weekly photo challenge – reflections

Reflection …. I’m going outside the box again and use my images from the 9/11 Memorial in NYC. That I visit last year only a couple of days before the 9/11 – which is also my birthday.

It became a very special day for me – 8th Sept. 2013 – hours of reflection on what happen that day 12 years earlier, reflection on my life – in a couple days I was becoming a fulltime pensioner and the reflection over what was going on in world; both good and bad.

This beautiful sanctuary in the middle of a massive building site – where we all got time to reflect on life, those we love that are still with us and those that has left us behind, but who keeps our hearts warm day and night. To be thankful for we have  –  for what we’re –  what has been and for what will be.

Maybe this is not what is expected for the subject – but for me it feels right.

“Life can only be understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards.”
Søren Kierkegaard

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28 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – reflections

    • Bebs, we should really stop and reflect more often – and we can do it everywhere … I did it by my kitchen table yesterday when I did post. My hours at the memorial have become very special to me in many ways.

      • It really is 😦 I remember that day, Just got home and had just scooped my infant daughter into my arms to give her a bottle of milk, watching it all happen 😦

      • I was on a pub in Belfast having birthday lunch with some of my female collogues .. and TV had no sound on and I suddenly saw how a plane flew into the second tower – what a chock that was. Horrific!!!

      • That’s when I saw it too, I thought it was a dream but if only it was. I remember I looked outside and there were sooo many planes in the sky being re-routed back to the airport, they were all grounded. But, just the sight :O

      • Terrible, how well planned the whole thing was too – something so big really, but they hit the deepest nerve of US and the world.

    • No, 11/9 will never be forgotten, because it’s the most documented tragedy ever – but tragedies happen to somebody every day … and they need reflection too. And we should reflect more often that we have so much to be thankful över. We are very lucky!

  1. Hierkegaard asi that life should be lived forwards ~ in differing ways and some the same both of us know that to be true. To me the 9/11 is not as simple as it seems to be for so many people. To me it was a learning experience horribilis that many of my friends said had to be . . . . all of us still live with that tragedy . . .

    • EEha, life has to go on … whatever happens, but that doesn’t mean that we will forget.
      For me is it so important we stop and reflect when we ever have a need for it – and not only on one allocated date.
      What happen that day … will never be forgotten by any of us that were here when it happen. But terrible things happen (tragedies) to someone every minute of the day and that needs its reflection too.
      9/11 Memorial is not only over all those that didn’t make their way home that day, it a place for us all that have lost.

    • Cindy, I didn’t know what “poignant” meant .. had o look it up.
      For me is it important that we stop and reflect so often we have a chance and not only on one special day a year … I don’t mean only 9/11.
      Thank you for visit – always nice to have you around. *smile

    • Dallas, thank you so much ….. for me is it important that we don’t only reflect on the day in itself – we should stop and reflect more often.

  2. Wonderful post Viveka – I wondered why no one had posted the 9/11 memorial and am so glad I came across your entry. It’s a perfect response! My nephew’s birthday is 9/11 and he says it will never be the same for him again (my family is in New Jersey and lost many good friends that day).

    • Thanks for your support, Tina … I think that 9/11 is something that we all remember, but maybe we don’t want to touch the subject except on the date in itself. I don’t know. For me was it the first thing that come to mind, maybe because it made such a huge impact on me personal and of course because I have the photos. So sorry to read about your families lost. I lost 3 close friends in the Tsunami; also difficult to understand even it was nature’s forces.

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