cee’s fun foto challenge: crooked and squiggly lines

I’m a bit of a late starter this week .. have felt a bit under the weather, blogging hasn’t been on top of my action list – to be honest nothing has been on my action this week. *smile

This a a mixture of images: my favorite coffee break bun, public art in New York and  Chicago, dragon fruit at Granville Island Market in Vancouver and Copenhagen Airport’s beautiful glass wall.

“When the light is crooked, the shadow is crooked”
Yiddish Proverb


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31 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: crooked and squiggly lines

    • Thanks, Maralee …. I need to get my thoughts on something else.
      Had a tough time since Istanbul with my right knee, I think it’s an old injury – but it keeps me awake most of the nights, not a big problem during the day.
      Always thing!!!!

    • Cee, thanks a million – feeling a little bit better – but no good to feel sorry for myself too longer neither.
      We have public holiday this weekend – Midsummer .. and the weather is a bit iffy, so hopefully my blog will motivate me. *smile Have a great weekend.

    • Sue, thanks a million ….I really had to pick myself up today.It’s the nights that is the problems for me – a knee that keeps me awake, but that means I’m so grumpy during the days. Seeing the doctor on Tuesday.
      I wish you a great weekend too. *smile

      • Well I’m a bit out of sorts today because it’s hotter than it has been and I seem to be experiencing Uthoff’s Phenomenon again … really laid me up last year (people with MS can experience worsening of nerve conduction in the heat). So I have been quite fatigued today. Darn nuisance, because I have been feeling soooo good this year! 😦 never mind, onwards and upwards…

      • Never heard about Uthoff’s before, don’t know if we have an other name for it. Had to ask Google for help.
        Wow, the little I read I don’t want to swap with you. Terrible, have friends with MS and I know how they can suffer.
        Yes, I’m happy for that I have more good days than bad.
        So sorry to read that you had a relapse.

      • Okay, that sounds a bit better … yes, shit happens every day … more of less for all of us.
        Have a lovely weekend now.

    • Sylvia, thank you so much … I had a couple of good days now, doctor tomorrow – it’s my knee this time .. one thing after the other. *laughing

      • Everything went very well yesterday – a new young lady district doctor and she have really gone into action with my feet and knee problem. Fantastic!!! Have been moaning to doctor for over 4 years – and nothing has happen. Now after 3 hours after our talk I got my first appointment with a specialist.
        My knee started play up in Istanbul.

      • Syliva, thank you – even if I’m not going to be total free from my problems – any ease is welcome. When I walk today is it like my foot pads are on fire and it been like that for 4 years.

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