strong friendship and white sand

great feeling

About 12 days ago did I come home from our little beautiful hideaway, Skanör – 2 nights on at a very cozy and welcoming little hotel, Spelabäcken, in company of my oldest friend, Jytte. The hotel has a  great location on the main street and 2 min walk to the bus stop. It took in total with train and bus 2,5 hours, but it had been quicker if not one of the train companies had been on strike.

Our days had a little bit of everything, but loads of calories. *laughing. We both love our cakes and desserts. We had fine rain on and off the first day and but both the rain and wind was warm.

After check in we had a great cup of coffee at the hotel’s café and a chocolate cake – heavenly. After that we walked down to the harbor and the beach. Max 15 min walk without a camera and 1,5 hour with one.

We meet a lot of wild animals; cows, bulls, calves, herons, ducks … and two legged too – I think we call them tourists.

It was overcast and we was very lucky that we manage not to get any heavy rain on us – it came just as we was back on our hotel room.

Our room was a bit small, for only 2 nights no problem,  even if I hit my head nearly every time I was going to the bathroom. Bathroom with the shower was fantastic and very comfortable beds.

“Spelabäcken” has the most beautiful garden and patio on the back, just like a English cottage garden. Stunning roses is all colors. Skanör had flowers everywhere.

Breakfast plentiful and the hotel was quite busy, even if the season hadn’t really started. Swedish holiday season start to Midsummer, end of June to August. In Sweden we have 5 weeks full paid holiday per year and by law, that we can split how we want over the full year.

The evening was stunning; we had a great meal at “Rökeriet” – fish & seafood smokehouse, shop and restaurant located down in harbor. We had a smoked fish flat platter with some lovely home baked bread and local mature cheese – and together with a perfect chilled white wine … life at it’s best. *smile
Of course coffee and I some Elder-flower dessert, like Swiss roll .. topped with some mousse and tiny meringues.

The restaurant was very busy, when we arrived around 8pm without booking – only 2 tables free. A good sign, but on the other hand is there only 4 restaurants in total in Skanör.

When leaving the restaurant around 10pm. we had both sunset and full moon on the same time. The sea was like a mirrow and the sky was truly on fire on one side of the road – and the other side was bathing in silvery moonlight. We had a magical walk back to the hotel.

evening talkin the sunsetin the glowSkanör windmill

sky extra

Jytte and me goes back to the early 70’s – we meet on our favorite dance floor, Rondo in Gothenburg. It clicked straight away. Jytte was then a single mum, a 3 year old lovely boy by name Robert – today he are close to 50. Who my mum fell in love with and he fell in love with mum. So baby sitting no problem, so we was out dancing 3-4 evenings per week.

full moon

But we have never been away somewhere together, it was really nice to go away and relax together – we will do it again next June, to Skagern in the northern part of Denmark and in October next year we will make Nice unsafe together. Over 40 years of friendship and with me being away from Sweden at least 23 years in total – and it’s like we never been apart.

Jytte is like me a cancer survive, she had her treatments the year before me. It looks like we are going to grow even older together and I’m so thankful for that.

“Friends are the family you choose”
Jess C. Scott

silvery evening

49 thoughts on “strong friendship and white sand

  1. 🙂 That’s true friendship! You don’t come by it too often these days.
    And it’s the best when you don’t see each other every day, but when you do it’s like you’ve never been separated 🙂
    Lo-ve-ly pictures again! I want to go to the beach right away and spend a few days there and relay, when I see your photos!
    Sleep tight and have a very HAPPY Sunday xo 🙂

    • Dia, you’re so right – I was so lucky with my friends that they all was here when I returned, even if we had met when I visit during my years abroad. Jytte was the one I had least contact with. We should all have a chance to feel the sand between our toes for a couple of days, it’s truly relaxing and just be close to the ocean. Sylt is also a place with miles of sand and more stand. Never been – but I have a friend that goes every year. I hope that you will feel the sand soon. *smile
      Have a great week, Dia

    • Maralee, yes – most images turned out very good .. very pleased with 97% of them.
      But it’s a very special place .. and the light is very special. It was so beautiful with the sunset on side of the road and moonlight on the other side.
      We where there midweeks, we are both pensioners .. all days are free. *smile
      Thanks for your compliment.

  2. Hi Viveka … wow, what a great post … I feel like I was there. I don’t want to sound cliched, but that place looks magical. Use looking at your pics was relaxing! And how awesome that you can share that experience with your long-time friend! Thanks for sharing!!! This one made my day!

    • Stephen, thank you so much for your kind words – yes, we had some very special days together both in Skanör and … here in Landskrona. Can’t wait to take on Nice and the French Rivera next year together with her.
      After a very unsettled day, that beautiful evening was given to us .. and the next day was gorgeous.
      Next stop is Vienna in August – such a stunning city ..

    • Andy, I know …. the two legged once can be real dangerous – but the once we met was very friendly, chatty and smiley.
      Thanks for your compliment, very pleased myself with the images … very few that I deleted. Think I took close to 200.

      • Andy, I’m so fare behind with my images … haven’t published this year Swan family – they finally got 4 cygnets and I have more from Istanbul.
        Have to get the head working … *smile
        I used some in this week’s photo challenge – between.
        The beach huts.

    • Bebs, Sweden is waiting for you! Sweden is a beautiful country. Yes, true friendship is really rare – but I think that’s is why we don’t have that many real friends … only a couple, Have quite a few friends, but only a couple very special.

  3. A slow clap!!! Wonderful !!!! To me this is so private I fail to see how you have gifted us for the passage of tagging along . . . 😉 ! Beautiful food and flowers, but why did not Oscar say ‘enough already’ ? . . . oh yes, you are reteaching me Northern European food offerings . . . . and appreciating them . . . 🙂 !!!

    • Eha, thanks for your lovely comment – I think in all honest that Oscar was a bit over-worked, during two days he produced over 250 images. And I’m very excited over the Australian food. *smile – because it’s a fusion of the whole words cuisine.

      • Thank you for understanding! Many do not!!!! That is what makes it SO exciting at the moment – most people have no pre-conceptions 🙂 ! One does not pre-judge or say ‘mine is better’ – it is more of a case ‘let’s try this tonight!’ 🙂 !!

      • Food we all talk everywhere and also it can be very mixed up and still we understand it. I like fusion food very much – where flavors from different countires are mixed together, very exciting.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, Viveka… I agree re friendship being priceless. I have had some fun holidays in Italy with one of my school friends, and short trips with other friends over the years.

    • Sue – Yes, we had a couple of great days together – some here in Landskrona – it was so nice to spend some quality time together – laughing and have different opinions. I don’t have that many real friends, but those I have is top class. *smile

    • Have got so many wonderful comments to this post – your’s are one of them. It was 4 really good days we had together – that was so precious to us both. Hopefully we will have some time together when I visit Gothenburg in the end of July. Thanks for your support.

  5. Viveka this was stunning, the story of you and your friend. And the pictures gave us a stunning setting. What a life time of blessings. To have someone to go backwards with, someone to be present with, and someone to look forward to enjoying more with. I enjoyed the music playing as I read this. It all just felt good.

    • Lori, thank you so much – I really like how the post turned out in the end. Had so many images to chose from. Plus the music – found this serenade by Schubert by accident, so beautiful – never heard it before … so I spent some money with Itune very quickly. Thanks again for your lovely comment.

  6. I was so relaxed by the time I got to the end of your post, I was almost horizontal!
    It’s beautiful, Vivi 🙂 What a lovely friend she sounds. Does she just let you amble along with the camera, or does she take photos too? That sunset is spectacular!

    How are you feeling this evening? Any better? More gentle hugs coming up 🙂

    • You’re something else!!!! *smile … but it was very relaxed days, without any hurry what so ever. Jytte has a camera, but forgotten at home – but she just let me be behind … and living in my own world when so needed. All my friends has got use to my camera work. I don’t give them much of choice, but I know it is on the board to be uncouth.
      Had a good day today … been ironing and put my house into order – haven’t paid it much attention since Skanör really.
      Tomorrow my dishwasher will be installed … after 40 years of washing up by hand. Tuesday I will see the doctor about my knee and feet. Not giving up that easy. *smile
      Time for for a movie – so here comes a Hollywood hug. *smile

  7. Old friends are fantastic gifts – they have known you for so long that you do not need to speak so much either. It’s what you already have i common that speaks. Lovely pictures!

    • A-c, so true … true friendship is when we can spend silent time together. *smile Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.
      Do you have time for a date soon???

      • My dear friend – somewhere before I go to Scotland ? I will go back to our summer house when the weather is more stable and then we will be back about July 4. A wedding invitation for July 5, and then some days left. Would that be something – 6 or 7 July?

      • A-C, I was just sitting and checking out flights to Edinburgh, but they are so expensive – just now … I love Scotland and Edinburgh especially. So envy now. *smile
        I will give you a ring tomorrow .. is that okay ???

    • Thanks, Madhu …. it was such a wonderful surroundings and I think whatever I had put Oscar against he would have loved. Yes, he do me proud;. *laughing

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