cee’s fun foto challenge: water

Water so important to us all – and so few of us really have the fortune to have clean water to drink.

As an old sea-dog  is there is an other water that is  especially important to me; the ocean and I have been living where the ocean docks during all my adult life.

ocean windfarm

Have two favorite images with the ocean – the one above is The Lillgrund wind farm is located in the Øresund between Malmö and Copenhagen, built in 2008. Taken from a from a fast moving train crossing the bridge.

#2 – is one of my favorite all time images – from Grand Plage in Biarritz, France. My number one gem in the world, I wish I bought a small apartment in 1977 when I visit the first time. Today I can’t afford a cleaning locker.

grand plage 2

I have used this image in other challenges – but please, don’t hold that against me.

And with me just returning from the most exciting visit to Istanbul I just have to add one from one of the most trafficked water stretches in the world, the Bosphorus.

Bosphorus traffic

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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36 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: water

  1. Øresund between Malmö and Copenhagen is amazing too. When you went I remembered what you were talking about, this amazing connection bridge… WOW! And yes another wonderful post about challenge water. Beautiful photographs… And I can see you caugth the ship while she was leaving the city 🙂 It should be amazing voyage with this one… Thank you dear Viveka, it is very warm today and also high humidity but they say tomorrow will be coller and get rain! Have a nice day dear, love, nia

    • Nia, this image of the cruise liner leaving Istanbul is one of my favorite – because of the light in the image, the early afternoon, the softness.
      The connection between Malmö and Copenhagen is both bridge and tunnel. And every time I go to and from the airport I pass this wind farm – it’s so stunningly beautiful and it’s massive, my camera couldn’t capture all of the “wind mills” – there is about 20 in total.
      We have a fantastic day here too – plus it’s a public holiday today. I like warm weather, but not humidity – so we chose great days for our visit. Good to know.
      Have a lovely day .. Nia.

    • In Biarritz once per month the “high waves” comes, something to do with the full moon. Nothing with ebb or tide.
      The wave can be up to 8-12mtr and the whole seafront of the town will be soaked and all beaches will disappear. The red flag is the warning for the high waves. An AMAZING show – and talk about power. Thank you so much – one of my favorite images.

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  3. I love both of your photos as well as the sheer SIZE of that Cruise ship! Have a great day. Beautiful song V. Bought the Album !

    • Yes, that cruiser was massive – never seen anything like it – Princess Cruise – here is a video to watch, the closest I will get to this experience. http://youtu.be/HisnhZjvD0M – you are delightful mad like me when it’s about music.
      I have bought the album too. *smile You have great taste.

      • Yes we both have superb taste : ) I love to cruise? Why are you opposed to it?

      • I have been working on a cruise liner and – it’s only one day in port – if lucky two .. then out at sea again.
        Can’t see anything in one day.
        Not my thing …

      • Do you work on it currently? I always thought it would be fun (although very hard work) and no time to spend the money..

      • No, I retired at 61 – it was in 1979 … out for a full year and I tell there is plenty things to spend money on, because when you go a shore .. you go mental. *smile

  4. Wonderful images. I grew up on Lake Superior in Minnesota – the largest fresh water lake in the world. It was like living on an ocean. That’s the one thing I miss most about where I live now – no large body of water. There’s something about water that is part of my soul.

    • Thank you, Maralee …. I understand exactly where you come from regarding water and ocean. I would really struggle if I had to live where the ocean doesn’t dock.
      Or a massive lake like Lake Michigan or Ontario. Same with me water embrace my soul.

    • Marilyn, thank you so much for the visit and the lovely comment.
      I love that wind farm – because it’s so massive, but my camera couldn’t capture the whole farm. It’s magical to watch while crossing the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö!

  5. I smiled when I saw this, this morning 🙂 My instant reaction when I saw Cee’s subject was ‘got to do it’! But you know what I’m like. I go off at a tangent so I haven’t got there yet. As always, you beat me to the punch 🙂
    How are you feeling now? Is the bloating going down? Have a happy weekend, Vivi. I know you’ll have plenty of lovely images to play with. Hugs, darlin!

    • Jo, I had a day of “feeling sorry” for myself today – not good at all mentally. Have pain in a knee and I got an other urinary infection and my feet hurt so bad – so I have been truly under the weather today. So sick over not being able to have a proper good day – one thing after the other. So I have been totally under the weather today.
      Jo, when are you going to Portugal ????
      But I’m smiling now after read your comment. Thanks, Girlfriend.

      • Vivi, something wonderful happened to me today! A postcard arrived 🙂 🙂 I had forgotten all about it, and there it was! Amazing to see your hand writing. It’s like touching 🙂
        I need to return the compliment so will you send me your address? Pretty please? I go on Wednesday afternoon for a straight week. I checked flights and it was cheap. Mick said ‘book it’, so I did!
        So sorry to hear you’re under the weather again. It takes the shine off everything doesn’t it? I hope for a comfortable and happy weekend for you. A gentle squeeze!

      • Jo, glad that you got Nia’s & my postcard. Have mailed my address, because I love to receive postcards. People say I have a hand writing as a doctor only a pharmacy can read it. *smile
        Have been in bed the whole day … looking at my favorite TV-series, so it hasn’t been that bad, but I’m under the weather and I hate it. So sick of not having one day without any health problems. I will be okay after had my lamb burgers for dinner and with tzatsiki and potato wedges. Jo, I need a hard squeeze. *laughin
        I wish you the same, Girlfriend.

      • Thanks, Nia … sent you and email with some photos I think you should have.

        Not one with you and me .. how strange is that.????

    • Sylvia, I have never seen anything like it – boats going in all directions and all types of vessels. The ferries nearly run into each other all the time. Biarritz is very beautiful, Napoleon’s summer retreat – never too cold or warm. I love to live there.

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