skit happens …. from time to time

logoWith no much more to do than entertain myself with my little netbook. Been at the airport since just before 1pm, time to leave Warsaw for this time … I have a feeling that I will be back.

Sue@WordsVisual, my travel mate for 5 fantastic days here i Warsaw … took off 15.20 with destination Gatwick, London … and at that time I had 5 hours still to kill at Lotnisko Warszawa airport.check in hall

I followed her to the passport control, me … don’t need passport more than for the check in.

Now I have just enjoyed “Fish & Chips” Polish style, not bad at all and the the home-made tartar sauce was good as my & chips

There will be a coffee before I walk over to Gate 41.

All this because I booked the wrong month on my return flight. Not that I wouldn’t mind staying a bit longer, but until 27th of Febr. 2017, a bit too ambitious.terrible wrong

I was in  rush when  I got the mail about that my original booking the departure time had been forward to 06.30 out of Malmö … not able to get to the airport for flights before 10.30 am. sign

Had to cancel that flight and then book one with Lot Airlines, and I must had been checking some destinations for next year and the dates for in February so the website gave that home-bound month.

This I notice on yesterday evening, when I was going to check in online yesterday evening. There was no departure … then I saw it FEBR!!!!!my new bank

So panic, panic … PANIC. Manage to get a flight back home as planed today …. but it made my bank account a fair bit lighter, the flight for this visit has now totally gone to 4.410SEK – I could have flown to Chicago for a rush

But done is done … this is the second time I “fuck up” an air ticket. Last time I gave myself the same surname as my first name. That time was I going to Prague. Maybe I will learn from this fun

I don’t know if I will be able to post this evening, because my little fancy mousse has given up and I can’t edit image through using the navigation plate. cute buggy

Fully understand that the mouse has given up, I have a bit of the same feeling .. after what happened the last 16 hours.trying their best

The taxi that picked us up from the hotel wanted 90PLN – I asked as we took of from the hotel … and I said no way, let us out the car. 90PLN????!!!!! So got another taxi and he said maximum 40 and it came to 29.80. That is the 2 second time that the taxis tried to overcharge us. So always ask what the fare will be before enter the car.warsaw taxi

This is not good for Warsaw, but I don’t think it will stop me for coming back. Because now I how to observant when I book and to ask first.I only hope I will remember it!!!!!

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”
Duke Ellington

P.S. went to travel shop … and got a new mouse – with Polish soccer players on and my flight is just announced to be 1 hour late. Happy Days!

Home at midnight, great!!! …and I’m sure there will be another story to be told tomorrow. mean machine

18 thoughts on “skit happens …. from time to time

    • Terry, delay I can live with … but when I do mistakes that cost a lot of money that … is totally unnecessary … really annoy me. I could have got a return ticket for somewhere nice for the same amount as I paid for my return yesterday.

    • Lucid … thank you, I can only blame myself .. but this with online searching history is dangerous, because it fills in what it should fill in. I had a fantastic trip … a bit too hot, but we manage. +37C/96.3F as most. There was more honest taxi drivers than “gangsters”.

  1. I leave for our trip to Italy in 6 days. Hopefully we won’t experience these problems. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Unfortunately my husband has picked up some kind of parasite that affects his lower intestinal tract and he’s spending a lot of time in bathrooms. It doesn’t look like it can be fixed before we go so we’re planning some strategies to make his trip a little less uncomfortable. The day of the flight he’s planning on fasting so that there’s next to no food in his system. The funny part is that he’s actually feeling really good until he needs to use the toilet (in a hurry). Without getting into the gory details we’re hoping to make the best of a bad situation. The doctors aren’t recommending that he stay home so that’s good.

    • Sorry to hear about the problems you have to deal with before you even left. To travel with a stomach with it’s own life isn’t a dream situation. I really feel for him and for you too, because it will effect your travel too. Hopefully it will settle down when he try a little Italian home-made pasta. I would be excited too for a trip like yours … take it easy and I hope the heatwave of Europe is gone by your arrival. We had +37C in Warsaw on Friday and it’s going to be a sunny warm day here at home too. All ready up +20C, but it’s a fresh morning with a little chilly under-bite to it. Was home 2am last night. Marathon day of travelling .. and the flight only takes 65 min.
      I wish you a fantastic holiday and please let me know how you both are getting on. Stay safe!!!!!

      • We had over +30 … every day. A week ago we had +37C, but I think the temperature gone down quite a bit now. Back home in rain and wind, but that feels okay. Yes, South of Europe are very hot in July and August, so be prepared. I wish you a fantastic trip and drink plenty water.

      • It is very hot here and I carry water with me everywhere we go. I wish I could say my husband is doing okay but he’s struggling with his colon issues. The first few days were okay but since we arrived in Florence he’s stayed back at the apartment. Today he tried to venture out on his own for a bit but He was caught short and had to hurry back. Unfortunately he didn’t quite make it back to the apartment in time. Luckily no one saw him as he was already at the door.

      • So sorry to hear about your problems and that …. he are not able to enjoy Florence, one of the destinations on my bucket list. Up here is it a bit chiller .. and it’s rain and sunshine mixed through the days, but it’s really pleasant after those hot days in Warsaw. Yes, South Europe in July-August and Sept is hot. I hope you will get some of our chill from UK, but I don’t think it will go in your direction. I hope that you will get a chance to enjoy your trip. My thoughts are with you both. Go out very early in the mornings .. and go back to the hotel, apartment … around noon .. and go out late in the evening.

  2. Oh Viveka! What an end to your visit. But you’ve shown the same vivid personality in your portrayal of the airport as the one I so recently met and enjoyed. I love the quirkiness of your observation. Pity you couldn’t stay till February. I’m looking at your photos without recognition, because I usually see the airport through the tunnel vision of eager anticipation, or the veil of tears of grieving departure – if I can be a bit melodramatic. Is the taxi photo of the offending taxi?

    • Thanks, Meg …. I haven’t decided if I will keep the return journey and give myself a couple of days in Warsaw when the risk for heatwaves are minimal.
      No that taxi image I took during our walk home from our nice evening with you. I always shot a taxi sign at night from all my travel adventures.
      I only wanted to see that Sue came home in the best way …. but the passport control was the end stop for us. Will look through all my images now .. and try to get the head and posts around them.

    • Wow, I have missed this comments of yours. I have done some really silly mistakes with flights during the last year and I really think I check everything thoroughly and still I get things right. Some websites are complicated. Funny I didn’t make any mistakes when they were in Japanese. *laughing.

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