a confident creature…. polestar 2

For me Tesla is a very sexy car, maybe the sexiest of all … or up there with the Jaguar, but now it has got competition – Polarstar 2!!!

Of course, cars can be sexy and why not???!!!!

And it’s totally electric and which makes it even sexier.

Polestar is an automotive brand jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and its parent company Geely. It is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with production taking place in Chengdu, China.
The company develops electric performance cars and offers performance hardware upgrades and engine software optimisations for Volvo models through their Polestar Engineered division.


Real Range Estimation:
between 320 – 655 km
City – Cold Weather * 430 km
Highway – Cold Weather * 320 km
Combined – Cold Weather * 375 km
City – Mild Weather * 655 km
Highway – Mild Weather * 420 km
Combined – Mild Weather * 515 km

Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h * 4.7 sec
Top Speed * 250 km/h
Electric Range * 450 km
Total Power 300 kW (408 PS)
Total Torque 660 Nm
Drive AWD

Battery and Charging:
Battery Capacity * 78.0 kWh
Battery Useable* 75.0 kWh
Charge Port Type 2
Port Location Left Side – Rear
Charge Power 11 kW AC
Charge Time (0->450 km) 8h15m
Charge Speed 56 km/h
Fastcharge Port CCS
Fastcharge Power (max) 150 kW DC
Fastcharge Time (45->360 km) 28 min
Fastcharge Speed 670 km/h

Polestar is a confident creature.

Expert verdice …  “There is no reason not to buy this car!”

Starting prices are set at around 58,800€ ($63,720 U.S/£48 570/605.00SEK).

You can’t buy a Polestar 2 by popping into your local Volvo dealer. Only online, and directly from Polestar itself.

When I see this car I wish I had a driving licence and that I had the money! But it also means I have to buy a smartphone.

Well done, Volvo – Made by Sweden


“A fast car can make women ‘like’ a man;
and a man ‘like’ women … fast.”

Images provided by: polestar.com

4 thoughts on “a confident creature…. polestar 2

  1. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    I love the VOLVO part, as s I worked for VOLVO for a couple of years and have been to the Gothenburg plant ages ago.
    What I don’t like is the idea that it’s being produced in China.
    Coming from Germany, where big brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes,Opel and Porsche originate, I believe in EUROPEAN cars. And I strongly feel that that is something we shouldn’t hand over to others, especially since they have other quality standards than we do. I’m speaking of safety features and crash tests. When we see each other in Vienna I’ll tell you a couple of stories.
    Anyhow, the design of this car is great! I like it, too!
    Duvet hugs and sleep tight!
    xo Claudia 🙂

    • Yes, you have told me that you have been connected to Volvo … and I’m sure that have told you that I have been connected to VW and Audi, nearly married into it. *laughing. My German finance (Hans Jochim) always said “It doesn’t matter what car you drive, so long it’s silver metallic and German” – Audi is one sexy car too!!!
      I agree with you when it comes to European cars … ours was bought up by China, but the design is still here in Sweden. What I thought was strange that there isn’t any Volvo in the United Arab Emirates, but I think the Polestar 2 is aiming for that market. Polestar has done very well in the races. WeekendHug.

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