16 thoughts on “what the irish can do ….

    • Oh, don’t we all remember Riverdance … that magical Eurovision evening from Dublin in 1994. I saw the show myself in Edinburgh a year later. Seen all his shows. Irish dancing is very big in the US. I ended up in the US championship in Chicago in 2012 – the hotel was full of dresses, wigs … grandmas … dancers of all ages. Talked to some of them and they all said that it’s specially hard on the knees.

  1. I have also seen a musical ride with at least 20 Chinese women, all with makeup, riding white Lusitano horses, in patterns in some amazing arena with chandeliers. I know that the Chinese like show jumping but this was more like dressage. Amazing! Just like the video in your post.

    • Anne, I found the Chinese ladies on horses, but it was a video about how popular horse riding has become in China, still amazing what was shown from their performance. I spent time in China in the late 70’s and I not surprised that what ever they do they do extraordinarily – extremely determent people, just like the Japanese. Thank you so much for you visit.

  2. Vivi – am so glad you enjoyed this and that it is going around ! Methinks many of us remember back to the joy of Michael Flatley and Riverdance . . . and now have to admire the utter precision and correctness of youngsters from another race and country getting the feeling-world almost right !!! I just wonder what my dear Irish friends think . . . oh, Vivs, you have made me smile . . .

    • Eha, thanks for the link … I have Irish friends and they all loved the video. Riverdance was amazing when it came – but Irish Dancing is so popular all over the world. I think those young Chinese is just AWESOME!!! But that is in the Chinese mentality – determination !!!!! Don’t know how many time I have watch the video. Just brilliant.

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