cee’s fun foto challenge – fountains (random)

“Be a fountain, not a drain.”
Rex Hudler

This it will be a gallery of wonderful fountains that I have met all over the world: Chicago, Berlin, Las Vegas, Istanbul, Hiroshima, Bristol (UK), Landskrona (Sweden), Postsdam, Bratislava, New York, Warsaw and Copenhagen.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fountains

8 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – fountains (random)

    • Meg, you’re right … but we took the tram 22 to the Neon Museum after lunch today and it went very well. Sue was fantastic. Yesterday evening she walked back to the hotel from a superb restaurant … Folk Gospoda at Waliców. Polish restaurant with excellent food and service … and cheap. Recommend.
      Meg thank you so much for the fantastic time we had together … and for giving us your time. A true pleasure to know you. Will look up the restaurant for you when I’m back home. Tonight dinner in the old town somewhere and we are taking the bus.

      • You are truly amazing! I’ve never heard of the neon museum. On my list. I should employ you as my Warsaw tour guide! Thanks for the restaurant recommendations too. Meeting you enriched my stay here considerably. Enjoy the rest of yours – cooler tomorrow!

      • You know, Meg … It looked for a while that I had to stay here until 27.02.17. Booked the wrong month for my return, so my feet are heavy and my bank account a lot lighter -250UK£ for me to get home today. I panic last night. Never checked if had been cheaper to fly home tomorrow. Been at the Ghetto Wall on the other side of the street on Zlota 62 Not much to see, but it give a picture of how terrible it was once and I got chance to take some great pictures of the modern Warsaw. Sue didn’t come along. We should open a guide service … you and I. Hope to see you soon again. *smile

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