a promise to …. bliss

Yesterday was it Mothers Day over here …. and I had go to CityGross, my supermarket. For a week ago I promised my blogging sister, Bliss a whole picture of our flower “sculpture” on City Hall Square – so I took the camera with me … because a promise is a promise, plus I never know what I can see on the way.

A wonderful sunny day, but with some clouds building up around the edges. Saturday where okay weather-wise, but there where no flooding of sunshine. A bit windy yesterday too. The town where nearly empty on people., even the outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes – very little people at “CityGross” and very little staff too – there where still queues – only 2 tills open and one had technical problems. As I left our backyard I saw some on girly art on our tiles – really pretty I thought. Sure that my neighbors thought that I was taking photo on the “art” to complain to the landlord. *smile – evidence.

Most pictures did I take on the way home through the park – and back on our backyard I saw this pretty little girl playing all by herself in the sandbox and one my neighbors where using the “cherry-picker” (use for our maintenance work of our balconies) as garden furniture as she where talking to a friend.

My friends – the duck had made it through the roundabout and where laying in sunshine on the edge of the fountain.

Didn’t do much shopping, because I have decided I have to eat all the leftovers that I have in my freezer – it’s packed to the rim. So until my holiday … that’s what you going to see here, what I do with my leftovers.

Have a good week folks – going to hospital now to check up my bladder problems … Fun start on the week. *smile

“A good mother is irreplaceable.”
Adriana Trigiani

11 thoughts on “a promise to …. bliss

  1. Awww, thank you , ma chere. That is truly a beautiful sculpture. Is it the only one like that in your area? I even love the colors they used with the flowers. It is all very unique and I appreciate you taking the time to photograph it for me. Thank you!

    • Yes, I think it’s the only one .. and they have it on the square in front of City Hall. It was a pleasure and no extra walking to the supermarket. It’s a lovely display… or what ever it’s will see if I can find any details over the net.

  2. Lovely pictures as usual. The flower sculpture is very interesting. I wish we had such a pretty display where I live, the city seems to put up rusty old iron things. Hideous.

    • Landskrona are very good with their parks .. and they have many – all the public areas have always stunning flower arrangements and roundabouts too. They have a Landskrona Park Team – says so on the back of their overalls and T-shirts this time of year. Very nice touch.

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