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My friends Liz and Ian … wanted to celebrate my 70th birthday with a tasteful treat. I guess they have been to 80% of all the restaurants along the coast. Every waterhole we passed they had something to say about, and mostly good. If they say a restaurant is good … IT’S GOOD!!

So for my treat they had booked the best restaurant in or at Mojácar Playa in their book. Only two blocks from my luxury B&B.  

Avenida Mediterráneo, 349
04638 Mojácar Playa
Almería, Spain
Phone: +34 950 47 29 70
Tuesday to Saturday: 11.00h – 23.00h
Sundays: 11.00h – 18.00h
Spanish fusion kitchen
Head Chef: Pedro Ortega

Lovely Elia, gave us a big and welcoming. Elia runs the restaurant together with her sister Esther. So it’s a family business. They also own what Ian call a “rice restaurant ,“AKU AKU , right on the beach. Very popular for their different types of paella dishes and music events.

Liz and Ian is very familiar with both restaurants … know the sisters very well. It was only Elia and her mother “on duty”. The restaurant opened it’s door in May in 2016, so it’s quite a new star on the gastronomic sky in Almería region.  And it’s a very BRIGHT star!!!!

The restaurant was very quite, but the weather wasn’t very inviting, the rain was hanging over us … and with most tourists gone.

The style of the decor in the restaurant is simple and minimalist with funky details … like the Danish style chairs on the patio and colorful details inside the restaurant.

Ian ordered a superb rosé wine for us girls … and he went to a deep red himself, both from Rioja 

The chef’s surprise was a little “toast” with cheese and honey – very nice.

We started off with 5 Pintxos that we shared between us.

Croquetas De Jamon” 
(ham croquettes)

“Foccica de Boquerones Y Verdi Ritas”
(foaccia with marinated anchovies and crunchy vegetables

“Bacalao Quemo”
(blackned cod)

“Bonito En Escabeche de Miel”
(honey pickled tuna)

“Mini Patats Bravas con Ali De Trufa”
(mini bravas potatoes with truffle oil)

Every dish that was put in front us was so beautiful presented and delicious.  There was so much delicate flavors in every dish, but there wasn’t one ingredients that was over-powering. The flavors was to perfection. 

Their young chef, Pedro Ortega, has been working with the big Spanish names but also worked around Europa and in Asia, so his style is fusion … where he mix food cultures in every dish and he does it so well. Pedro has excellent taste buds. The food is mainly Spanish and sometimes fused with oriental food.

My favorite Pintxos was the potatoes with the truffle oil … and the blackened cod … and honey pickled tuna … and the ham croquettes … and the marinated anchovies!!!

For main courses:

“Foie La Plancha” (Ian & I)
(grilled fresh foie gras)

“Ensalada de Confit de Pato Con Manzana Y Nueces, Con Vinagreta de Hoisin” (Liz)
(duck confit sald with apple, nuts & hoisin vinaigrette)

Foie gras is my favorite … not very often to be found on menus those days. I think it’s all up to the cruelty of the style of feeding the gooses and the price of course, doesn’t come cheap …  for fresh it is about £46/€51/$60/543SEK for 500gr. I know .. I know, but I can’t help myself. If it’s on the menu I HAVE to have it.

The Foie gras was melting on our tongues. So good!!!

We had a try on Liz’s salad … but she didn’t get any of our duck liver. I’m sure that you can guess that salad was superb and that hoisin dressing …….!!!!!

The grand finale for the girls … DESSERTS and they were serious, very serious. And they where made by Elia.

“Espuma De Yogurt con Mango, Coco Y Tapioca” (Liz)
(yogurt foam with mango, coconut and tapioca)

“Milhoja de Te Matcha Y Mascapone” (me)
(matcha tea millefeuille with mascapone)

My dessert was a masterpiece in presentation … and of all the desserts I have eat through my 70 years (even my own) … this one is the without a doubt THE BEST. Just heavenly, but it could have been 50% smaller. But every crumble of it went down. 

“GASTRO MALBAR” is up there with my top favorite … what an dining adventure and the service. The total damage came to about €100 for the 3 of us with 2 bottles of wine and one cappuccino for me. I took the respite from Ian because I wanted as material for this post, but I can’t find it.

“Great food is like great sex.
The more you have the more you want.”
Gael Greene

My choice of cloud for this post …. Pablo Alborán sings, “Tanto” (So Much). I get goosebumps when I listen to this song *smile  Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz, born 1989 in Malaga, musician, singer, and songwriter. Just love his voice, because I don’t have clue what he are singing about (think it’s about passion), and he is are a very handsome young man; eye and ear candy.


7 thoughts on “a very bright star – gastro malabar, mojácar

    • A Hearty Thank you … they say that 70 is today’s 50, but that is a load of …. *laughing – my birthday is 11/9 (great date) – the restaurant is superb and Mojácar such a beautiful place.

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