30th of april 1994

from Point Theater in Dublin … the interval performance act at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest.

Who doesn’t remember that magic performance?

The show has since then seen by over 25 million people all over the world.

Here is Jean Butler and Michael Flatley again!!!

“The difference between Irish dance and ballet
is that ballet dancers need special shoes to go on pointe.”

7 thoughts on “30th of april 1994

  1. vivi – thank you ! Thank you . . . you have made me cry in the best possible way . . . You, Milady, have an infinite gift to say such a huge amount with such deceptive simplicity . . . make us think of what is real soul and what is ‘show’. Thank you for the memory I’ll now keep . . . of course I saw this . . . of course it reached my heart . . ..

    • Eha, you really know who use the word and how to express yourself. *smile
      I think the whole world was stunned and taken by this performance. I know the Ireland won the song contest again … They have won 7 times … and Sweden 6 times. And I don’t know if there is going to be one 2021. None 2020. I just love that show .. that shows that music wins over everything for one night per year.

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