maybe not the smartest ….

birds ….. but they are very cute.

When I was in Antarctic I was told that when a penguin aiming for the ocean – that is all that it has its mind set on and can’t think logical – it’s all about getting into the sea so soon as possible, no logic thinking at all. But they act differently when they are going up on land, then they can avoid danger or obstacles. How strange isn’t that????

Penguins, my favorite bird, just adore them … so funny and so human in their behavior. And of course my favorite animated film is “Happy Feet”!

Happy-Feet- movieweb com

Before bed – I just have to share this …. enjoy… I promise it will bring a big smile to your face. Have a great Sunday everybody! *smile

“It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.”
Joe Moore

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17 thoughts on “maybe not the smartest ….

    • Marina, I’m sure they all manage to get over that rope – in one or other way.
      We had Zodics like that when we went ashore in Antarctic, but we never tied them up.
      Sometimes the penguin’s thought the rubber rafts was rocks, so they jumped into them with us in. And it wasn’t just one how did it – a whole bunch of them at times. So we had to lift them back into the sea and what a speed they had when they dived into the raft. They weren’t afraid of us at all. They didn’t move when we walk amongst them.

  1. Not having seen the in Australia-made ‘Happy Feet 2’ I must admit to getting a big smile on my face hearing Puccini’s ‘Tosca’ coming from little Erik’s mouth 😀 !! Clever!! Now I do not think penguins are dumb at all!! Near Melbourne in Victoria is one of Australia’s most wonderful tourist attractions, where a large fairy penguin colony [they are sweet little ones] live in hundreds and thousands of burrows up the hillsides. Leaving their babies there in the morning they wade into the sea to get food for their families. There is a quiet grandstand where visitors can gather as the night falls: hush, do not disturb! It is the greatest wonderment to be there to see hundreds and hundreds of penguins come ashore in the evening tide with fish to be regurgitated in their tummies. Do they know where home is on that large hillside? You bet!! No hesitation each and every one knows the way home!! Well, I have heard an angry noise or two occasionally when the correct ‘door’ was missed by a few cms 🙂 ! Dumb – I do not think so!!!!

    • I totally agree with you – penguins are not stupid, they are hardworking creatures and they have a very well organized society. Did you know that there is 27 different kinds of them.
      When I came to Antarctic I thought penguins were just penguins, but far from that. My favorite is the Rock Hoppers – they are very small and they live on the rocks, but they have to jump up step by step all the way up to their place – they says that they life is made for self-punishment, they jump up two sections and then the fall down three, but going into the water they just through themselves from the rock or cliff.
      Such an interesting bird to watch. I have seen penguins anywhere else than in Antarctic, expect on Sea World – and Edinburgh Zoo, where they have a penguin parade every day – where the penguins talk a walk outside their area to meet their visitors. They have a leader, that stands by the gate when it’s time for the walkabout – he keep them all in order and he is the one that leads the pack. And it’s okay if a penguin doesn’t want doing the walk for some reason.
      In the summer they have their own shower area – the leader gets them all together when it’s time for showers, couple of times per day.
      No, they are far from stupid.
      Same with pigs – they are more intelligent than a monkey.
      Eric’s song is my favorite part of Happy Feet 2 – and the first movie it was when Mumble dancing alone to Stevie Wonders “I wish”. Such adorable movies both.

    • Uru, they are very qute – but I bit stinky when they do their business … from all the fish they eat. *smile But so are we at times. *smile They don’t leave their nest when they do it – just put their butt outside the nest and if you are in the way – totally your fault. They are not afraid of you neither, they don’t run away when you’re coming.

  2. I know many people who are like penguins. 🙂
    What kind of bird would I be? I, the City Jackdaw blogger? Will have to think on that one.

  3. When I was a child, before fences and grandstands etc. My Mother would take us to Phillip Island; we would spread out our picnic blanket, have our picnic and wait for dusk. We, as children were taught to sit very still and very quiet and the fairy penguins would come out of the water and go to their burrows. They would walk across our blanket, go around our legs on their way home. It was such a joy for us to see. Thank you for that amazing video. Whilst I felt for them I must admit I did have a chuckle.

    • That is the amazing thing with penguins they are not afraid of us humans for some reason, they just get on with their business and sorry if we had to be in the middle of something else. I just adore them; they are such a hardworking creature.
      At the Argentinian weather station in Antarctic, it burned down many years ago now and I don’t know what their new one is called.They had sled dogs and they had penguins for dinner every day, because when the penguins came up from the sea they walked around the dogs, but going back in the water – they just went straight ahead between the dogs – because the sea was all they had their mind set on. Some of them didn’t make it.
      I knew – but they all made it over the rope in the end, but it’s such a great video.
      Thanks for sharing your story – I wouldn’t mind sharing my picnic with some penguins.

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