laundry moaning

Lately I have read a few .. posts about laundry and how it builds up – I’m not going to come over and do the laundry for you .. even if I love the laundry bit and hate the ironing with an avenger.

Just been down in our laundry room now .. and I notice that most women and all men (that wash) wash clothes with zippers – with the zipper open. Girls, girls .. and the few boys – you have to close the zippers before washing and you will never have a broken zipper in your life again. Haven’t had a broken zipper for over 40 years.

It’s the heat from the washing and the tumble dryer that damage the zippers – the heat buckle them and then when closing the zipper when the garments are dry it put pressure on the zipper, because the two sides of the zipper hasn’t buckled up the same and they will split more sooner then later  – if they are closed they will stay straight.

Only a good word of advice, sure it will not stop the moaning *smile

“Give me a laundry list and I’ll set it to music.”
Gioacchino Antonio Rossin

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22 thoughts on “laundry moaning

  1. Great advice. I never heard it before. I’m very grateful for laundry machines because without them we’d be smacking clothes against rocks by the river. 😉

  2. Thank you for the tip Great to know! I hand wash all my clothes so that they last longer (and of course, this takes longer), but I’ll be sure to keep this in mind should I ever machine wash. 😀

  3. We do the laundry every Saturday. I wash and fold, and Dave puts away. We never have broken zippers, but we do have lots of stains from working around the property.

    • Neither do I … but have to do anyhow – absolutely hate it, been at the whole day – because I leave it so often and that was not yesterdays wash.

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