travel diary, mojácar – a market that was no market … and liquid gold ( day 4)

Monday morning … and we were up for a glorious day. 

Friends to Ian and Liz, Jill and Jimmy came and picked us up 9.30 … we were on our way to olive oil tasting and for buying a birthday present to a friend of theirs, Jan.

First on the program was a visit to the famous Monday market in Huercal Overa, it took nearly 60 min to get … and when we arrived – NO MARKET, because there had been over the weekend on the market ground October Feria. They hadn’t had time to clear the area. So that was that, but something tries again when I visit next time. 

Then it was time for coffee … and “Pa amb tomàquet” (tomato bread) … something the Spanish eat for breakfast. First time I had it was during my visit to Madrid. From where we parked at the cafe was it quite a walk and my feet weren’t really up for it. I was suffering quite a bit when we arrived at Bar El Mirado. A very nice terrace restaurant/cafe on top of the cinema. 

A nice “Pa amb tomàquet” and great coffee in the most beautiful cups. I had a bag big enough to … !!!! But I didn’t, but it was tempting And after a bit of exercise with my feet, I felt a bit better.

They were a bit sore from the promenade walk in Mojácar the day before.

Jimmy was kind enough to fetch the car and pick us up by the cafe. As we walked to the pickup point we met a nice man that was emptying his pop-store for “traje de gitanas” (Flamenco dresses), in all sizes. Beautiful dresses, probably he moved his store along with the fiestas.

So back on the road again to … San Fransico, about 15 min drive from Huercal Overa to the “Olivas Querencia olive grove. The others had already been there a month earlier for olive oil tasting … now they wanted to me get the same fantastic experience plus they were going to adopt an olive tree from a friend of theirs, Jan … that her 60th birthday party the same evening.

The olive grove is owned by Angela (British) and Willem (Dutch) … what a fantastic couple! Willem is recovering from a pretty bad motorcycle accident, so he is moving around with crutches for the moment. Angela is a woman that have done most things in her life and very successful so. Comes from Manchester. She is the woman behind Miss Manchester 2018 event. 

The olive grove has a total of 2227 trees … and situated out in the middle of nowhere. An absolutely amazing place … nestling in the heart of the Andalusian countryside, known as ‘Sierra de Almagro”. Just out in the middle of nowhere, next door neighbors: an orange plant and lettuces fields for Morrison’s supermarket in the UK.

The oil they produce are of highest quality and I must say I never dipped bread in a oil like theirs, it is so smooth and rich. I rarely cook with olive oil, I prefer a mixture of butter and rapeseed oil. But I love to dip bread into olive oil.

A very generous welcoming by Angela and Willem plus their two very happy dogs … with nice coffee and a piece of delicious sweet cake. Angela and Willem totally open up their home for us.

Angela walked around with us and explained all the work that goes into running an olive grove that produces the highest quality of olive oil. She showed us how the trees are pruned .. and why some trees didn’t have any olive, they tree only care fruit every second year. An excellent tour … and especially in the weather that we had. In the tour includes an olive oil test followed by a little quiz. Plus the most fantastic lunch, everything prepared by Angela with all the wine we wanted. All for €30/£27/$35/318SEK. The food was outstanding.

So if you visit the Almeria region, a visit to this grove is a MUST. What a fantastic day we had …. and I left with an adopted tree too, a self-growing, now by name; Theamaira – my middle names made into one. By self-growing means that when pruning the trees, the twigs they have been thrown to the side … and got some roots. But they are included in the harvest too. 

It cost €40/£36/$47/424SEK to adopt a tree and in price also a very beautiful gift box with olive and a pretty pouring bottle plus of course a personalized Adoption Certificate.

In their showroom, they have a world map on the wall that shows where all the “adoptive parents” live, I’m the first one in Scandinavia!!!!! So now I have a part in the making of the “liquid gold”! I’m such a proud “parent”. 

What a memorable day …. !! And during the journey back to Mojácar I enjoyed those mountains (Sierra Cabrera)! 

In the evening I was invited together with the rest of the bunch to Jan’s party at “The Bistro”, Vera Playa in Las Marinas. As we left for the party the moon was out a nearly full moon.

What a party!!!! Plenty of great food … drinks and wines … and no bad singing. Plus a very happy birthday girl *smile A Hearty Thank you Jan and David for a great evening.

“Turning 60? Look on the bright side:
you’re still younger than Mick Jagger.”
Greg Tamblyn



4 thoughts on “travel diary, mojácar – a market that was no market … and liquid gold ( day 4)

  1. What a fabulous account of your visit to Olivas Querencia. It really was our pleasure to invite you to the grove .. good memories. We shall look after ‘Theamaira’ for you until your next visit to Andalusia. Besos y abrazos Angela y Willem x

    • Thank you, Angela … for your lovely comment. I had a fantastic day with you and the dogs. Hope to see you soon and I wish you all the best … and good future with the harvest.

    • This was up to my friends, Liz & Ian. They had a fully booked dance program for my visit. Just to join in. The olive grove was a fantastic adventure. Looking forward to see how my tree is doing.

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