2012.01.18 – 23.16CET

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That was when it all started for me – the blogging and I screamed “Hello World” – only ONE person heard me. *smile

And what a year it has been … learned so much – got in contact with so many fantastic people from all corners of our global. Some of you have been there all along, some has come and gone … and returning – some has left me. Just like in real life.

So what have I learned from this year:
• I have learned that I’m a lot more than only recipes, pots, pans and travel. My blog was suppose to me only about food and travel – but I would have been bored to death and you too.

• I have learned that there is so much happiness, grief, hobbies, pain, interests, laughter, love, sorrow, friendship, illness, food, travel, madness, beliefs and faith, beauty, poetry, worries, photos, fashion, injustice, art, talent, support, novels, hurt and joy out there to be shared.

• I have taught to master my Swenglish a lot better, even if it doesn’t happen daily – mostly because my fingers are working quicker than my brain.

• I have learned that awards are wonderful and inspiring to get – but so hard work to pass on – and I don’t like hard work anymore. *smile Hope you can forgive me. Promise I will try to be a lot better this year coming.

• I have learned that my less perfect photos are pretty good – won a photo challenge with one of my rejected photos. Also in the 3rd rpc award – of course I would love to have your vote; THANKS FOR THE ROSES  


• I have learned that I don’t have the best laid plan when it’s about blogging, because I’m all over the place and not sticking to one theme. I love the way it’s!

• I have learned that I’m not after 150 likes per day – if nobody commenting??!!!! I want  people to “talk” to me. They don’t have to talk to me every time I post, but a couple of times per week … because response is one of the most important ingredients in our life.

• I have learned that I can get away with using copyrighted photos – because I state the on the images the website where I found it, when I post. Have been caught out, 2 images (my posts about Ystad and Öland) from the same photographer – thank you so much: Thomas Juhlin at thojuh.se – one amazing Swedish photographer.

• I have learned that we can like posts without reading them from “Readers” – just wonder why we do that … because we want to be polite or because we think the have too ????

• I have learned that political or social matters don’t really interest us – we know they excite – but we don’t really want to read about them or comment on them.

• I have learned so much about my little powerful camera – that I only have used during holidays, had it for 5 years – never read the manual … that now is always with me where ever I go .. even to hospitals and supermarkets, because through my camera I look at the world differently .. I will always find some beauty to catch.
My photo blogging didn’t start until March last year – so I will do a review of that when we come to March.

• I have learned that I want to keep my trademark for my posts, my cloud of music, all to myself … don’t want to share how to do it. So please don’t ask me! And thanks for telling me when they don’t work.

• I have learned so much about Sweden, my home country, especially after the “A-Z challenge” last April, were I decided to bring out Sweden to the rest of the world. Will do it again this year – it’s a massive task really for me, because I have to do deep research and put it together in my own words. I have to look for images to go with the post and this year I also will add Swedish music (or somehow connected to Sweden) – that means a lot of ABBA – but we all love ABBA – don’t we????!!!

• I have learned that it’s okay to have a blog free day – when nothing is posted, read or commented – and all notifications will go to the bin – Sunday is my day. But I have decided that today is MY day – and I will only sit here … waiting to be courted – I will not visit or comment today neither.

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My year has been filled with so much – also stats and here is some.

Posts: 461
Views; 35,585
Comments; 7,517
Visiting countries; 162
Best day: 20/7-2012
Average views per day: 160
Followers: 271
Facebook; 209
Tag; 67

So thanks a million to ALL of YOU for being here – for visiting, for reading, for liking, for not liking, for commenting, for cheering me on, for “loving me”, for the deep friendship, for leaving me, for coming back to me, for liking Sven, Lena, Bertil, Gustaf and Anna, for not being angry over my bold and straight commenting, for understanding my Swenglish, for smiling to my jokes, for letting me cry over lost friends, for letting  me worry over my demons, for letting me laugh and for I’m allowed to be myself.

My world here would it be anything without you, guys … it would be very lonely and dull.

The most popular track and most sold in the world, the week I started my blog was – David Guetta’s “Turn Me On” – at least that’s what google tells me. A very suitable title, because that is when I turned on WordPress.

Also a big thanks to WordPress – that have made all this possible.

And my last “Thank You” goes to my friend, Barbara in Belfast – that was the pushing force  behind me starting a blog. Barbara if it hadn’t been for you … I wouldn’t have been here, the most exciting place in cyber space, where everything can happen and have happened. 

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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58 thoughts on “2012.01.18 – 23.16CET

  1. a big congratulations to you Viveka. I want you to know that i am listening to Raining Men as I am writing to you. I thank WP for introducing a wonderful new friend to me, you……………….hugs

  2. Congratulations beautiful lady, dear Viveka. For this last year, I can add this for me, one of the beautiful things that I met with you in this blogging world. With you(with your posts/blog) life was so nice. Thank you God, at first, and Thank you for you, being there. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  3. Viveka – you are a delightful, bright and funny woman and you’ve created a space here that’s full of liveliness and charm and is riddled with surprises. I love not knowing what will come of a visit here! Keep that, and more of that, coming! Happy anniversary, dear you! (and thank you Barbara for convincing Viveka that she needed to write for the likes of us!)

    • Antoinette, thank you so much for all the beautiful words … my heart is so warm now from .. all the nice things said.

      I have always been all over the place – and maybe that is what make me so lively. Neither do I want to write to much of negative things .. because it makes my readers feeling so good neither, but sometimes I want to do a statement.

      I strongly believe that if I’m happy and feeling good in my writing … my readers will feel good too.

      Barbara, wanted me to do a cookery book, but I’m not famous enough for people to buy it and it cost so much money to publish, with stylist, photographer and studio time. So after a long time of nagging from her – she gave up that idea and say .. start a blog – and the same evening I started.

      If I ever publish a cookery book I will give it the title – I’m not famous, but I can cook. *smile

      I enjoy having you in my world.

  4. Happy first birthday, Viveka. Thank you for sharing the lessons you’ve learned. Your words spoke for me as well. This is a lovely post, and I’m so glad we met through blogging.

    • My pleasure too, Lori … I think we take the blogging sometime to serious – I put a lot of time, care and afford into my posts – but I’m not to worried about if I can manage to answer and visit all the posts that has been done – I did that in the beginning – but it’s a catch 22, while you are catching up you’re receiving more. Thank you so much for your support and nice words.

  5. Viveka I am so glad I found your blog.. can’t even remember how but I have enjoyed every single one of them… never let your English worry you, can you imagine if we only spoke to those who spoke our home language.. as mine is Afrikaans I would probably only have my family following me… as for you music piece I love it and am a little jealous as to how you do it… sometimes I keep your blog open whilst I view others just to be able to repeat your choice of the day… congrats and keep them coming.. I love your Blog…

    • Thanks so much … your words gave me my heart to melt.
      Don’t really to handle all this *smile

      That is what I do too – I open one of my post and play the music while writing a new post.

      I have heard about the Afrikaans – and I have a friend that sometime use it on FB, she lives in SA and I use google translator to write back to her, great tool by the way.

      I love to land in your world too .. a place that I know nothing about .. it’s beauty, traditions and nature. Thanks for bringing it to me.

  6. Happy 1st Birthday ‘My Guilty Pleasures’ and especially you Viveka… It may be only 4 months since we met…but for me, you come across with so much Soul and Heart in your blog and comments that they almost glow off the screen… So looking forward to your year 2 and what that little camera can capture …all my wishes Carl

    PS CONGRATULATIONS😃 on winning the RPC Photo contest …couldn’t have gone to a better person

    • Carl, thank you so much for your wonderful words … so kind of you – and I enjoy landing over at your place too. Your photo yesterday was breathtaking – the tree and sun.

      I put my heart and my soul into my blogging, sometimes more or sometimes less, depends on the mood. Because my blog is me.

      Wow, did I win again – I had lost the original photo when I changed over to a new PC – and I never checked the size of the photo before entering, so it came out all blurry – but the rose petal was in focus. Love to be a winner.

  7. Congratulations, Viveka! You are a very special blogger…always straight forward in your comments and always so alive. Thank you for finding me, so that I could find you! Let’s move on with our blogging and loving it. I agree with you in so many things you say in this post. I have no special goal either, but sharing my photos and thoughts – and comments and a bit conversation about life. It’s the feeling of being one with nature and people, that we are all here on this planet and while some conditions might differ- inside we are all much the same.

  8. Why do I have two music turned on? There’s Purple Rain and another one. It’s like a great party for your first anniversary Viveka! You are a great blogger and photographer.

    • I don’t know why you here too – do you have two of my post open .. on the same time.

      Purple rain is not connected to my “year” post.

      Thank you so much for your lovely words .. they land straight into my software.

    • You’re such a sweetheart – thank you so much .. for your support. Love being here .. and if I can spreed some great music and smiles … that is perfect for me.

    • Cindy, thanks a million – I think I have found my style of blogging now – but it has been a fun path to run on.
      So thankful for your support .. and it’s always a pleasure to visit you and read about all the funny things that happens in your life.

    • “Afternoon on the Beach” is normally my header photo – just love it, but with snow falling over my blog for a couple of weeks I decided to change into Carl Larsson’s winter.
      But I will change again when the spring comes, because I don’t want to lose my identity. *smile
      Thank you so much for for your support and kind words.

  9. Congratulations, dear Viveka! What a summary of things you have learned in the past twelve months 🙂 I am learning to use my camera better every day and I too carry it with me now everywhere I go! Keep on blogging :-)! Have a lovely 2nd blogging year! .-) xo

    • Thanks, Dia …. you just carry on working your little camera – there is a completely new word out there, that we don’t see if the camera isn’t with us. Strange really, without the camera we just rush by all the details and the beauty. You take brilliant shots.
      I blog if you are reading – Thanks for your suppot.

  10. Happy Anniversary, Viveka. Thank you for sharing your world with us. I have enjoyed everything about your blog. I think it is like you, fun and unpredictable. I’m looking forward to the upcoming year. May it be a delightful one, my friend.

    • Karen, thanks for the sweet words of yours – I know I’m a bit all over the place and I’m glad you have got used to it. I think we are going to have a fantastic blog year.

  11. Happy anniversary Viveka! Thank YOU for brightening our days with your joyful posts and music 🙂 By the way, I figured out how you embed music and added a track to my ‘Gandhi’ post 😀 I had tried for that particular track at the time, and had no idea how!!! Thanks again for the inspiration.

    • Thank you for visiting me .. and taking your time for commenting – I love to land over at your place – must have missed that post. Going to check it out straight away.
      To add suitable music take some searching too.
      Let be our little secret. *laughing.

      • I knew what music I wanted, that one is inextricably associated with Gandhi. I just had no idea how to embed it to start automatically. Not until a couple of weeks ago when something clicked 😀

      • it’s a lovely post .. just listen to it now – first I had my music cloud on my blog in a widget, but it was a bit of a work up everything I wanted to change – so I tried in a
        post and it worked straight away.

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