who pays the price?

This is worth to give 10 min to this video – all in the cost of our need of the latest electronics. We just buy  new versions all the time … specially mobile phones.

This video was an BIG eye opener for me – and I will think twice before I buy something new and anyhow why do we buy new gadgets all the time, when our old still function fine???

Truly scary stuff  and this is going on so many places around the world where our “toys” are being manufactured and we expose ourselves too when we use them.

Feature image provided by and thanks to: businessweek.com


Source: http://9gag.tv/

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6 thoughts on “who pays the price?

  1. Thank you! I tweeted this right away. Then saw that I could have tweeted from your post and given you credit. I’m sorry! I’m still not very good at crediting sources. I keep stumbling over things I should have done differently but I’m learning. (PS I think I can delete the 1st tweet and then do it from here.)

    • No problem … it was a shock for me this video and it goes on in Mexico too. Doesn’t matter about who gets the credit .. so long it’s shared.
      Really an eye opener.
      Thanks for taking it on.

  2. Sad – very very sad. I was really shocked when I first read something similar about Apple’s employees. Appalling working environment and -if you think about it- for what?! So that we can be attached to a gadget from daybreak to night? Terrible…

    • Yes, this video is about Apple products made in China. Nokia and Apple, but I don’t think its any difference with all the other brands.
      Same thing is going on in Mexico.
      Look a printers – it is more expensive to buy ink cartridges to a printer than buy a new ???? What is that all about ????

    • Uru, yes .. it’s shocking – most of all it’s shocking that we as a customer doesn’t have a choice and we expose ourselves when we use our gadgets.
      Thanks for your comment.

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