travel diary, mojácar – after the storm (day 3)

… after our fantastic dining adventure at “GASTRO MALBAR” the evening before, we ended up in stormy weather. Ian suggested that was going to finish of the afternoon with a great cup of coffee at his “Hola Ola”, a bar and restaurant just across the road from where they live. At “Hola Ola” Ian goes under the name “Mourinho”. 

It was quite difficult to walk in the strong wind and the oceans was roaring, all had happen during our time at the restaurant. The sky was nearly black, but no rain had touched us so far.

It was really nice to sit there right on the beach in storm … and listen to the upset ocean.

Back in the house, it was still early evening … and Ian started doing a curry … that we both enjoyed before bedtime, around 10pm. Perfect finish of a perfect day. After a good nights sleep … we woke up to this sunrise!!! It was like the storm the evening before … hadn’t happened. 

Now it was suddenly Sunday … and after breakfast we were on our way to the Sunday market in Puerto Villaricos, about 25 min drive, on the other side of Garrucha.  A pretty little seaside town with a beautiful seaside promenade. We started of with a coffee in the small harbour. The morning now gave us stunning weather, but the ocean hadn’t settled from the storm.

The market was very busy and we didn’t walk around the whole ground, a fairly market …  Ian explained to me that the Spanish people must all eat chicken on a Sunday, because the busiest stand was the guys with fresh grilled whole chickens and they also cut the chickens into portions there and then. So busy stand.

It didn’t take long time before I saw something I didn’t know I needed

– a scarf together with a suede handbag, got both for €40. This is my bag lady!!!!

We walked around for a while in the beautiful weather and returning to the car we walked through the town. It was so quiet, not a soul around except the woman with her laundry. I suppose most people was at the market.

Some of the house had the most beautiful tile, just like in Porto … love it!!!

Back in Mojácar was it time for trying for Sunday lunch … Ian suggested to try out Spanish comfort food at it’s best …. at “Casa Juan”, situated a bit down on the beach, so we left the car home and took the local bus #1, that goes along the coast and and in circle round town. 

The restaurant was situate of course straight off the beach.

And once again … we enjoyed the food. And ate far too much, but when the company is great and wine smooth, is’t hard not to.

My menu was Patatas Bravas with Jamón serrano … excellent!!! After that I had lamb leg with grilled vegetables, so tender .. wanted to lick the plate. Of course I wanted a grand finale and I went for their Tiramisu and that didn’t cause any pain. This lunch was my treat and I think the bill came to €72, that didn’t cause any pain neither. Great lunch.

Ian suggested that we was going to walk the new seafront promenade home or at least a part of it, because of my feet, we decide to take one for the road … an Orujo (Spanish brandy) but that is like fuel for me … so I had a Limoncello. The little glass with filled with ice … absolute delicious, just what my feet wanted.

The walk back to the town center was great and walking along the new part of the promenade was lovely and be able to see houses that are not visible from the main road. I met a little nosy friend and a couple of happy waste bins. Bins there was everywhere in town, big and very ugly … so they are trying to change the ugliness.

Ian walked the whole way back to the house, but Liz and I took the bus a couple of stops … my feet weren’t that happy.

It was movie time, but I was in big need to catch up and clear out my emails … so I only watch a part of a very interesting film about  the Spanish town Guernica … that was bombed as a birthday gift to Hitler in April 1937. Liz and Ian said it was a good movie. Have to watch here at home.


We was going to have an early start the following day … so!!!!


4 thoughts on “travel diary, mojácar – after the storm (day 3)

  1. Love this area, spent Christmas here 3 years ago and remember having what seemed like half a sheep between 4 of us slow roasted with herbs in a mountain village restaurant on Christmas Day! Lots of Ribera del Duero too! 🍷

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