thursday doors – october 8, 2020

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”
John Barrymore

It was my lovely blogging sister Janet@THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER THING that sent me over to Norm and his fantastic Doors.

and … here I’m

So now down to business … doors!

When I spend Christmas in Krakow a couple of years CNN showed a 60-second travel dairy from Tbilisi in Georgia. I know before the section was finished I knew that I just needed to go there so soon as possible. And 6 weeks later l had everything booked; hotel & flight for Christmas 2018. In Tbilisi the adventure found me!!!

… and I met some doors.

Tbilisi Old Town (Dzveli Tbilisi) – Sitting at the foot of the imposing hill capped by the Narikala Fortress and climbing the slopes, a labyrinth of narrow streets where wooden balconies look down from old brick-build homes. Doorways lead to hidden courtyards and ancient vines climb to the skies using anything vertical for support.

The style is a mix of two influences, the tight winding streets of an Asian or Arabic town interwoven with European, classical Russian and Art Nouveau architecture. The northern edge is the recently renovated Abanotubani area, famous for its Sulphur Baths and Meidani square with its many restaurants.

Parts have been comprehensively renovated, arguably a little too enthusiastically, so that some streets look like a Disney film set, though far more of these twisting alleys are untouched. They are ramshackle, cracked and crumbling but delightful, enchanting, picturesque and real.

“When a door closes another door should open,
but if it doesn’t then go in through the window.”

Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater- opened in 1981, THE GABRIADZE. Theatre has become a much-loved part of Tbilisi’s cultural scene. It’s a small space with only 80 seats, but the puppets here don’t mess around, acting out high-brow dramas such as “The Autumn of Our Springtime” and “The Battle of Stalingrad.”

Gabriadze and his puppets have gained international attention, they have gone on tour: to the Lincoln Center Festival in New York, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, the Theater de la Ville in Paris, Spain and Bogota, Toronto and London, Washington and Moscow. Few puppets have travelled so well.

The cradle of winemaking was in Georgia – they have been making wine for over 8000 years, say no more.

But I just to have to mention their vodka. Chacha – from 100%’s grapes, strong alcoholic beverage distilled from the residue of pulp after wine fermentation and stored on oak barrels. This seriously good and strong (70%), I needed a lot of tonic with mine.

I was supposed to be back in Tbilisi over Easter this year .. and I was supposed to be there in 2 weeks time, but now I’m planning to be there in a years time. Can’t wait to get back.

And in the evening on my return home from Tbilisi … this happened to our entrance door! A bomb!!! 

“A very little key will open a very heavy door.”
Charles Dickens

13 thoughts on “thursday doors – october 8, 2020

  1. This is not your average collection of door photos! Fabulous ! Distraught doors, destroyed doors, decaying doors, beautiful doors, inviting doors, cleverly crafted doors. I love door photos and these are some of the best I have ever seen!

    • Anne, thank you so much for your kind words … I think decaying doors are more interesting than then the new or well-kept ones. I thought I had a lot more doors on file in overall, but they aren’t that many. I always have a feeling of that I capture too many where ever I go. Once again thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. You have made me smile ! I was not dropping in on you when you went to Georgia so all of this is delightfully new ! Including the doors, ‘kaput’ or fixed or just different . . . Did not know about the puppets either . . . and have never witnessed an adult puppet show. Back ‘home’ the puppet theatre was always a small child’s introduction to the world of stage performance . . . I was first taken at age three.. . . Happiness: it will find you at the oddest times thru’ doors you oft did not know were open . . . you cannot seek it . . . it is too fey . . .

    • I have seen the famous puppets at Copenhagen Tivoli, but that is more fun and messing-around show. Next year I will visit the puppet show, but I don’t think it’s in English .. have to check. I fell in love with Georgia, because of its people. A friend went to Tbilisi because of my experience 10 months later and she didn’t want to leave neither. I met a Danish couple that living there for 5 years and they loved it too. Met a lot of people from Dubai and Hong Kong which was back for 4th and 5th time. So soon the airline releases their schedule for Oct-21 I rebook my ticket. Eha, I wish you a pleasant weekend.

      • Good luck and good fortune with your travel ! This morning’s news here informed us that Australians will not be allowed to travel anywhere in Europe or the United States all of 2021 and probably 2022 because of their Covid results. Travel ‘bubbles’ will soon be formed with New Zealand and possibly with some of the Pacific Islands and Singapore, possibly Japan after. But then, all of our state borders are closed now and in Victoria there is a nightly curfew, no travel beyond 5 kms and one hour’s local exercise period once a day.. One person per household can go shopping once a day for one hour. Yes, it works 🙂 !

  3. Vivi, I’m so glad you joined Thursday Doors and with such a wonderful gallery! I love the photo with the two women and that vodka sounds lethal!! I’ll take a lot of tonic with mine as well.


    • I forgot to add a thank-you for the link to my blog and to ask if you linked this on Norm’s blog. (I’ve been busy today as it’s my dad’s 92nd birthday and I had Mom and Dad over for dinner, which was a complete success, so I haven’t been to Norm’s since yesterday.)

      • 92 years … that is a fantastic age. All the ladies in my family (only me left) passed the 90. Yes, I have .. done a pingback to Norm. *smile Thank you so much for your kind words … about my post. I had give my doors some background. So now I’m on Norm’s playground. I wish you a pleasant weekend, Janet.

  4. Great post on some wonderful doors. The wonder of what might be behind certain doors has always intrigued me. I never made it to Georgia during my traveling working days, but I had a colleauge while working in Kazakhstan that was from Rustavi, Georgia that introduced me to Chacha. We had it on more than one occation, but my merroies of those times is a bit foggy. A potent libation indeed…
    We’ve enjoyed the Tivoli puppets and I’ve seen an amazing Chinese shadow puppetry show in China. So, I would love to visit the Gabriadze for a show.

    • Ron, I’m the same … some doors just draw you to them. You should go to Georgia. Fantastic place. Just waiting for November to come so I can book a new visit in October next year. Then they have their national ballet group that is just pure magic, I saw a year ago in Gdansk. I can image that more than 2 chacha can make any man foggy the next day.
      I really recommend Georgian!!! Next time will see the puppet theater, they say that it’s serious shows, no “messing around”. I also enjoyed the puppet shadow show in China, was there in 1979.
      I flow Turkish Airlines last time, this year I’m booked with LOT. Renting a very apartment this this. – located in one of Tbilisi most beautiful buildings. Had friends that went a year ago after all the talking I did about my visit and they loved too. My girlfriend said on her return that she didn’t want to go home.

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