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So we are back for a the third time.  During my 48 hours and I manage to take nearly 700 shots, but I just put my camera against everything. In my last post about my visit I gave you a little tour in Gamla Stan, the Old town. (the most beautiful tourist trap & one trip every month challenge – febuary; stockholm highlights

color explosive

This post will be about Hötorget (Heymarket Square) always a highlight, every time I visit. Hötorget – behind the Concert Hall. The farmers market for anything except fresh meat and fish – which now being sold in Högtorgshallen, the indoor market at the square.

The identification Hötorget is known since the 1640s..
It has for many years been an open-air market place, in 1914 was banned for health reasons all the farmers’ markets at Hötorgett with fresh, raw meat of cattle, sheep, pigs or horses.
Later the same year, it also became prohibited in the square selling fresh and flayed wildly plucked poultry, salted or smoked fish, cooked seafood, butter, cheese, bread, and corn flour and cooked food.
Today the vegetables and flowers stands are the main attraction, an explosion in colors and freshness.

Weeks  coming up to Easter Hötorget is like a massive firework with all the read made “påskris” in the most intense colors. “Påskris” is branches of birch decorated with colored feathers. Has become a bit of tourist attraction to see all the “Påskris” at Hötorget. Those two photos isn’t mine – borrowed from & – thank you so much!

hötorget - påskris - panoramio com Påskris - wikimedia org

“Påskris” was solely used for decoration are in Stockholm and parts of eastern Svealand occurred since the late 1800s. Today we use all over the country – so long as I can remember.

Hötorgshallen, the indoor makert hall – there you can find everything and you find small restaurants and cafes for your , snacks lunch or early dinner – every little restaurant has what they sell in the shop, fresh fish and seafood, pasta, game … meat, sandwiches and you also find a small store of the goverment’s own liqure store, Systembolaget. The only place store where you can buy alcohol in Sweden, but they are everywhere. In Högtorgshallen meets flavors from all the world.

The first Hötorgshallen was built in the 1880s. Construction work lasted from 1880 to 1884. The old hall was demolished in 1953 and the new built. In 1958 was the exciting new hall ready for inauguration of King Gustaf VI Adolf and lots of visitors came.
Since then Hötorgshallen undergone several renewals. Hötorg has also been extended with SF’s Film city Sergel.

Now to something completely different; Stockholm’s Ice Bar – locate at Nordic Sea Hotel, the world’s first ever Ice Bar – idea came from our famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, been open for 8 years now and of course sponsored by Absolut Vodka. The bar provides you with warm clothing. Now there is Ice Bars all over the world.

You can find your Ice Bar in Barcelona, Boston, Monterrey, Mexico City, Montevideo, Panama City, Orlando, Amsterdam, London, Lyon, New York , Paris, Tokyo, Athens, Rhodes, Saint Tropez, Seoul, Hong Kong, Mumbai, London, Sharm El Sheikh, Saint-Petersburg, New Delhi, Vancouver, Koh Samui,  Thailand, Copenhagen, Surfers Paradise, Budapest, Eilat, Dubai and also on one of  Norwegian Cruise Line’s cruiseliners – not all sponsored by Absolut Vodka.

By the way Absolut Vodka is the best Vodka in the world by miles and it has the best and coolest websites of all world famous brands. Even if you don’t drink Vodka – go there just have a look. I have never been to an icebar, but I will go in Las Vegas. It is located in Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, “Minus 5 Ice Lounge”.

“Farmers only worry during the growing season,
but townspeople worry all the time.”
E. W. Howe

bistro glasses 1

My cloud for this post is The New Division’s “Stockholm” – The New Division is 5 guys from LA, an electronic band founded in 2008 – this track will be released in this month.

40 thoughts on “more stockholm highlights

  1. I guess I can understand why selling meat products in the open would be a bad idea, In many ways also the same reason why granville island market is run the way it is. But, wow that shishkabob with salmon ‘n shrimp looks incredible :O

  2. ´Hõrget has just gone down amongst my ‘favourites’ . . . the local markets are doing well but are still in a ‘slow stroll’ mode compared to what you have to show! Vodka – compared to the majority of my erstwhile countrymen: no interest at all, tho’ I’m not surprised that our gambling mecca has a branch!!

    • Yes, Hötorget is one of my every time highlights when visiting Stockholm. They are there in all weathers and all seasons. *smile
      I have always been a G&T girl, until Absolut was launched in US and I started drinking V&T (vodka & tonic) instead – love it ….. at special occasions. I’m so excited over going to Las Vegas and all its bling. Not a gambling person, but I will drink a couple of vodka.

      • Luaghing aloud, Vivi!! No wonder I feel at home on your blog: I am very much a G&T gal also 🙂 ! OK, have to admit to Las Vegas on about 3-4 occasions also: and we had fun with ‘the bling’. As they say, OMG, lighten up!!! Actually have seen some remarkable ‘shows’ in the past 🙂 !

      • I love to go and see a show, but my friend will not be able to see anything because of her eye sight – close to blind … we both are big fans of Cirque du Cirque du Soleil and in LV we can see one show every evening that will never make it on a tour. I will go and see one – have check out artists, but it seems very weak in September but maybe that will change. Not anything we are intrested in. I’m sure we will enjoy LV anyway.

  3. What a delightful treat of a post Viveka! The food pictures are particularly appealing. Off to check out the other two from Stockholm 🙂

    • Thanks, Madhu – yes, it’s very hard to not to be taken by flowers, colors and freshness.
      I hope you will enjoy my two other posts too. I missed the sun while I was in Stockholm.

    • Thanks, Suzanne … that’s why I always go there when visiting Stockholm and it’s just in the city center the whole year around. I haven’t been there when it has been -20C.

    • Yes, it’s one of the reasons why I always have to go there … when visit Stockholm – is to see all the freshness and the colors.Thanks, Bebs.

  4. Ok, so now I know my way around the market 🙂 I think I should have the raspberry delight with no calories rather than Janssen’s temptation, which looks full of them!

    • Jansson’s Temptation isn’t that bad; potatoes, onion, cream and anjovis (swedish ones – not anchovy). Food for Gods. So good.
      You can buy tha anjovis on IKEA. But that rasperry delight would go excellent after a big plate of Jansson’s.

    • No, there isn’t much like the Pike Place anywhere – don’t have the same vibes or noise, but a nice place to visit and have a bit to eat. Food is fantastic.

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