oh Viveka…I hate to hear that you are suffering so….I’m hoping that the colonoscopy will determine the problem and that you will be able to find comfort at last. I’m praying for you….xxxx

  6. Sorry that you have to wait so long to get an answer to what is causing all the pain. Thank goodness that the pills help a little. I’m hoping that carefree days return quickly.

    • My little pill-friends are great, but I get a bit soggy in the head … but today I went back on the medicine and it works fine so fare. So there is hope … for a pain free full day today.
      Hopefully it will work the 8 days that I have left.
      Thanks for your concern and caring, Karen. Yesterday wasn’t a great day.

  7. I’m glad you seem to have a better day today – and it still is? Let’s hope for the next 8 days then, and after that – for ever rid of the problem…Hugs and hopes for a good week!

    • Nia, thank you so much for your caring thoughts and words – had a good day yesterday and I hope that today will be the same.Saturday was so bad. And the sun is back today again. Life is rather good this morning. Wish you a great weekend, dear friend.

    • Thanks, Suzanne … back on the medicine – I had 2 better days now – so hopefully I’m on the right track now, but I’m a little nervous because of my history with cancer. Had a wired dream this morning, very wired.

    • Thanks, Dia … Welcome back. My situation has gone slightly better, but far from great – so sitt by a the computer for too long is not even to think of.

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