weekly photo challenge: split-second story

Very interesting subject this week … a split second story and we all have thousands of them, because every photo has a story to tell.

“You don’t take a photograph.
You ask, quietly, to borrow it”

So I have put my National Geographic hat on and I have chosen a photo of the “power bridge” (as I call it) in Berlin, Mierscheid Bridge. This bridge provide access between the two Parliament offices: the Marie-Elisabeth-Lueders-Haus and the Paul-Loebe-Haus cross the river Spree.

The bridges as two levels … lower level that is fully open is for you and me – and upper level is for officials and  government members and it has a roof, which my photo is from. It was built in 2002.

bridge of power

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21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: split-second story

    • Andy, because it connects to parliament buildings, they can’t have everyone using the the same level, which I understand for security, because the upper level is connected to the buildings – and still can you and I use the same bridge to come across the river.

    • I suppose it’s all for security reasons, but still they want everyone else to be able to use the bridge too. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

    • Thanks, Jo … I’m not so good as you!!! *smile
      I love Dietrich too .. long time since I listen to her music, but for Berlin .. what is more suitable ???

  1. Oh, most of all ‘thank you’ for Dietrich!!! I have quite a valuable collection of her records from her very very beginning! Actually not this – but I SO love it!!!! Must do some homework!!! Her and Zarah Leander [and if you follow and know one, you do the other 🙂 !] What a gift for a Sunday!!!!!!!

    • Zaraha Leander, that is a word for the passed – great person to use for my Swedish postcards. She had a fantasstic voice and both big Diva’s of the war.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • Uru, beside China … I guess that Germany is the one of the strongest nation in nthe world. Very powerful!!!! Thank you for your support.

    • Vielen Dank – eines der Lieder, die aus meiner frühen Kindheit bleiben. Herzlichen Dank für den Besuch und für die Zeit, zu reagieren.

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