weekly photo chanllenge – between

skanör & flasterbo - makalius ltThis weeks subject suits me very well, because today I started to work on my images that I captured a week ago, when I visit Skanör in the most Southern part of Sweden – we could call it Sweden’s Hampton. (Image by and thanks to; makalius.lt)

The villas (mansions) are there, but not along the beach as over in the real Hampton’s – but miles and miles of white sand by a deep blue ocean. Also from Skanör there is a fantastic view over our magnificent Øresundsbron, the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö – plus The Lillgrund wind farm, both of my favorite photo objects – and they are also in between. Between two countries.

The Lillgrund wind farm Øresundsbron

In the 1960’s the two next door towns of  Skanör and Flasterbo became one; Skanör Flasterbo and today around 7.000 people lives there the whole year around and in the summer I don’t dare to say how many there is. It’s packed.

Through the German Hanseatic League establishment in the late 1100s laid the groundwork for a very large fish market in Skanör and that made Skanör to a very important trade community.

Skanör is famous for the white beaches and their small beach huts – that is hidden behind the massive sand dunes. So my choice for this weeks challenge will be the beach huts between the sand dunes.

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul”
Kate Chopin

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46 thoughts on “weekly photo chanllenge – between

    • Sylvia, now I’m envy … I love the sound of the ocean – live close to ocean, but not close enough.
      Couldn’t make up what music track I was going to use .. then I found this sound track, solved my problems and it is perfect for this post. Thanks a million for your nice comment.

    • Thanks a million for your lovely comment – I like that little soundtrack, it brought me back to Skanör – even if we have more seaguls here in my back yard than what Skanör had.

    • Jo, I think a tiny beach hut will cost us the same as our yellow house. I love them too – so pretty in all the candy colors in between the sand dunes. But you can’t sleep over in them. That last photo has become of my favorite too.

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    • Thank you so much, Mary !!!! There was too much songs about sea and sand – couldn’t make my mind up. So this little sound track save me from more thinking. *smile
      Have a pleasant weekend.

    • Marilyn, the wind farm is one of my favorite object, but they are always on fare distance, glad that my camera has such a fantastic lens. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  2. That fantastic first photo!!!! And the beach huts evocative of summer . . . . and let us go on from there . . . yet I am so completely unfair when I look first and foremost at the wind farms and wish to God our decisive folk were more of the understanding of how to live in the 21st Century! Thanks!!

    • Eha, the first shot isn’t mine … the one from above, sorry for the confusing.
      In Denmark and Sweden wind farming is a really big thing because we have such open landscape and I think they are so beautiful, especially this wind farm that is Danish and standing out in the ocean.
      The highest point in Denmark is 110 mtr. Very suitable country for wind farms.

      • Oh, so would the SE of the Australian continent be!!! It is so horrid that coal etc are so munificently available and much ‘better value’ that the magnates have their way – and people like me scream!!!!!

      • Coal???!!! That is truly a word from the past here in Sweden – but still in UK and Ireland is it very common and the dirty it brings to the place where it’s used. Truly a dirty business. We have to rethink because we are supposed to close down eventually all nuclear power stations – and they are not allowed to use more rivers, so where will we get our energy???? A lot of new built private houses as solar system – because they get better conditions own the government based loans.
        And our county, Scania, have more wind farms than any other county, because we are so flat *smile

    • That is a tricky question, because Sweden is so different. I love my own county, Scania – but Gothenburg is a fantastic city – relaxed and fun … outside Gothenburg you have granit rocks along the ocean, no sand at all … down here is it only sand. Then you have Stockholm and the a lush green archipelagos. You have the mountains in the North and the open landscapes. What we don’t have is fjords. We have loads of rives. Stockholm the most beautiful city – Gothenburg is the most fun …. but the biggest piece of my heart belongs to Skåne, my county. It’s so beautiful .. it’s a farmer county.

      • . . . and my grandmother on Dad’s side came from north of Sigtuna up the east coast . . . . complicated, so have never been able to claim the property . . . but am 1/4 genes from Sweden . . . 🙂 !!

    • Bess, thank you so much … Skanör is a beautiful place so easy to capture it’s beauty. I’m feeling a bit better the last few days – has just been off the mark a bit. Tanks for asking.

  3. 🙂 I like your BETWEEN images, dearest Wivi!
    And I adore these little colored houses/huts. They remind me of Pippi Longstocking and as I said earlier today: I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH N O W !!! 😀 xoxo

    • Dia, if you ever comes to Sweden are we going to spend some days in Skanör. You will love it. Pippi’s house was cute, but it was a big house – yellow with white corners and window frames: Villa Villerkulla. In this huts you can’t even swing a cat, but they are so pretty where they sit in shelter between the sand dunes. Some haven’t been looked after … I suppose they don’t come for free. I want to go back too … our sand here in Landskrona isn’t so white, but it’s very fine. Have only 10 min walk to our sand beach, so spoiled really .. *smile

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