cee’s fun fotochallenge; yellow and pink

“The only person a woman will listen to
is a photographer.”

I just love yellow … but not a colour that I would wear. It makes me feel happy!!!

  1. Yellow activates the memory.
  2. In general, yellow is the colour of sunshine, hope, and happiness.
  3. Yellow is an intensive and visible colour.
  4. This is why it is used to indicate caution.
  5. Yellow is a “positive” colour, but in case it is overused it has negative effects.
  6. In Japan, yellow is the colour of courage and in Egypt, yellow is the colour of mourning.

“How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Pink has never been a colour that I have clicked with – but since hair has turned grey … hot pink and I get along very well. Starting to warm up to soft pink too.

  1. The colour pink symbolizes joy and happiness.
  2. The third Sunday of the advent is said to be pink coloured according to Christianity.
  3. The colour is considered to be the most delicate colour.
  4. Pink has also been used on prison walls in order to reduce the erratic behaviour of inmates.
  5. It is believed that pastries taste better in pink boxes and plates
  6. Pink is the most given colour for sending flowers to someone.

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”
Lilly Pulitzer

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink and Yellow (separately or combined)

11 thoughts on “cee’s fun fotochallenge; yellow and pink

  1. What super fun photo’s. I love both of these colors, and it is no wonder they make me feel so good. I did not know all these facts about each color! How fun this shall be, Cee! 💛💗

    • Lisa, thanks … for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the facts I have copied into my post. It was a very fun challenge. Cee, is a great playmate. *smile

    • Lisa, the cute Japanese girls were very cute … and they were very well behaved as I put my camera against them. The blue boys were all over the park. Thanks for your kind comment.

    • Cee, thank you so much … they were a living piece of art a couple of years ago. Just love them … I think there are so many much better photos of them here in Sweden. Thanks for the kind words. Mean a lot to me, as you know.

  2. Love looking at your colours but not living with them . . . when I say my home is all white and beiges and greys . . . it may sound very dull indeed nut is so full of light and peace . . . I leave the yellows for the garden and stay far, far away from pink . . . 🙂 !

    • Eha, yes … you told me that you have problems living with colours … I’m opposite. Same with my clothes. Love colours (mostly for the spring and summer) … seldom wear black near my face … and I like grey and beige. Pink I have started wearing since my hair became grey, mostly hot pink. Yellow … a colour that not many can wear with confidence.

    • Teresa. thank you so much for your lovely comment … the sheep was a living piece of art. Yes, the little Japanese girls, so cute .. there were boys in blue too, but they were running around.

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