weekly photo challenge – partners

“Sometimes a silent hug
is the only thing to say.”
Robert Brault

evening hug

An image from a the small beach by the Strand pavilion in Lanskrona, a beautiful sunset in June this year.

I wish you a pleasant weekend!!!

In a overheated Warsaw just now and tomorrow it’s going to be +37C/+98.6F. Too hot for comfort, but what can we do … more A/C museums.


21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – partners

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  2. I do apologise for Warsaw weather! However I was totally delighted to meet you and be partners in heat exhaustion and photography. I’m awed by your traveller- savvies and really enjoyed talking to you. Was the Uprising Museum cool? And can I use a lovely photo of you photographing in Praga? If you say yes, and don’t like it, I can always remove it. Stay cool.

    • Meg, the Uprising Museum is very cool, but very dark .. and all cobble stones, so it brook my sandals and the repair man at the station didn’t turn up today.
      Just go ahead and use .. what ever you want. I don’t mind. We are very cool, as you know.

      • Not the sandals!!! I just recognised them over at Meg’s. 😦 You looked great and I’m looking forward to photos from the Neon Museum and whatever else you have planned.
        Is Sue bearing up ok? I know heat’s dire for her. I was enormously impressed with her Polish prowess. 🙂 Sunday hugs! Not too close or we’ll get clammy!

      • Yes, the sandals and no shoe repair man in sight, but know on would my other pair is holding up in a thread. Last breakfast is coming up in a minute .. time to go home. We had a massive downfall yesterday with thunder, so the air is a lot lighter today. A visit to the Ghetto Wall after breakfast and before check out. Sue did very good yesterday … at the Jewish cemetery. The big trees gave a pleasant shade. She has been suffering, but the evenings she has been like 17!!!!
        Breakfast and going home hug.

    • Yes, Maralee … it’s a lovey image and there is so much togetherness in it … I hope the young couple don’t mind that I’m using it for the challenge. I was on a good distance from them.

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  4. 🙂 Yes, I want a hug. Yes, I’ll give you one too, dear Wivi!
    Just my kind of picture – LOVE is always a lovely sight.
    Hope your weekend is as good, but not as hot as mine 😀
    Lots of ice cream for you and many hugs to you xoxoxo 🙂

    • It has been sever hot here in Warsaw … Saturday +37C – my body isn’t build for heat like that, but is has become a lot better. Glad you have delighted yourself with ice cream … I have been drinking like a camel. *smile GoingHomeHug.

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