lens-artists challenge #118 – communication

I don’t know it’s today with my communications skills … but when I was working I was famous for that skill.

Anne and Biasini want us to play along with them on this theme/topic.  So I have to put on that thinking cap.

For many years ago while I lived in the UK – British Telecom and a brilliant slap line: It’s good to talk.

“The most important thing in communication is
to hear what isn’t being said.”
Peter Drucker

It has stayed with me through at least 20 years now … and now when we have to live with and around the COVID-19 it’s more than ever important that we talk with each other.

Here are some communications that I have captured during my travelling and on my own street.

“Things are often spoke and seldom meant.”
William Shakespeare

3 Turkish gentleman … on a sunny Sunday morning in Istanbul. I never turned around to see what was so interesting.

“There are many ways of getting strong,
talking is the best way.”
Andre Agassi

June 2014 we had a fire in the basement of our apartment building. I slept through it all. The fire chief claimed that he had been trying to wake me up, but he didn’t a very good job. It took 2 fire brigades to suppress the fire. It took 8 months before we had our basement and store units back. We were very lucky, no harm to any of the apartments. If it hadn’t been for one of our neighbours returning from the gym at 2am and was met by smoke when he opened the entrance door … ????????!!!!

“If you let a person talk long enough
you’ll hear their true intentions.
Listen twice, speak once.”
Tupac Shakur

Summer … sand … blue sky and being in the company of a good friend. The girls had a very serious conversation in the sand dunes out at Grenen (Skagen in Denmark), where the mighty waves meet in the Skagerrak and Kattegat and fight a constant battle over who is the strongest.

“Know what you are talking about.”
Pope John Paul II

I got my first mobile phone in 2000 because I won a Nokia 3310 … and since then I went through quite a few Nokia models (have always been faithful to Nokia) and today I have the new generation of Nokia 3310. Smartphone – not for me. Bought, tried and gave away in less than two months.

I love flip phones (hard to find those days – but Samsung has released one now) … and I would love to have this one, designed by the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama.

“Speak to me: I will spend my lifetime
trying to understand you.”
Kamand Kojouri

Madrid police force out in full, but very relaxed before a football match at Real Madrid FC home arena – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

“I put my phone in airplane mode,
but it’s not flying!”

Maybe the last call before boarding to tell the family that he is on his way home … or closing a deal in the last minute … or ????? Captured at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

“I love to talk about nothing. It’s the only thing
I know anything about.”
Oscar Wilde

A nice relaxed conversation between a lady and two policemen in Budapest at The City Park (Városliget)  a bitter and grey February morning.  The City Park is the world’s oldest public park.

“Winning isn’t everything, but it beats anything that comes in second.”
Paul Bryant

Strategy talk at The Mojácar Bowls Club in Spain, my good Scottish friend Ian is a member. Very serious tournaments.

This game was played to the honour of a member that suddenly had passed away. This the winning team!!!

Lens Artists Challenge #118 Biasini Speaks about Communication

20 thoughts on “lens-artists challenge #118 – communication

    • Lola, I like that quote too .. Oscar Wilde was very witty and have done some brilliant quotes. I don’t understand why I didn’t turn around to see what he was pointing at. Their communication was quite loud, but I don’t understand Turkish. *laughing

  1. I love your photos and quotes. One of the scariest things to me right now is the lack of civility and the inability to agree to disagree. If we can’t talk civilly and we can’t let others have their beliefs without running them down and demeaning them (the people a/o the beliefs), our world is in dire straits!


    • Janet, I totally agree … I see on CNN every day. Thanks for that people in my surrounding isn’t like that. We are quite civilized *smile
      I thought that this with COVID-19 should do us more humble … but it has gone the other direction. Terrible that we haven’t learned from what we are going through. That all those that have lost their life for absolutely nothing. Terrible. Be careful out there. Wivi

      • We’ve had riots but no beheading like the one in Paris. What is wrong with people? Who thinks it’s ok to just kill someone if you don’t agree with them or for almost any other reason??

      • Janet, there is no respect for life anymore. We invite violence into our home through games and TV, we have as entertainment. We can allowed to see how people are killing in slow motion on TV, but we are not allowed to see kids and parents naked together in a bed. ?????!!! Or a naked breast. So wired.

    • Hi there, lovely to see you … I will give you a call. Doing fine (I think) … a bit tired of this virus, but as Mr President said – it’s what it’s. I would like that phone too, but I don’t think it’s very comfortable to hold. *smile

  2. Some things one finds hard to learn somehow !! I SO understand and believe in the ‘listen twice, speak once’ quote, so know it is right . . . but, being the enthusiastic Gemini I am, get rather cross with myself at the end of the day for as yet again breaking the rule and not just . . . listening . . . ! Oh, if one tries that long enough one does learn !!! . . . as far as Covid and Sweden and ‘humility’ are concerned . . . dearHeart, I dare not nor want to put my opinions down . . . what right do I have . . . but I so agree with you . . . the TIME magazine has just included an article re that . . . it says it all to my way of thinking . . . let it be . . . I still have not found your email: mine is eha,carr@bigpond.com – send me yours and I’ll send the article . . .del my address !

    • Eha, one of my best friends are Gemmi .. not easy!!! *laughing … one leg on each side of the fence all the time. *smile. I have sent an e-mail to you. We go new restrictions yesterday regarding the COVID-19 and not that it makes a difference to me, because I don’t visit Nightclubs anymore. I don’t know what is right or wrong when it comes to COVID-19 – but countries are opening up .. locking down .. what a carry on. We have been open all the time and so fare it has worked, but it’s not over yet.

  3. Nice images and wonderful quotes to match. I don’t know who coined the phrase, “You can’t hear when you’re talking”, but haveing that quote etched in my brain has served me well throughout my life.

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