leftovers up to departure

Boursin Filled Beef Burgers with Raisins Pistachio Nuts Couscous and Tzatiziki, served me  

There isn’t a day I don’t stumble over some fantastic recipes thanks to my blogging friends here – and there is all the time something that talks to me – try me … TRY ME!

A very tough decision I took the other day … when I decided to use up what I have in my freezer first of all and my cupboards, both filled to the rim. Serious I have to use up what I have in store.

It started with my “Larder Tuna Salad” the other day … and it was very easy – for God sake, I’m chef … I should be able to make magic and small wonders out of nothing.

Saturday we didn’t have any sun – so I didn’t eat on the balcony – but I still used up leftovers. Had some home made beef burger in the freezer – filled with boursin cheese – when there is extra price on mince beef I buy a pound – mix it with softly fried onion, 2 egg, diced bacon and crispy fried onion plus seasoning – and when I do the burgers I put a topped tea spoon of boursin cheese in the middle – form them so no cheese is “looking out” and then I freeze them 2 and 2.

I fry the burgers to get some colour for about – 5-7 min on each side in my grill -pan and then I put them under foil in the oven 170C/330F for about 20 min. It keeps them much more moist than when fry them well done in the grill-pan and the jus (all the goodies) will be there to pour over the burgers when served.

My couscous I do very simple
75 gr (2.65oz) couscous in a bowl – with 150ml (5,7 floz) boiling water poured over and 15 gr (0.5oz) butter – let stand under lid for 10-15 min.
In the meantime I soft fry ½ small finely chopped red onion with 1 finely chopped garlic clove.
When the couscous has finish soaking I whisk it up with a fork so the butter get well mixed in, I add a coarse chopped tomato – no pips – ½ handful of raisins and pistachio nuts – season with grounded cinnamon and turmeric – salt and pepper and whisk again.

The Tzatizki I bought ready made (doing Tzatizki for one person not even worth thinking of) and I will use the rest I will use with spare ribs during the upcoming week.

I missed my sunshine dinner on my balcony on Saturday, but dinner was okay, plus that only have one photo from my plate can be used, they others came out all funny.

“The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger”
Chris O’Brien

Photos provided and thanks to: cheesesupply.com & lohmanders.se

17 thoughts on “leftovers up to departure

    • Yes, Boursin is a great cheese – very versatile – have to start thinking about what I have at home, that freeze will burst any day. *smile

  1. Funnily enough on our TV morning show they did burgers with cheese in the middle, but I like the idea of using Boursin. Lovely cheese. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I like Boursin .. I also do a stuffed chicken breast with that cheese and then wrapped in parma ham with a tomato orange sauce on tagliatelle. Massive seller for us .. have to dig it out. The pleasure is mine.

    • So versatile – can stuff anything with it .. and when it melts … Yummy. Only to spread it on a nice freshly baked bread .. or crackers with a glass of wine. You should try it.

  2. Yummmmmmy! I wish I was there to have this with you, thanks one again for an awesome recipe! I can’t seem to keep pace with the rate at which you cook n write these blogs. Bravo 🙂

    • Thank you so much … I could need somebody here to help me eat through the freezer – you’re more then welcome. I’m always blogging one day ahead …. but I will stop blogging on Sundays, because have checked Sundays are very low interest – I think it’s because everybody spend time with their families. So I will take a blog free day.

      • Frankly I don’t either, but its so hot in the summer out here, I seem to become useless to myself! Looking at all those wonderful dishes you turn out and then so lovingly write about them….wish I could do that with all those fleeting thoughts that pass through my mind! Have a wonderful day dear Viveka!

      • Same to you …. we had full summer yesterday and today it’s raining .. Swedish summer back to normal. *smile – your words falls straight into my software.

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